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  1. OTTAWA (REUTERS) - Canada is extending a ban on large cruise ships to Oct. 31 to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said on Friday. There goes the 2020 Canada/New England Season.
  2. Well there goes the 2020 Canada/New England Cruise Season .
  3. Sounds like it was your Travel Agency, that you worked for, that did not permit discounting , not the cruise lines like Princess , Cunard and HAL that still permit it to this day.
  4. From another Forum re:Construction/Renovations Delays : https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Pandemic-foils-expected-big-year-for-ship-deliveries
  5. We are not Formal types but have just earned Diamond level on Cunard(15 sailings ) by just going with the flow when it comes to dress . Dark suit and a sport coat for me (never a tie when optional) nice dress's and pants suits for her . Never feel out of place . Daytime , anything goes .
  6. If you are challenging a Princess charge on your credit card , you may not be able to use that credit card with Princess for the time being . Use a different credit card next time with Princess . That should be alright . It is not personal.
  7. Any changes involving cost must go thru your TA . OP's sailing date is of the 16 Mardi Gras sailings that went to Sold Out overnight a couple months ago. Appears to be a capacity control that may or may not change before sailing. That being the case , OP will not be able to upgrade but hope for a complementary upgrade, at best, if the ship is indeed sailing at reduced capacity .
  8. Smaller ships with, promenade decks, that could visit smaller ports . Ocean views from all over the ship . Midnight buffets. Passenger lists. Drink prices that were actually lower than on land . $3 & $4 photos. You felt at sea (good or bad) . Bon Voyage Parties. Bridge Tours Trap shooting and golf driving off the stern.
  9. As a former TA, booking only cruises for 17+ years , this answer is 100% correct . TA's OBC does not just come from comm. rebate. Also any Agency booking a decent amount with a cruise line ,earns closer to 16% comm .
  10. I enjoy balcony cabins on todays cruise ships but would give it all up to return to the traditionlal cruise experience that was , back in the 70's/80's .
  11. Question for you UK posters? Who the heck was Queen Ann and why would she deserve recognition of name a ship after her ? I like Mauritania myself .
  12. Since Princess’s own reps recommend this procedure , feel free to take advantage . You get the benefits , they get the booking . Win , Win !
  13. General answer for most cruise lines . Forgot to mention rate codes for those that received an promo email .
  14. Rates and promo’s for Past Guest ,Resident , Seniors as well as Shareholder OBC , are just a few of the advantages of splitting up guests when booking.
  15. A Good TA and even many cruise line reps will suggest booking this way to earn the benefits . No harm done .
  16. I wish that the Travel Channel would return to shows on travel rather than endless Ghost Shows .
  17. As stated , you should receive A sign on your door , perhaps a balloon , a card in your cabin to give to your waiter or maitre’d for a small cake and song at Dinner on night of your choice. Any actual TA gift such as wine , notification of OBC , etc. will be delivered to your as a different card .
  18. Correct , just hold on , especially if only 100 shares .
  19. Target guests may be those who wish to cruise experiences aboard ships that more closely resemble what cruising use to be like without the amusement park onboard ?
  20. The spokesperson told TPG the sailings have disappeared from Carnival’s booking engine because the line is capping capacity on them, resulting in them showing as “sold out.” That sounds to me to be a good reason that so many sailings went to Sold Out overnight .
  21. Other posting here on CC speculate that almost 16 Mardi Gras sailings may be on hold for new reservations , possible more delays at the shipyard . 16 sailings Nov -March went from available to Sold Out in just 1 day a couple months ago. We are booked on the 12/5/20 cruise which I hold little hope of actually happening .
  22. I can't believe how small the Spa Thermo Pool is going to be on the MG ,for such a huge ship ?
  23. Lots of advantages to splitting the adults between cabins . Especially if you are both Elite and/or Shareholders . Usually a Good TA or even a cruise line rep will suggest that when booking.
  24. It may also work in reverse . Cruise lines may take a 2nd look at including any port that turned them away when they had cases onboard that could have better handled ashore than remaining onboard to contaminate other guests .
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