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  1. With WS you never know. Our cruise on 1/18 is more than a $1000 pp than what we paid a year out. When you buy is personal: work, family, circumstances, we all have to take that into consideration. Flights almost always are more the later you wait. I am a miles person with no status, for Europe we have to reserve business 332 days out. For next fall we had to reserve preferred economy 332 days out ( ran out if miles ). I think if I average it all out over the years I come out ok, plus I have had great experiences. Besides I am grateful I can go on WS and trying to figure it all out is fun and for us we appreciate the experience more. I would rather pay a bit more to WS than flying for that is truly a miserable experience always. Since the NE' s bad weather and my time anxiety I know if I reserve early I get the hotel reservations I want as well, for us it makes it all the more special. Happy Sailing to one and all.
  2. I do believe it is Wednesday. My sister is on the Surf now and she gets into Lisbon on Wednesday or I think it could be tomorrow. Very exciting. We are on the Surf 1/18 can't wait, she will be beautiful. Happy Sailing.
  3. Seriously how could that be done? We have traveled on the same ship with Tauck and did not even know that they were different than another other passengers. Again big families: my feeling how lovely they can all get together, this is coming from a person with very little family. Small ships are lovely we have only cruised with WS, the exception being two supply ships up the St. Lawrence and up to the Arctic Circle, which we loved. Our preference is WS but I would never see groups of families and other groups ruin it for people. I will return to this about not so friendly attitudes about large ships. I have a concert to catch.
  4. We sailed under the bridge with the Wind Star, while the Panama Canal trip is fantastic going under the bridge with the masts, the optical illusion is fabulously creepy. You really think you will crash. Very funny and fun. Great journey. Happy Sailing.
  5. I saw the prices as well and they are steep to say the least. They are pricing me out. I hope reality sets in and they have to reduce the rates or wait and go last minute. Happy Sailing maybe!
  6. Please let us know how this plays out. I am also seriously interested. Thanks and Happy Sailing
  7. That is precisely why I am fearful that WS Will go to all inclusive. I have no interest in the alcohol pacage since we both drink a total of maybe three drinks a day, I want to get away from the internet on holiday, what is hotel and service fees is us gratuities, I am a good tipper, i do use the laundry but it never goes over the prepackaged rate. Let people choose please WS do not become all inclusive, I beg you. Happy Sailing
  8. Thank you. Our friends are The Fritzells from Stockholm, Sweden. I assume the "stay tuned " means maybe for a new/ old sailing ship! We hope so. See WS on 1/18 and 9/28 in 2020 can't wait.
  9. Yip you know! You are a brave soul. I love where I live but I can do without winter. Have fun. Susanne
  10. Ducklite, Visit us on Cape Cod, snow, ice all you want Dec.-March. . Simply kidding of course. We go where we are guaranteed sun and heat. Have a great trip, throw a snowball! Happy Sailing
  11. While I respect your math and opinion I agree with Jazzbeau someone has to pay the add ons. For the prices I pay for WS, for the places I want to go, I have found Regent and Seabourn much more. I have to be price conscious. I have a friend who has traveled on other small ship lines fully inclusive she found the tours upwards of 25-30 people that went to all the « regular « tourist stops that simply is not us. She does not drink and was aggravated she had to pay for other’s alcohol consumption.I also look at specific itineraries for I use WS for traveling and vacations ( Caribbean ) totally different for us. The price I get in January ( from NE have to get out ) has always been reasonable for the Surf ( love the sails, have to have sails in the Caribbean ). That is specific. My European travels are always reserved a year out because I have no airline status and I use miles to travel business ( no way I could afford to pay that and I have arthrites which makes over night flying very uncomfortable ) So sometimes it is not price point for every time I go I price compare and WS with price, itineraries, size, type of ship wins. Everyone has needs why should there only be one way in the pricing. I am first To admit I love WS but pricing is also very important. I am glad you posted this question but it is also good for people to speak up their needs it is not being close minded. Travel like almost everything is need driven so why should it be pricing of one for all. People should have choices on what they choose to buy and when. By having inclusive pricing you are excluding some. Makes no sense to me. Happy Sailing.
  12. I agree with you about excursions. I am a researcher and I love art, history and to go off the beaten path. If WS initiated all inclusive tours and alcohol we would end our relationship and that would be so sad for us because we have so loved traveling and vacationing with WS. I could not afford all inclusive prices then hire my own guides. I have been on WS excursions and they have been very good but I choose very carefully because my interests are so different than most people’s and I love the process of research. I would not impose my interests on others and I feel the same about the reverse. I think they should keep things the way they are: offer different alcohol packages, offer tours but do not under any circumstances become all inclusive. Either way with gratuities is fine with me I have always extra tipped because the service on WS is so great I feel they deserve every cent coming to them, We are not wealthy but we try to live our life in a generous, grateful manner. Please WS do not become all inclusive. Happy Sailing
  13. We did Costra Rica to Tahiti on the Spirit, beyond a fabulous experience. Calm seas, fun activities, lots of sailing without the motor. Captain Pinto did a superb job. . Windstar Cruises at its best. Happy Sailing.
  14. Milepig happy people understood on your trip. We got back from a fjord trip with a Norwegian company just recently, going with full knowledge of miserable weather and seas we truly lucked out warmer weather we were told than the summer above the Arctic Circle.! Great for us bad for the planet. I have been in miserable seas simultaneously with horrid weather not fun but what can you do? We can’t seem to stay away from the water for that reason we love the Surf and tend to stay in the Caribbean and the Med. ( one of the first times we were not on the Surf, it was lovely but missed the Surf) Also love Southern Atlantic crossings. Happy Sailing.
  15. I do not want to be on an all inclusive because we drink very little and I would hate to have to pay for alcohol I do not dtink and my husband can not drink. I am max 2 drinks a day he us one. I vote for keeping it the way it is, the package system seems to be fair.
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