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  1. So sorry to hear about your dog, I know what a part of the family they can become. I also think by June things should be way more normal.
  2. Many people go their whole lives and are never called, but this will be my second time as well. I was on a murder trial last time, so it was not that bad. However, I found sitting around, doing nothing, in the jury room before you are picked to be pretty boring. Kind of like a long layover in an airport. I have not been paying much attention to the UK status, but I gather you guys are spiking again. I know its a wild guess swag, but do you think things will be under control in time for us to come from the US to the UK and board a Cunard cruise in late June, 2021?
  3. Lucky me, I received a Summons for Jury Service in the mail yesterday. So I've got that going for me. 🙄
  4. Gosh, I did not know that. You must have to be more careful in selecting your trips than we do.
  5. We are looking at one of these cruises for summer 2021. Does anyone know if deposits will be non-refundable? That might be a problem for us.
  6. Laurelguy, just a word of caution. As I understand it, the Ultimate Booking Assurance cancel policy only applies to bookings made after 7/22/20. You might want to check with SeaDream on this if you booked in 2019. They mentioned on their phone call that one possibility was cancelling and rebooking. Also, I missed some of the call, so I am not sure, but I have seen some people mentioning the need to fly in the day of to avoid a Barbados quarantine requirement.
  7. We were booked in early this April for our first SeaDream trip (round trip from St. Martin). With a week or two to go, SeaDream changed our itinerary to Barbados and then ultimately cancelled because of the travel restrictions. In August, I used the travel credit they gave me for the cancelled cruise to book another cruise for next March (San Juan to St. Thomas). Now that cruise has had a total change of itinerary again to Barbados; and contrary to what they told me on the last zoom call, they will require one to be in a ship led excursion if going into port. We never expected things to be so difficult regarding taking a SeaDream trip 😬. But, like most things, its a matter of timing. I believe they are doing everything they can to keep sailing, and when things change, they will continue to change as well. Who knows what things will look like in the Caribbean in early 2021? It could be a situation where SeaDream I offers the Barbados route, and SeaDream II is brought in for a Virgin Islands route. That would be great. It could be a situation where SeaDream shore excursions are overpriced and do not take us anywhere we want to go. It could be they reverse their current postion and require masks onboard, which would be a deal-breaker for me. But, with their new policy of cancelling up to the day of departure, we can wait and see how things shape up. I tend to agree with Mr. Avery that if a cruise has too many restrictions and requirements, its just not worth it. But dang, we are more than ready to get back on a ship in Caribbean. If we can do so, we probably will do so.
  8. Thanks to Seadream for a great Webinar describing their current thoughts and hopes for future cruising. My wife and I thoroughy enjoyed the presentation and were impressed with SeaDream's open and frank communications.
  9. Thank you very much. I hope you and yours remain safe as well.
  10. Yes and no. I think keeping the bars and such closed for a while definitely helped (This stuff is very contagious, no doubt), but we have always kept the focus on hospital capacity. By keeping adequate hospital capacity as the main focus, it has allowed us to open up as much as we can and that keeps things as normal as possible. We were an early state to re-open and so far this has proved to be a good decision. (our unemployment is pretty low) PS, our Govenour was the first Govenour in the USA to get the virus, but he has recovered and has donated his plasma to help cure others.
  11. Things in Oklahoma are good. I play golf most days, and we go out to eat a good bit. We go to church on Sunday's and things are pretty much normal. We went swimming today at the Country Club and had a great time. Still have to wear a mask when going in to a Walmart, but that's about the extent of my impact with Coivid precautions. To be honest, most days it doesn't cross my mind. We have had about 40,000 Covid cases out of a population of 4,000,000, or about 1% of the population affected (most affected have recovered). Hard to see why we had to shut everything down back in March.
  12. Absolutely! Anyone know how to get hold of that Russian Vaccine? That will take care of all our problems!
  13. Sweet! Glad to hear all were OK. Looking forward to a cruise in the Caribbean over my birthday on March 1, 2021 on Seadream. Hopefully things will settle down enough to allow the trip to take place.
  14. Interesting. We live in the US, and they taught us in our ballroom lessons that for the travelling dances, the more experienced dancers go in circles around the edges, while the inexperienced couples should stay more in the middle, allowing the experienced couples to move easily around them. But, I have always thought that is its more natural for the inexperienced couples to try to stay out on the edges. Especially on a ship where many couples just want to have a special occasion dance, and do not want to get in anyone's way. I know when we started ballroom dancing, we headed to the nearest corner.
  15. Yes, it definitely felt good to dine out again, and was a definite Happy Place. The restaurant was not crowded, so it was easily spaced out to the 6 foot requirement. Our server (and her trainee) wore a mask, but some of the other servers did not. Menus were handed out as normal (I didn't even think about that one!) . I did have to cut a hole in our masks to get the food through to our mouths (Just Kidding!).
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