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  1. I think you've hit on my main point- the living area feels much nicer in the CS. I was one who thought I'd never like an inside cabin feel of the CS bedroom, but it turns out we really liked the dark for a restful sleep. Not the type to use the verandah hot tub, so that perk is out, and, in fact, we don't often use the verandah for anything but standing and viewing, so width wasn't an issue. The position for movement is better in the CS- more midship, and if the ship is rolling, less movement in the bedroom of the CS than the RS. The one thing I will give to the RS is the convenience of the walk-in shower. Like you, the high step in for CS or even SS isn't an issue, being tall, but I also can stand up straight and hit my head on the ceiling. Not a deal breaker, but I noticed it. In all, it's an academic point, as we mostly travel in verandahs, but living the Suite life is pretty nice- Michael's Club and Luninae were great perks. Andrew
  2. Allergic to Gin/juniper berries, so Martinis are Vodka, dirty, with Belvedere. Other than that, it's a Manhattan. Although having said that, last cruise, we went to the World Bar, and I had a really good Bourbon cocktail from their menu. If your ship has the World Bar, it's a great way to try out "craft cocktails." Enjoy! Andrew
  3. Glad you worked it out! We just got back from a four perk cruise with premium beverage package and extra OBC from our TA, and HAD to do spa appointments and specialty dinning to use up all the credit. It was GREAT. One hint to save annoyance on the first day of the cruise: the OBC does not always show as available on the first day, but usually will show up in a day or two when you check your account on the tv. Just make sure, as others have said, to bring the printouts of everything you've been given, and you'll be fine. Andrew
  4. Called ROI. No income generated from a free newspaper, but from an art auction brochure, potentially thousands...none from me, though!πŸ‘ My cynical side says LLP did this knowing full well she would reverse it, but making another change /cut while we were distracted!πŸ˜‰ But I don't care right now because I board Eclipse on Sunday!😁 See how easily manipulated I am? Andrew
  5. I'd be tempted by an 11:00 flight, as, if needed, we could self-disembark. It 's a quick cab ride- 20 minutes at the most. I wouldn't try earlier. Noon is totally doable. Not sure about other airlines, but you can pay on Jet Blue for their "Even More Speed" access to the TSA precheck line. It's also included if you buy the "Even-More Leg Room" seats, or are Mosaic with their loyalty program. There's also buying TSA-Pre, which I really enjoy having. At our airport, they take walkin appointments, so you can do it next time you're waiting for a day flight. Headed to San Juan again in April for another Summit cruise.πŸ‘
  6. I'm sure Armani has wash-n-wear...πŸ˜‰
  7. Hey, Jim! If I posted my likes and dislikes as a guide/rule that everyone would follow, here's what your cruise would look like: 1. No production shows.πŸ™„ 2. Formal/Semi Formal dress code every night, everywhere in the ship, including the buffet, and even the gym!😎 3. No beer🍾 4. No triviaπŸ€” 5. No short shorts or tank tops...ever!πŸ‘ 6. No door decorations🀒 So you probably REALLY don't want me running things, as one of the above might be a deal breaker for you. If some folks want decent television in their staterooms, and it's of no value to you, remember the above, pipe down and be grateful!πŸ˜‰ Andrew
  8. To follow up on the olive story from American Airlines, it's true that the elimination of one small cost per passenger amounts to a relatively large number when multiplied across all passengers, the opposite calculation would also be true: (Using very simplified numbers here) Assuming that there are currently 10 ships, sailing mostly 7 day cruises, with an average of 2500 passengers, that's 1.3 million passengers a year. If they are spending $1.00 per passenger to show a movie in room, that is only one tenth of one percent of my (very low estimate) cruise price. Am I not woth a $1 movie? They provide other included items that cost significantly more. Tacky bean counter move. Complaint forthwith. Perhaps next they will say "Cruisng is more special if you treat every day like Sundays. Going forward, there will be only "Sunday Brunch" and a "Sunday Supper." No unnecessary third meal! Oh, and once a week the supper menu will be breakfast of pancakes and eggs to make you nostalgic for those (far off)days of your youth. Bacon and Sausage available for an upcharge, and to get maple syrup instead of Log Cabin, you have to have the Premium Maple Syrup Package. πŸ™„ Perhaps I should be careful- LLP might co-opt my idea
  9. This what I was thinking, and even about the one olive story. I love to watch movies when I travel...I'm even fine with oldies but goodies...or even just plain oldies...it's the ultimate luxury to have all that is offered on a cruise available, and decide to sleep in, have room service, and watch a bad movie. I did it in Corfu a few years ago on a port-intensive trip, where I just wanted a "spa" day. It won't stop me from cruising- but I won't be adding any money to the kitty by paying $14.95. And, yes, I might have a few extra cocktails instead! Take that, accountants!πŸ˜‰
  10. Pre 9-11, there was a good chance- we were even able to have guests on for tea when we stopped in Newport R.I. We've since been on a few Cunard ships that stopped in San Francisco, but only at the invitation of an officer. It involved a request from her to the captain, his approval, sending in passport info in advance, etc. So it CAN be done, but only likely with a lot of pull. I have seen these guests on Celebrity, but have no idea of the process. As Jelayne said, a request to the home office (perhaps with a compelling backstory) would be the only chance. Andrew
  11. We'll just be getting off when you get on. πŸ˜₯ You should be fine to get off again with your seapass, but just double check when you board. Many others will want to do the same thing. The only caveat is that you will need to be on board for muster, which is usually right around the end of boarding time, and right before dinner service, so I'm guessing 5:30 or 6:00. Just make sure to check the daily programme. We leave Vancouver 2 weeks from today. There are a good number from our cruise who will be sailing with you, too. Andrew
  12. I enjoy Disney films I am not a child, nor do I have any. I occasionally stay out past 10:00 p.m. I hate guns and violence, and would rather watch this movie than most "action" films. I like much about European culture. I am from the USA. But, darnit, if that was my one chance for Celebrity to market specifically to me, I'm disappointed.πŸ˜‚
  13. One thing that may help is to look at the shore excursions available. We did a "Touch canal" cruise on...hmmm...maybe Infinity...and were able to take a shore excursion from the ship to transit several locks of the canal in a small boat. Going through a couple locks was fun. Frankly, by the third lock, we were done...it's fairly repetitive. But this might allow the family the experience you want without giving up on the better diving ports. We really enjoyed Cartagena, but you might be right about the limited appeal for your kids. Andrew
  14. There ARE actually "Slant" cabins on M class ships which provide bigger balconies. It's more of a concave shape than a hump shape, providing forward looking slanted balconies towards the aft, and backwards looking slanted balconies towards the bow.
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