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  1. As someone who cures and smokes his own bacon, I believe the pepper is added in the curing process, and not just added before cooking. I only tried their bacon once in 2022 and found it to be too sugary, almost candy-coated.
  2. Astoria is a lovely small town. One of our previous Princess coastal sailings docked there, and we walked into town. Everyone was so friendly.
  3. I was on the sailing before this, and had several hundred more passengers than you currently have. I saw the long lines for a few shows/events and passed. One of the joys of our previous sailings was never waiting in line, and I stated so in my post-cruise survey.
  4. I've heard of a certain change to the fleet that will begin with Scarlet, but I'm not sure if it's been officially announced yet, so I'll bite my tongue for now.
  5. The fuller the ships are, the harder it will be to do a walk-up unless you're sailing solo and don't mind sitting at the bar. If you like eating around 9pm, you shouldn't have a problem compared to everyone who wants to eat between 5:30 and 8:00.
  6. Yes, play amount and actual cash from pocket amount are two different things. $300 from your pocket can easily turn into more than $1K played. Points are based on play.
  7. You may have only spent 10K, but with playing your winnings, you may have easily hit the required $35K
  8. All dining venues are included in your fare, however most,if not all of the sit-down venues offer extra dishes with an up-charge, with examples being a Tomahawk Steak, or a seafood tower. https://vvinsider.com/restaurant-menus/
  9. And yet I've read about and have met people who play very little or who have never spent a single sheckle in the casino, and they get free offers every now and then. My guess is that occupancy rates must be pretty low when they start reaching out to folks with no play history.
  10. I get free cruises with other lines based on chump change compared to the numbers listed here, but the food, accommodations, etc are not even close to comparing to VV. Even so, I find it hard to turn down a free cruise on those lines when there's a big tournament involved. A chance to win $250K for just taxes, port fees, and gratuities!? Why yes, thank you!
  11. At the bottom of the chart it says for slots, it's $5 per point, $10 per point for video poker.
  12. https://www.virginvoyages.com/casino You have 12 months to earn tier status, followed by another 12 months to sail with your status perks. Your earning cycle operates on a annual basis (May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025) Once you've earned enough points to achieve your status tier, you retain that status until the end of the following status year. Receive access to your current tier benefits and the chance to level up on each voyage throughout this earning cycle.
  13. That's because they tacked on the life jacket demo onto the end of the safety vid.
  14. During our B2B I believe only Dine & Dash was open in the Galley. There may have been a few grab& go options too, but I don't remember. The ship was very quiet during turn around. Shortly before everyone else boarded, we were able to start booking activities on the app.
  15. It's a testament to how they treat their contracted musicians. Dirty Byrd seemed to always have a glass of cognac nearby. Something I never saw on any other cruise line before.
  16. I just noticed where you are from. My first childhood home was in 20902...just off of Arcola Ave.
  17. The only rough sea day we experienced was after we passed the Rock of Gibraltar. They said the seas had 10-15 foot swells that day, but I think they were smaller than that. This was our first crossing and we had no problems with the motion. As for the time changes, we were headed West, so we kept gaining an extra hour, instead of losing one. I know of at least one cruise vlogger who doesn't reccomend Eastbound transit sailings because of the lost hours. You'll know soon enough how your body handles it. You'll have a great cruise....the food is wonderful, and the crew will be thrilled that they are done with the 4-5 day sailings they've been dealing with for a while.
  18. I'll be disembarking the ship the same day you board. We did the transatlantic sailing from Barcelona to Miami last October, and had a wonderful time. It was our first crossing too. You'll have a great time. The only thing you have to worry about is losing an hour each day on the way over.
  19. It's very easy to meet people. The vibe on board is great.
  20. I love the way my TA does business so much that I came out of retirement and joined their team! Good service is more important than the absolute lowest price.
  21. We've never been charged corkage, but that's not to say that it doesn't happen.
  22. Personally, I think they'll do Mexican Riviera sailings first.
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