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  1. DWhit

    Bow tie woes

    I have purchased a bowtie online from https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/shop/ . They have a large selection of menswear accessories. You might take a look there.
  2. DWhit

    Bow tie woes

    I always have to practice a few times before I can tie a decent knot, since I just don't wear a bow tie that often. Hope you have a great time on QM2!
  3. DWhit

    Bow tie woes

    One trick that helps some is to practice by tying the knot just above your knee. That part of the leg is typically about the same size as your neck, but you are able to look directly at the knot. So it's more like tying your shoe laces. Once you succeed a few times on the leg, give it another try around your neck. I bet you will be able to get a decent knot. One you have the basic knot, you can fiddle around with pulling the ends, tightening the knot, etc. until it looks good. Good luck!
  4. Thanks Cabosal and mcpepe for the additional info. We won't make Saba on the SD l trip we have booked for 2021, but will go to Anguilla, weather permitting. Looking forward to that. Not sure I can wait till 2021 to try SeaDream though, so I am sure I will be plotting to find a way to book something in 2020.
  5. So, being from Oklahoma, here are three examples of smart casual from my neck of the woods 😀
  6. Or instead of water and protein bars, you could stroll over to the ship and eat a free buffet lunch or whatever else you wanted. I don't understand why people are so upset with MSC about this.
  7. Thanks, we are OK here. About a 1/2 mile from the river. Wish I had a spare cruise ship docked nearby, just in case ☺️. Sorry to to hear about the tornadoes in your state.
  8. Good advice! We booked the SD l cruise!
  9. The ship is docked and you just walk off/on. No tendering. It basically becomes a part of the island. So, really you could say all the food you could want is on the island for free. You just have to pay for food that is a bit closer to you.
  10. Thanks! It looks like either cruise on either ship will be great.
  11. Trapper, the answer is pretty much all of the above. We definitely love to snorkel, and would like at least one or two decent snorkel experiences on a trip. We also love hanging out at the beach with a good local beach bar nearby. We also like to include a nice sightseeing trip around an island if we have never done that island before. Not as much into shopping or restaurants, but certainly open to those activities as well. I love to golf and Pam loves to shop, but we tend to stick together more on our cruise trips. Saba does sound great, but we would only be there in the morning before heading to St Barts. But since its up against a half day at Anguilla, I would think thats a point for the Sea Dream ll cruise. Do you have any thoughts on Soper's Hole/Norman Island as one days stop?
  12. So looking at my potential itineraries, I would like to ask for some more advice. Both are Caribbean 7 day cruises at the end of February 2021 (we already have one with another line on the books for 2020). I have been to several of the scheduled ports before, but several are new to me. If anyone could comment on the ports below, it would be appreciated, as I have never been to any of these. For the Sea Dream l cruise, the new ports to me would be 1) Charlestown, Nevis; 2) Sandy Ground, Anguilla (1/2 day); and 3) Jost Van Dyke. For the Sea Dream ll cruise, the new ports would be 1) Soper’s Hole (1/2 day)/Norman Island (1/2 day); 2) Prickly Pear, BVI; and 3) Saba (1/2 day). Any thoughts would be welcome!
  13. Thanks to everyone for the great input about each ship being wonderful. I am looking at itineraries, trying to pick the best one. And now of course I will have to weigh the merits of the vibrating pool. 🤔 I could see it going either way.
  14. I am sure both are awesome, but.... Wondering if there are any preferences for one ship or the other? To all those with experience, which do you prefer, and why? Thanks Doug
  15. If you look at the maps/pictures, there seems to be a lot of beaches per acre due to the design of the island, with lots of inlets, etc. I think the amount of beach shoreline will be important since most folks will set up shop on the beach.
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