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  1. Difficult decision. Freedom was our last cruise before the pandemic...ABC islands were absolutely beautiful...not to mention San Juan is a wonderful place to start a cruise. Another option is to perhaps ask if you can delay final payment. Not sure how you booked your cruise, but we had booked with a big box TA and our final payment was extended for 2 weeks. It was just enough time for Royal to cancel our cruise...sigh.
  2. 😃 2chiefs, you got us smiling. We also like to cruise early December (found it to be cheaper as well)......then sailed in Australia in December. It felt like 2000 of the 3,800 were children. Found out December in Australia was school break for kids. Wetmib...we are the same. We became loyal to Royal after trying other cruiselines. Royal was a nice fit. We love Royal when we have the children and grandchildren with us.......but now prefer some "quiet time" when by ourselves. Funny how "time and getting old" changes all of us. When we were much younger, we sailed with Celebrity more than we did with Royal. We switched to Royal because we were younger and wanted more activities. Fast forward to now...older...more laid back............😄 we sail with Celebrity when we are by ourselves.
  3. Wow!...this brought back fond memories. Ours was the same, just different ship. Over 25 years ago, on the Pacific Princess, Asia cruise. We were very young and all we could afford was an inside cabin. Yes, at check-in we were told we were upgraded. It was one of our longest sailings at the time and really enjoyed that balcony. (That event made us loyal to Princess for years.)
  4. I haven't checked...but is Cruise Critic selling customized face mask with the Cruise Critic logo on them? That would be my sign things are loosening up. 😷
  5. We were on the Freedom for 6 weeks before the pandemic. The ship was cleared and usually started boarding new passengers around 10am. * Traffic in and out of the Pan American cruise terminal can be really bad if there are 2 ships there at the same time. * Freedom has 2 muster drills. Note: No one really knows what RCCL will do when cruising starts again.
  6. Additional info: On our b2b out of Southampton, we received our new seapass cards the day before the turn-aound day. We were also given an "In-Transit" card after we told guest services we were doing a DIY trip to Winchester. The train station was walking distance from the cruise terminal ( or an inexpensive taxi ride)...and approximately a 25 minute train ride. We were blessed with a beautiful day highlighted by a visit to the historic Wincester Cathedral. When we got back to Southampton, we walked to the massive Westquay Mall and 😄 IKEA 😄. At the cruise terminal, we were able to bypass all the lines using our new seapass and "In-Transit" cards. (You will still have to go through the security line of course.) * If you decide to stay onboard, you will have access to your cabin. Happy sailing!
  7. Another non-cruise example....tennis professionals may be required to be vaccinated before they can return to playing tennis. One of the the top players, Djokovic, already said he'll refuse to be vaccinated and not play. Would hate to not see him play...he's one of the best (not to mention funniest) players on the tour. But that would be his decision. He is going to do what's best for him.
  8. 😃 Smiling...sounds like your friends were pranked by the Captain. The stairs were open to the public and often used by passengers staying in aft cabins...or ones that accidentally find them.
  9. I have posted this a few times... Our fondest memory was our cruise on the Song of America...yes easily over 20 years ago. We shared a table for 8 with the most wonderful British couple and the Assistant Captain (not sure if that's the correct title, but that's how he introduced himself). The rest of the chairs were filled by various/different entertainers every night. We also had complimentary wine/alcohol every night, and the best service the entire cruise.........(perhaps because of our tablemates? smile.) Some of the stories we heard from entertainers and the Asst. Captain were priceless. We were young, didn't know what we were doing...and thought WOW!, this is the way we want to spend our very limited vacation. We were hooked. Sigh...
  10. We LOVE the aft cabins on the Vision. We had 8592 on the Vision, Venice to Dubai...loved the views from the large balcony...the center pole on the balcony was not an issue with us. It's a long walk to get to your cabin but we love walking. We love that there's a "secret" stairs that leads up to the spa/gym.
  11. Great ideas...thanks. You are correct, the drinks/alcohol will be something we need to really be careful of. We've abstained from any alcohol since starting Intermittent Fasting...we were thinking of drinking red wine during dinner on cruises.
  12. With this pandemic, "stay at home" policy, and no cruises...we decided perhaps it's the best time to lose some weight before cruising starts again. We started "Intermittent Fasting". I has worked for us. We've lost 24 and 17 pounds respectively. We are genuinely happy and soooo much healthier. Our questions is: Has anyone used/done Intermittent Fasting while on a cruise? Specifics: We started with 16/8 then 18/6. We fast for 18 hours and eat only during a 6-hour span...typically skipping breakfast and eating from about 2pm to 7pm or 3pm to 8pm. Seriously thinking this may be difficult to sustain while on a cruise. 😊 Sarcasm: Who would want to skip meals on a cruise? 😁
  13. I run every day...triathlete. Older now but it has been our lifestyle even on cruises. * We bring "quick dry clothing" for running. * We use the liquid soap and hand wash our workout clothes in the shower. * We dry them in our balcony. Disclosure: We now get "free laundry" as one of our loyalty perks with RCCL. No more hand washing.
  14. Yes, we've been cleaning our cabins for years. Our cabin steward will smile when he sees us wiping down our cabin. We also keep it relatively clean and organized.
  15. Sigh...we miss meeting and making friends at trivia, the great service from the crew, and slowly sailing to different ports. And yes, having our meals ready for us....no prepping, no cooking, and no cleaning.
  16. If you have Directv/AT&T... Channel 387, AWE, A Wealth of Entertainment. Numerous travel shows including "Dream Cruises".
  17. We know you can apply for shareholder's obc 2-3 weeks before your cruise...how early can you apply? Has anyone applied much sooner and was it processed? Thank you.
  18. Would love to again visit: Yokohama Istanbul Bora-Bora Punta del Este Honolulu (💖)
  19. On the positive side... Cruising may get even better. Cleaner ships. Less crowded. Looking forward to cruise lines having even better service and food. We see it around town {during our weekly trips). The small restaurants genuinely appreciate that we support their business. We noticed that our "take-out" meals have bigger portions, taste even better, and most have been handing out coupons/discounts or BOGO.
  20. We may not have a choice...if ships tells me I have to wear a face mask, then I would...but it would be tough to drink and eat. 😆😁😷
  21. Great ideas. There will be many changes. Some will like it, some won't. It's fluid...just like the virus, it will mutate. Just like island lady...we just want to get back on a ship.
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