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  1. Can you please clarify this for me Nunagoras? Tx
  2. Thanks. I would normally bring two carry-ons (for me and hubby) on a 3 night also, but thinking it may be easier to bring 1 large one so we would be able to just check it and not pull them around the line and along the ship until we can get in our cabin.
  3. Thanks. I didn't see the walking path between them on the map. We will do that. Hope it is open.
  4. I've read that the best snorkeling is on Sunset Beach. Others say it is pretty good on the left or right side of rocks by Lighthouse. I looked at a map of Ocean Cay and wonder if it is possible to walk between these beaches. Doesn't look like it on this map.
  5. Would love to find information about the best beaches/areas to snorkel on Ocean Cay.
  6. Did you need to keep your suitcases with you or could you drop them at curb before getting on line? So sorry for all you went through on this cruise.
  7. Thanks. I did see Masterchef during the day in one of the 3 night Daily Planners posted. However, it did say by the Atmosphere Pool.
  8. Do you know how one (my husband) would register to possibly participate? Tx
  9. Wow...Maybe I was thinking of another cruiseline...I remember there being about 5 cruisers plus a chef from the ship along with people watching in a room on bleacher type seats. The chef showed them how to make a dish and guided them along the way. Lots of fun with prizes.
  10. tbmrt

    MSC Tip...

    I had a similar problem...My TA booked my reservation with Barbara spelled Barbra. Had a similar problem with an airline reservation a few months ago involving my primary and middle names being put in the computer with no space inbetween them. Definitely check everything now.
  11. Is this Masterchef competition for children or adults? How does one try to participate? I remember seeing this years ago and loved it!
  12. I will tel I will tell my friend about this...However, that being said, I'm afraid if the cc company disputes a charge MSC could cancel her cruise.
  13. I love RC's relaxing espresso/cappuchino pastry locales. Is there anything similar onboard Meraviglia except for the Jean-Phillipe area? (Would like to take advantage of our Easy Plus Drink Package rather than paying extra for these daily)
  14. My girlfriend booked a cruise with MSC and somehow was doublecharged for it. Despite numerous calls to MSC she still has 2 charges for the same cruise (1 booking #). Her credit card company first credited her with 1 charge and then billed her again, leaving her with 2 charges. Found an email form for MSC Naples hoping to get some help on this. Also tried emailing msc existing trip email several times...Didn't get anywhere with them either. Any other suggestions for her?
  15. I'm thinking of booking a short cruise to the Bahamas in December through March, but after looking at the weather, I'm thinking the water may be too cold to stay in long enough to snorkel (without wetsuit) or swim? (I'm from Central FL so may be conditioned to warmer weather) Should I book a cruise before or after those months?
  16. I looked this up...here is my information. However, I read elsewhere afterward that there were only 3 offering so don't know what the 3 are now. I'm sure the ship's bartenders may not make them exactly as shown. Cocktails include Bombay Tonic/Gin tonic; Vodka Red Rooster/ 1 1/2 quarts cranberry juice cocktail. 1 (6-ounce) can frozen orange juice concentrate, defrosted. 2 cups vodka; Virgin Mojito Rosemary Gimlet/usually gin/sometimes rum w Rosemary Syrup Tiki Mule/ Tiki Mule · 2oz rum · 1/2oz Iconic Ginga Syrup · 1/2oz Iconic Spiced Honey · 1/2oz lime juice · 2-4 pieces of pineapple · Splash of sparkling water. Paloma Fizz Blanco tequila, fresh grapefruit and lime juice mixed with agave sweetener and sparkling water creates this delightful thirst quencher
  17. Read they make good martinis there also...Hope so!
  18. Picking a cabin is the reason we choose Fantastica. I'd be too disappointed if we chose Bella and were assigned a very obstructed balcony since one of the best parts of the cruise to us is sitting outside enjoying peace and quiet inbetween the many cruise activities.
  19. Interesting....I can't imagine many people from the USA want to eat at 10pm.
  20. Just read in an MSC group for today's cruise that things are nuts there...People reporting waiting 3.5 hours to get through the lines. Saying had to train people, US Coast Guard cert, etc. I did this once on another cruiseline and remember it well. Hoping things smooth out for embarkation at Port Canaveral soon.
  21. I was assigned late dinner on my documents for 11/3 3 nighter...7:45 PM Saw Daily Program for today, 10/13. 6, 8:30 and 10 PM were listed for Waves. The ship came back today from a Transatlantic, but they only had 6 and 8:30. Perhaps they changed to 3 dinner times due to a full ship on 11/3. Can't imagine having dinner at 10 PM!
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