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  1. It seems that the problems experienced were on ships that were full. We were at 4900 11/3 3 nighter. I've been reading that cruises with less passenger went well. Hoping that MSC will solve this problem.
  2. I snorkeled on the left side of Lighthouse Bay near rocks in front of shark net and had numerous medium sized white fish coming up to me. Does anyone know what type fish these were?
  3. Editing my trip report - dates were 11/3 - 11/6 as in the title of the report. (Put 10/3 in the body of report)
  4. Posting my informal review of our MSC Meraviglia cruise November 3rd to 6th to Bahamas from Port Canaveral. Bottom line in my opinion…The ship is gorgeous and the shows were fantastic. Definitely would like to cruise on her again. However, there were many issues during our stay which need to be straightened out before I book another Meraviglia cruise. Thursday, 10/13, boarded at 10 AM our assigned boarding time..only a half an hour to get onboard..Boarding times were not checked. I read later that it took two ours to get onboard when they arrived at their 1:30 assigned time. The safety drill started out easy…Watch a video on TV, dial a number on the phone afterward. Then an announcement was made asking us to head down to our designation stations where they clicked on your cruise card. It was overly crowded and very disorganized with people heading in many different directions. When we got back to cabin that evening I found a note saying we did not do safety check in. Called and told them we did it. All then okay. Good mattress, pillows and cabin décor. We did not see our cabin steward from start to finish on this cruise, but the room was kept clean and items I requested with a note were taken care of (extra roll of toilet paper, hangers, ice, etc.) The only things we never received were tissues and washcloths. He never showed up to introduce himself or say goodbye (pick up tip). Enough space in cabin and bathroom for our 3 night cruise, but think I’d have a hard time for a 7 night or more cruise. Our TA asked if we wanted to book the drink package and internet when we booked the cruise, but did not tell us that we could not buy it onboard. So we decided to wait til we boarded. Error…Although MSC informed me, our friends and others we spoke with that we could buy our drink package onboard, when we boarded we were told that starting with our cruise MSC would no longer sell drink packages on 3 night cruises. The staff told people that this was due to staffing issues and that MSC was testing this system on the Meraviglia and Divina. This new test program was really upsetting to many people since there was no advance notice and we didn’t have a choice now except to pay for our drinks, espresso, water, soda, etc. at regular prices. It really added up and people were complaining about this. The ship rocked quite a bit which was surprising since the seas seemed pretty calm. I’ve never experienced this on other ships we’ve cruised on unless we went through bad weather. Not a big deal to us, but others really complained about this. Our original fixed dinner time assignment was 7:45. Our cruise card stated 9 PM which was much too late for us. I went to the maitre’d and changed us to 8 pm which was fine. We arrived at our table and the location was awful. We were right behind the checkin desk. No waiter for about 45 mins. When he arrived he did not even introduce himself. The assistant, bread and butter server, was very rude the first night. She told me twice that i need to be patient. Had given us 2 pieces of butter for 4 people which we didn’t get until about a half hour later. I asked for ice when I first ordered my drink and had to ask her twice for it. Finished my wine by the time she got it to me. The food in dining room and buffet were "OK" but surely not impressive. Lots of variety though at the buffet and dinner. We went to the internet desk to purchase our package. The girl was very confused and it took her very long to set up our 2 phones. Felt bad for the people behind us in what became a pretty long line. I was told to go to the photo booth if we needed help with internet, but the line was fully packed. We figured out the internet system ourselves. The Welcome Aboard party by the pool was excellent as was the Houdini show and 2 main shows that we saw. We loved the Sky Lounge ambiance with before dinner nuts and a few canapes. There was plenty of seating in buffet and at pools during the day. The dome shows were very nice, especially the one when we were leaving that showed the staff waving goodbye. Also loved silent disco. Service drastically improved with the same waiter and assistant we had the first night. There were many empty tables and we were told that many people went to the buffet because of the service they received the first night. Still “all business” and no other conversation. The main shows were excellent, One More Time and Born to Rock. The White Party was great. MSC had two “extra cost” shows in a lounge. We booked these before we boarded. The Houdini Show was good. We were looking forward to the Born to Rock show the next night, but an announcement was made that the Rock Circus and Houdini shows that were paid for were canceled due to technical difficulties. We asked at Guest Services about our refund and was told that the charge would be put back on our credit card…We’ll see. Perfect day at Ocean Cay..Great weather, lots of chairs, many free umbrellas if you get to Lighthouse Beach early; water comfortable; snorkeling decent at Lighthouse Beach by the rocks on both sides. Sunset Beach was extremely rocky when you entered the water. Two people fell down. The bars on Ocean Cay were packed and it was sometimes hard to get a drink. The beer was warm and they ran out of glasses. They really needed more bartenders. The buffet line was long so we just grabbed burgers and hot dogs at food truck. They were also okay. The Lagoon Beach much too crowded so we passed on that. There was a fun party at 4 pm by Lighthouse Beach. Stayed on ship the day in Nassau enjoying the sun. Hubby worked out in the gym which was excellent. We walked our luggage off the ship at around 7:30 AM…Long, winding line, but it moved quickly. Love Port Canaveral! I think I'd like to take a 7 night cruise on Meraviglia but hope they are a bit more organized when I do so. I think many of their problems were due to understaffing or lack of training. Felt sorry for the overworked staff.
  5. We are sailing on it today. Should we go to ship later than our assigned 10 am boarding time?
  6. I read somewhere that the 11/3 3 night cruise is almost fully booked...a bit scary to me!
  7. I understand the basic internet package permits me to use WhatsApp to text with friends. I've never used that. Just read directions and am confused. Do I leave mobile roaming off? Would this be better than using the free MSC app to stay in touch with husband and friends on the ship? Help with this would be appreciated.
  8. Voyagers Club Membership Classic? I am boarding today and opened the msc for me app. Saw some perks that I hadn't heard about before. Still valid (for 3 night cruises?) MSC Voyagers Club online private area? Discount on wifi package 5% (if bought onboard)? 10% off thermal pass? 10% off thermal pass? $10 off $50 in any onboard shop first day only? Thanks for all your help preparing for my cruise.
  9. Just found this list and noticed my Voyager # isn't in my web check in. Should I fix on ship? I think it's too late to do now since we sail 11/3 and I'm afraid to touch my account now in case of MSC IT mixup. I haven't read much about Classic members getting the benefits listed. Has anyone received these perks recently?
  10. I read this... doors will close 10 minutes before the show starts. No admittance after the show starts. (Makes sense, but I had not read that before) I had planned on getting to the Carousel show right before the show starts due to prior commitment. Is this true that I must be there ten minutes before show starts?
  11. My friend had a mixup on her original booking for a 3 night cruise on 11/3 that included $100 OBC. They gave her cabin away and put her in a less desirable balcony at approximate same price without $100 OBC. However, they told her it included Easy Plus package and internet for 2. I'm thinking she may be better keeping this "new deal". She keeps getting different information every time she calls MSC. Does anyone know if MSC's current offer does include 2 people for both Easy plus package and internet? I did a dummy booking and saw the following:
  12. I see in my account that is approx. $31. for 1 device (basic package). However, I was reading a 3 night daily and it said $9.99 per device per day...Does anyone know if we could book it for one day?
  13. tbmrt

    Ocean Cay

    Wow - please tell us more...Where did you enter the water to get there?
  14. Is there a Voyagers party on 3 night Meraviglia? If so, does anyone know what night?For some reason my reso didn't pick up my Voyager #, but did pick up my husband's. I don't want to notify MSC now for fear my reservation could get messed up. Would we both get invited if my # isn't showing?
  15. Read somewhere that MSC started their Welcome Back Event again on gala nights. I don't think there are gala nights on a 3 night cruise. Do they have a Welcome Back Event on any other night during 3 nighters?
  16. Can I use my cellphone as usual while in line outside and in the terminal? When do I need to go into airplane mode/shut data roaming to avoid charges? Going to go without wifi onboard this trip.
  17. Tx for your post. How far out is it to the net? Depth? We have someone who is not a great swimmer in our group. (Can swim..she's just apprehensive of going far out and over her head)
  18. Do you happen to know the one day charge for spa? We are only doing a 3 night and 1 day will be at Ocean Cay
  19. I know there are only two US plugs on Meraviglia. Is the 4 USB port charger permissible? Can we use the usual shaver type plug in bathroom to charge phones? How about using a standard Euro to US adapter to be able to charge with that plug?
  20. I contacted Spectrum mobile about this and still am confused. If I am on a cruise ship and do not have their internet plan....If I want to text people in the US, do I keep data roaming shut off and just text as usual? If I want to communicate with friends onboard, can I leave data roaming shut off and text as usual? Electronically challenged I guess...Tx
  21. I've been reading about the cabin keyslots and am confused. to get full power in the room you must insert your plastic room key into a slot near the entrance. Very easy to forget the key in the room as it is also the power switch. there is a entryway light that stays on as a safety when the room key is out. It’s very bright. Not very intuitive to think putting the power key in the slot turns OFF a light but, in this case, it does. I get up early and head down for coffee without waking husband...So if I leave the card in the lot overnight to shut off the safety light and take it out, will the lights go on? ------------ We were able to take our key cards with us the lights did not work, however the A/C did and we were able to charge the laps tops without the keycard in the slot. Is above correct?
  22. Would like to know cost for 1 day if we book onboard
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