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  1. Since it was a weather related diversion Carnival really went well above and beyond for you !
  2. TA's receive their pay from the cruise line . Amenities are per cabin and negotiated with the Group organizer (TC) . It is up to the TA if they wish to further discount the Group Rate as Princess permits TA's to Discount those rates if they wish to? Not all TA's will so shop around for a Good Cruise Specialist working with a big agency., but don't expect near 12% of the cruise fare.
  3. It depends how many Amenity Points are available on that sailing for a new group . The Group organizer (TC) selects amenities from a list . Also a 1 guest cruise fare (less taxs and port) refunded for every 8 cabins, (dbl occ), usually , that sail. The Group Allotment of categories must be blocked in advance . A Good Cruise Specialist TA can do this all for you, for free .
  4. Good point . If it is a child there is plenty of time to find an adult and do a name change on that cabin.
  5. Have not cruise on the Paradise since when it was Carnivals “Smoke Free” ship. (a true paradise environment) . Interested in the replies to this posting as we are getting turned off by the mega- ships.
  6. OP states: CCL Reps sounded like they were at home? They probably were at home . The cruise lines as well as the large online TA's use Homebased Agents. So what ? Levels of courtesy and experience vary no matter if they work in a Call Center or from Home. Find a good PCC or even better a Good Cruise Specialist TA next time , no matter where they work from.
  7. 19 days thing is questionable ? But why now bring this up ? Your TA and Cunard would be of no help now .
  8. Cunard is one of the cruise lines that still permit US TA's to Discount their best rates , upfront, in addition to offering just OBC's. With rare exception such as a double OBC for booking a future cruise onboard for select sailings , Cunard offers the same Promo Rates as booking shoreside . If you get swayed to book onboard , you may still transfer that booking to a US TA for additional discount . OBC , or other benefits.
  9. That sounds like the correct answer .👍
  10. Been onboard during several naming ceremonies as a TA. Never invited into the actual proceedings . But If you are onboard during the naming ceremony you can find a spot on deck to watch the bottle 🍾 break at the bow 🚢 and the horns tooting .
  11. Staying overnight pre cruise . Do the taxis in Southampton accept credit cards ? Trying to decide how much US $$ to convert .
  12. On our Epic cruise , the smoke smell drifted along the entire deck that the casino is on.
  13. Been on several cruise before drydock sailings on a couple different cruise lines . Everyone had contractors onboard doing preliminary work which often involved blocking off small areas . Unless I was getting a very good deal on that pre drydock sailing (which I was then) I would book a couple weeks after drydock and enjoy the new stuff.
  14. Princess is one of the few cruise lines that permit TA's to discount even their best rates. They are not permitted to advertise their discounted rate so you must contact them for "their" price. TA's can book any Princess Rates and should always give you a better deal than booking Direct. If not , find a TA that appreciates your business .
  15. If you don't believe your TA , you don't need to have your TA apply for it as you can do it yourself. Once approved it remains on your record .
  16. I verified this morning: This Great Escapes Sale , unlike some other Princess Sales recently , has no choice of a Refundable Rate code .
  17. Just what we do. 2 Thermal cups ( with handles for ease of pushing buttons and opening doors ) filled at the IC or Lido .
  18. A Good Cruise Specialist TA can do it all for you , for free. Will explain all questions you and the others may have , help select the group amenities, and above all handle collecting of payments ( everyone likes the cruise idea until it comes time for payment).
  19. I’m sure that the shops onboard will have “Inaugural Season” logo items . You all will have to be satisfied with that .😉
  20. As a former TA myself , 17 years booking only cruises , I would put the TA 100% responsible . She has the responsibility for collecting payments ,monitoring every one of those bookings from deposit, to final payment , to the day that they return.
  21. If you are getting the Good Coupon Book by booking your cruise with a TA that had a Sale , the Bogo Coupon is only good for that first night . That is an indication by Princess that they need help booking Specialty Restaurants on that first night . So don't waste $$$ purchasing in advance.
  22. With non-refundable deposits , Princess takes advantage of those first timers , non shoppers, and those that believe booking a Sale @ Princess.com is the one and only deal. Many of these frequent Princess Sales do have a Refundable Rate code that only a TA sees or you must call Princess to book it.
  23. If you have a Good TA with contacts within Cunard , this can be done (if that is your situation?)
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