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  1. We are on the Surf tomorrow and the sail aways are very much joyfully anticipated. This is our 26 th we never tire of hearing it and probably have just missed a handful after all these years. Give it a try, be your own judge, we think it is especially beautiful on the sailing ships. Enjoy. This from a person who is an avid classical music fan and opera lover. Happy Sailing.
  2. We have great pictures of the Surf and the Spirit in Rhodes. Fabulous Sail Away, actually two that cruise coming out of Istanbul Harbor a thrill as well. We love the sails. Happy sailing all.
  3. Anyone who reads CC Windstar know that we love WS cruises. We love the sails and have never been disappointed in the amount if time they are up during the day time, it is most if the time. Honestly not been in the gym for we love the fresh air and I walk the decks. We also do not complain, we are grateful that we can be on such a beautiful ship, great food, fabulous service, for a person with such an awful back, mattresses great. So much of life is subjective what is the point of complaining and life is too short to send pictures of stains and not working signs. No, it is not right to be a chair hog it is simply selfish and rude. Hope you all can have a happy sailing experience.
  4. I can not even imagine not going to Ephesus. It is a remarkable piece of history, it is beautiful, fascinating etc. If you go on a tour beware of rug sellers. I told our guide we did not want to go to one They did anyway. Our guide was great but that aggravated me. It was a visually beautiful trip as well as culturally pertinent. I learned a lot which is my point in traveling. The sail away out of Istanbul fascinating, such a busy and diverse harbor. The sounds of the call to prayer over the water was lovely. Enjoy Happy Sailing.
  5. I do not see how WS can possibly not go by number of days now given the range of cruises that are not simply seven day cruises. Example: For years b2b were counted as 2 cruises ( considering they were individual 7 day cruises) then, now, they have moved to Star Collector Cruises..... we did a 19 day across the Pacific followed by a 7 day cruise Tahiti... 26 days. Truthfully, the only honest thing would be to count the days which I have been told Crystal and Holland America do. I vote days. Fingers crossed Seattle keeps us on our toes and not always in a good way.
  6. Hi, We have been to Bequia many times but we always beached at Friendship Bay, you need to take a taxi there, very hilly about 2-3 kms. There is a small hotel there if you buy a drink you can use the facilities. They are very friendly. Totally uncrowded. Lovely Beach. This year we will try Princess Margaret's Beach near the port, there is a boardwalk there about 1 km to the beach or go to the far end of the beach by a small boat for $5 pp, they let you off at a beach bar with chairs and facilities. .i have never done this so who knows, hope so. You can get the boat at the tiny port. As you know I do not shop so can not help you there, but it is a very pretty, tiny, port. See you on board 10 days to go😀
  7. Hi, " It is nice to be nice."I feel the same way, we are at 100% of in love with WS on all our friends and relatives who we have referred. I think it adds to the joy of one's life. My first visit to Dominica I saw this sign on a basketmaker's door as a welcome. I fell in love. We will also take an address but Ski Mom 2 was first. Happy Sailing.
  8. Hi, I think you trip looks great. We crossed the Pacific on the Spirit when WS positioned back to Tahiti. 19 days at sea, we loved it. The ship had funny activities, trivia, music, passing the equator ceremony, cooking demo, golfing, yes, funny golfing, exercise class etc., we did a lot of reading, my husband carved a white line print and I printed. We were never bored. There is something intrinsically beautiful and peaceful about seeing no land. We had glass calm seas but of course you will be in the Northern Pacific. We gave crossed twice with WS the Atlantic 14 days again loved. I think these crossings are best when you give into the time of the sea. If you decide to do it enjoy. Happy Sailing
  9. Huge mystery. I hope it is WS, saw the article 30 minutes ago and this posting. i read Star Clipper put down 70 million, cost $110. Seems low to me. Was supposed to be completed in 17, then 18. Fingers crossed. Happy dreaming and Sailing.
  10. I will agree totally one up 120%. The very best.
  11. Today 2 people on two different posts mentioned the increase in service fees, 1 dollar pp a day more. I do not think a dollar fee increase should be any problem for people sailing on WS cruises. All the work they do above and beyond and we all write about that on these posts. We believe they are worth their weight in gold. It is not simply " housekeeping". It is everything they do for us on the ship that makes for consistent enjoyability on the cruises. Honest, hard working, kind, considerate, at all times all the while not seeing their familles for months. ( I can not get the underline to disappeare, excuse, no meaning here) I have been sailing with WS since 1999. Seattle has never been on the same level of service as the ships. Thankfully the ships win out, do they ever. I have to say Seattle keeps trying. So they take the ships apart and find asbestose, I for one, am glad they found it and will get rid of it. Right , my cruises are not affected, , my travel plans have not been ruined, but, I know this will anger some, I would not put one dollar on a cruise without travel insurance, that being said I would be really disappointed and I have empathy for those folks in this situation. My feeling I can afford my WS trips/vacations what can not afford is to lose the money. The alumni problem, yip Christmas bad timing, took me 4 hours to compile my cruises, i hope, fingers crossed, they get it right this time. I have a complicated name and I have been asking for years for WS to fix it, my cruises completely different than my husband's. I know when I get on the ship they know my name for I am grateful and simultaneously think it is a small miracle. We have found a cruise experience that fits us very well. Perhaps we simply go with the flow . In life's big picture not all that awful.I look forward to my future cruises and hope Seattle can, in time get it more together. Happy Sailing
  12. I spent 4 hours researching, correcting and typing a list if our past cruises. Manic organized. I am happy finally, perhaps they will get this done. WS is a funny Company and always has been, my opinion perfect on the sea and since 1999 sort of not so much perfect, rather disorganized actually the difference is extraordinary. I hope this helps and I have to put it in perspective very happy about the sea always have been. Happy Sailing
  13. Thank you sb44. I think you understood my point given the onslaught of river cruises in the past 8-10 years. Weather/river levels, docking and my experience and others with food. Folks, my point do your research you will be happier and more informed, It was not to bash another company that others might have had a good time on, with beautiful ads by the way. Start by reading CC reviews and Happy Sailing
  14. I guess I was mistaken I thought you could not mention other cruise lines on this forum and I never have. No not an NDA .... very strange you would ask. If you are a cruise critic host very odd response. Happy Sailing
  15. We are not supposed to name names. My hint our PBS station has glorious ads about the line we and friends took over the years and would not go on again. They recently built cruise ships. I simply think with the market so large now with so many choices you have to really read and research otherwise you could have a boat resting in mud and long bus trips. I love Italy and thought about the Po but now no, they can not, for the most part, go up the Po due to lack of water. Years ago they could go all the way up. Glad we have the Med, and the Surf! Happy Sailing
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