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  1. This is great - thank you for sharing. Was there any indication what the segments are? Thinking Sydney, Hong Kong & London may be break points.
  2. Only 20% of my November cruise for both drink packages (we have no perks) but they had 35% off the martini flights. Bought two of those.
  3. I would be really surprised if it wasn’t Souda. That’s where the big ships go into to. Chania is a tender port
  4. Just watch the labeling on the menu. If it doesn’t say wild or if it says Atlantic then it’s farmed.
  5. This is on our supplier site Sourced direct from our partners in Alaska
  6. There are lots of sources of Alaska King Crab in Vancouver but ouch $$$$$$$ on the price per pound.
  7. Lol. You’re surprised that a 7 day cruise in Spring Break/Easter Week/March has so many kids? This was really poor planning on your part.
  8. We’re booked on the 36 day version and really thought about the 50. First…the HAL New Zealand portion is a very very good itinerary but we felt we wanted to mix things up a bit instead of 50 days on the same ship. We ended up booking Discovery Princess 8 days Auckland to Sydney, then the 12 day Southern Australia cruise, same cabin, same ship. That puts us into Sydney three days before Noordam sails on the 36 Day TransPacific. We thought that would mix things up a bit, give us a few days in Auckland, a few days in Sydney and two different ships.
  9. Thanks everyone. I was able to get 15 + 5 for H20 Catalunya for our dates in November.
  10. You only ate in the MDR once on a 12 day cruise? Am I reading that right? So you’re actually reviewing the buffet?
  11. My November cruise dropped almost $500 this weekend so there’s some kind of ok sale going on. I thought the price previously was a decent deal.
  12. I love solstice, she’s my favourite ship…but Alaska ..go with Glacier Bay for your first time.
  13. Can you move a non refundable deposit more than once?
  14. That was the picture I found showing how open it is. I think I’ll stick to 7. Thank you.
  15. The problem with stringing together a bunch of B2B’s is the travel time to and from embarkation ports. If you did that in the Caribbean you’d spend far too many days going to and from Ft Lauderdale rather than exploring ports. Same with the Med. You hit the bigger embarkation ports but less time for the lesser explored.
  16. Thank you. I found one picture it looks like very little coverage though and really open. Hubby likes shade.
  17. Hi. I’m currently on deck 7. Does anyone know the size difference between that and deck 4? Any advantage, disadvantage? Thank you. VB not corner suites.
  18. I was being facetious after being bombarded with daily mail about their 4/5 day cruises. I am a big Celebrity Fan but their itineraries aren’t that interesting anymore. Hard to string 2 together in Europe that offer anything new. No more lengthy Carribean. So as much as I prefer X as a cruiseline, HAL has far better itineraries
  19. HAL has some very good lengthy itineraries. Celebrity would have to string together more than four days in the Caribbean to compete 🤷🏻‍♀️
  20. Transpacific. Sydney to Seattle. Vanuatu, Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti and Hawaii. Noordam. The cruise in question is the seven days after ours. we all have different wants in a vacation and if these ports float your boat then go for it. I was asked a question and I honestly answered.
  21. I don’t want to throw a wet towel on anyone’s excitement as I don’t know what HAL is planning in the way of excursions but we are on the 36 day transpacific previous to the April 2026 sailing. Let’s put it this way…you’d have to pay me to stay on for the next seven days.
  22. November I’m seeing 25% off drinks. Not enough to make me book.
  23. Before I lmao I just want to confirm you’re comparing mass cruise ship dining to a 5 star restaurant? how did this tread get past post 2? Jeans are clearly defined in the dress code online.
  24. Obviously. But not my question. The poster said Ketchikan was a requirement as a foreign port. So yes, your statement is correct but I have no idea what it has to do with what I posted.
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