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  1. There are a few Obstructed Balconies that you just have a part of a lifeboat in your view or a gap between lifeboats . 8109, 8110 , 8013 , 8014 are these least obstructed and they book quickly as they are in the least expensive balcony category DF . All of these Deck 8 balconies are glass front but most of the obstructed ones you will see only sky .
  2. We booked the QM2 July 1st Independence Day cruise today . Small OBC with low deposits . Rates seem high but the chance to rebook a better deal along the way is there .
  3. This Cyber Sale is available to book now in POLAR until Nov 30th
  4. Yes, just 1 voyage to/from Quebec City for 2022 . Same goes for 2021 . Certainly would like to see QM2 return to the 2 r/t's of yesteryear .
  5. Since you enjoy the formality and the lectures , Princess will disappoint on those 2 of your favorites. However , changing it up is good . Try Princess for yourself . You can dress as formal as you wish but expect many dressing as they wish meeting Princess minimum dress codes. Lectures may be few .
  6. Yes, although BEST2DG it is an older promo from this year , it still may be applied. Not sure every sailing but for a new booking on my 5/01/21 Emerald it still can be applied.
  7. We have booked the Princess Saver Fare then added the BEST2DG offer code which gives you just the Grats and Drinks without the internet (that we get enough of for being Platinum) , for$30p/p per day. Works out much better $$'s than Princess Plus for us.
  8. No , it must be a new form or perhaps in progress?
  9. Nassau Bahamas Perhaps because I have been there too many times or because it is too Americanized that it doesn't feel like a unique Island experience.
  10. It seems that there is a Registration Form to be submitted , Check with whom you booked with for the form .and your question.
  11. Has your client already booked with Princess? The onboard spending money will apply to their next cruise vacation, so they’ll have even more to enjoy! Does your client not have a booking to apply the onboard spending money to? They can submit the verification form by November 30, 2020, and book any 2021 voyage by December 7, 2020, to receive this offer.
  12. 2 Promo's Let the Fall Frenzy begin! The leaves are changing color, Fall is in the air and Fall Frenzy has begun! That means it’s the perfect time to plan your Summer 2021 vacation, and you’ll enjoy up to $200 in onboard spending money per stateroom.1 Next summer, sail to the places you’ve been dreaming of exploring together. Adventure into Alaska’s expansive wilderness, where wildlife abounds. Or take time to relax and recharge with your loved ones on pristine beaches in Mexico or the Caribbean. Plus, you can book with Princess Plus to receive drinks,
  13. We have 3 2021 cruises that were booked before the pandemic . May, Oct & Dec 2021 . I have my doubts about the May cruise now but will let the cruise line cancel out any of them and enjoy the rebooking offers.
  14. I wonder whether I'd be able to rebook my December 2021 cruise to December 2022 when it comes available without losing booking perks (I know, unlikely). It just works better for my schedule. Your booking perks will not carry over but will be whatever the current promo booking perks are at the time you rebook.
  15. If you booked in the US , you probably booked the N1B rate Code (with the reduced deposit , Grats , Dinner and Drinks). That deposit is 100% refundable by Cunard up until Final Payment . If you booked the non-refundable deposit KG5 rate code ( which is currently showing Sold Out for Q5) you would have a Cabin Guarantee , none of the NIB goodies , but would save about $200p/p from the cruise fare.
  16. OP , If you post what ship you may get a precise answer ???????
  17. We are awaiting our first cruise as Diamond also. 10/01/21 QM2 CA/NE .
  18. A mini under the Skywalk was what we got with our mini guarantee . It wasn’t bad for us but some may not like there balcony viewable from the Skywalk .
  19. HAL Signature Suite is a true suite , Princess Mini Suite is not , just a slightly larger balcony cabin with bath tub , sofa and 2 tv's.
  20. A good TA with Princess contacts can get this done for you .
  21. Those Caribbean sailings between Thanksgiving and Xmas are priced low from the start and usually include ship decorated for the holidays.
  22. Keep in mind that if it is a port intensive cruise , you may be off of the ship much of the day . Average # of drinks per day doesn't work for those days.
  23. Review the deck plans and grab one of those that flare out a bit . They are on several decks and give decent room and view fore/aft. I noticed that the Enchanted has made these same flared out cabins Club Class Dining $ .
  24. Same Sale now extended to Nov 2 .
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