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  1. Went online to book Houdini and Rock Circus Shows: Had been $10 each last week. Today $12 each. Is it usual to raise prices a few weeks before cruise? Had been: "$10 prepaid or $15 on board per ticket including pre-show entertainment with a specialty cocktail"
  2. I contacted MSC and was told that they definitely will permit smoking on this cruise in certain areas. Really not happy about that.
  3. Thanks so much. Is it better to buy tickets when onboard? We are traveling with friends and want to get tickets for the same show. Also want to see what times/dates to pick that are best with our 7:45 dinner time and don't conflict with the main show. Also not sure if these Carousel and main shows are all done on just a 3 night cruise. Would greatly appreciate your letting me know if the Rock Circus is good as well. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We used to cruise often, but since getting our beloved standard poodle we hate to leave him home! Thanks.
  4. We will be cruising in early November and would like to know if the Houdini and Rock Circus shows in the Carousel Lounge were good. Thanks!
  5. I was checking my phone app for MSC and it now shows "Born to Rock", a show in the main Broadway Theater. Says you need a reservation. (This is different than Rock Circus where you can reserve and pay now). Does anyone know how this works? Need to get a reservation before embarkation day?
  6. tbmrt

    Dining times

    So the 3rd late dinner seating is just for Aurea and YC cruisers?
  7. tbmrt

    Dining times

    I don't understand the third dinner sitting....Does this have to be requested day of boarding?
  8. Also wondering what to do. We have 4 people (2 different reservations). Tried to book online and also said shows were full. I'm a bit wary of booking with a phone call if we need to call MSC to book since these shows will apparently be brand new when Meraviglia returns to the US in early October and our trip is in early November. Thinking that if there are complications getting the shows organized before our trip so we couldn't attend, it would be a pain in the neck to get a credit/refund back from MSC. On the other hand, I'd hate to miss out on them so waiting could be a problem. Perhaps waiting a week so we could book online would be a better alternative? JAGR...Did these show up on your MSC and me account after you called and book the shows? That would make me feel better about booking via a phone call.
  9. I like the idea of the wristband for convenience, but would not like to be tracked either. Wonder if the cards enable tracking?
  10. We will be leaving from Port Canaveral and are already dreading the car ride getting there and back. Have nightmares of Rt. 4! Google maps suggested Rt 4 to 528 Wondering about this route...A little more time, but maybe not as much traffic?? Get on I-75 N from US Hwy 41 N and State Rd 52 E 24 min (16.3 mi) Follow I-75 N to US-98 S/Cortez Blvd in Hernando County. Take exit 301 from I-75 N 13 min (15.3 mi) Get on Florida's Turnpike in Orange County from FL-50 E 55 min (40.3 mi) Follow Florida's Turnpike and FL-528 E to George King Blvd in Cape Canaveral. Take the George King Blvd exit from Florida A1A S 1 hr (68.0 mi) Take Dave Nisbet Dr to your destination in Port Canaveral
  11. Unfortunately I book most of our travel through my credit card using points so I'm forced to use their affiliated travel company's agents. Not the best.
  12. I had several from my two prior MSC Divina cruises, but neither now working. Easier for me to email since I'm up in the wee hours of the morning.
  13. Thinking of booking the Houdini and Rock Circus shows now, but wondering if these will interfere with our late dining, main show or other happenings since we will be only taking a 3 night cruise this time (Meraviglia). I read that you must pick your time/day for these shows onboard if you have prepaid for your seats. Does anyone know if seats are usually available without prepaying? Also, I haven't been able to find any videos about these shows which I understand are on the Bellissima also. Are these actually running now?
  14. Thanks for info on cruisedeckplans. I did check there (didn't join though) before making my cabin choice, searched online for a video, asked my TA. The reason I wrote here is that I got different info from my TA/MSC re: my 10160 cabin. The video I researched showed cabin 10160 with bed by balcony, but my TA called MSC and was told this cabin definitely had a sofa by the balcony.
  15. 10260 Meraviglia balcony...Travel agent insists MSC told her sofa is by balcony...Video shows bed by balcony... Is there anyway to tell how to choose sofa by balcony on that ship?
  16. Also sad to hear he retired...Thanks for info!
  17. We had met him on our 2 previous Divina sailings years ago and was hoping he'd be on the Mervagilia this year. Great guy. Not sure what position he held.
  18. I read that there is a $5 charge for wristband unless in a YC or Aurea. Do we need this or can we just use our MSC card on lanyard?
  19. The Houdini show appeared today on MSC and Me...I see that it is less expensive if we book before boarding on app. States includes a free drink...What if we already have drink package? Also wondering about booking it and then not having timing right with other things we want to do on ship. Does this show play a few times a day?
  20. I t I tried to switch my current 3 night cruise to the cruise you are going on, but since I booked my 3 nighter with Chase cc points, I was told I couldn't do that unless I paid for the entire 4 nighter in full with my Chase cc. Said they could not transfer the points.
  21. I booked a 3 night cruise using my Chase Reserve points and a small some of money charged on the Chase credit card. Yesterday, due to new circumstances I decided to book a 4 night cruise instead (Same ship). I called Chase Travel and an agent who seemed unsure of herself and asked someone else for help told me that there was no way my points could transfer to 4 night cruise. So if I wanted to book the 4 nighter I'd have to pay the whole cruise upfront which I do not want to do. I'm very disappointed and will lose the cruiseline's promotional rate and unless I book the 4 nighter today. I'm wondering if the information Chase Travel gave me is correct. Has this situation happened to anyone on these boards? Thanks
  22. We are heading soon to Ocean Cay. Love to snorkel. Would appreciate input as to best beaches to do so there. (Have our own equipment.)
  23. I understand that the Fantastica Package gives one change. However, I thought I read elsewhere that one could cancel up to 48 hours before. I'm thinking of changing the dates for my cruise, but worried if I do it now, I would lose any opportunity to change it again before the cruise if something important warranted that. Thanks.
  24. We will be driving from Land O Lakes (near Tampa) on a Thursday in November (not Thanksgiving). I remember the horrors of route 4 from past trips to Disney, etc. I see other recommended drives on Google Maps, but wonder if I should just bite the bullet and take the Rt 4 route? Suggestions appreciated.
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