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  1. Another reason why it pays to have an agent. I was up at midnight Eastern Standard Time and at first, only the 3 Mermaidens were available, then around 1AM we were able to see the other sailings.
  2. No announcements, no cruise director, no art auctions, and no EFFY! Food in the dining rooms is cooked ala' minute, instead of being cooked hours ahead of time and held in a food warmer.
  3. The don't offer it on highly discounted rates, and I had the First Mate (travel agent rate)
  4. I normally get the premium wifi as a perk with Deep Blue Extra and the speed/quality is usually excellent, however I recently did a 4 day Caribbean sailing without any perks, and the regular free wifi. It was only good enough for basic surfing and email. Many of my apps had a hard time loading, so when in port, I turned off airplane mode and used the cell connections on shore.
  5. Our T-Mobile plan includes free international data....I think many of their plans include it. As for language, I use the Google Translate App. It's a life saver, and it's free!
  6. Since you are spending the night in Barcelona,here's our favorite Wine Bar, "Cellarer" We loved the it so much that for our next trip, I booked a hotel that's just a 3 minute walk away. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g187497-d10456682-Reviews-Cellarer_Wine_Bar-Barcelona_Catalonia.html
  7. This is a favorite bathroom of mine on board, and one of my favorite selfies. 不
  8. I don't remember if the bidding page stated that my bid was "Poor" or just "OK", but there were quite a few Gorgeous Suites available, more than the other suite categories, so I didn't go nuts. To be honest, we've always preferred the aft, and were hoping to win a Cheeky Corner suite, but there was only 1 available.
  9. It will be nice to be in a real king sized bed instead of two twins pushed together. I've also been told that things like the pillows are upgraded as well.
  10. I was just on the Scarlet for the sailing before the crossing. The current cast & crew are fantastic! Enjoy your cruise!
  11. We're going to be regular Rock Stars in September, I hope it's not a huge disappointment. lol
  12. We're hopping on the Valiant for a short 5 day sailing next week to hold us over until our 12 day September sailing on the Resilient, and we placed a few bids so we could experience Bimini as a Rock Star. I started to see what few RS suites were left disappear, so I put in a last minute bid on a Gorgeous Suite and was informed yesterday that our bid was accepted. The first sign that it was accepted was a notification that my credit card had been charged, then an hour or so later a flurry of rejection emails came in for each bid I placed on other suite categories, and finally one acceptance email noting our new cabin #. Today I called Red Glove Services to arrange our transportation to and from the port, and the rep, Jennily was great to deal with. This will be our first sailing as any sort of Rock Star which will be fun since I worked so many years as backstage security at several of our local concert venues. From Pitbull to Bono, Dolly to Cher, and even Cheech & Chong, I've seen, heard, and smelled all sorts of things backstage. 斥 Believe it or not, the only time I had to call the police was during an Indian concert. The "Elvis of Mumbai" fan's got way out of hand. 不
  13. I love this hand washing station too. I took this video last year https://youtube.com/shorts/CAZNZ9SpGso?feature=share
  14. My guess is that they will repeat the same 5 night itinerary listed as the LA Mermaiden for 3 additional sailings before they do the Hollywood Sunsets and Cali to Canada sailings.
  15. Another thing mentioned today during the announcement was that they will have a package for Rockstars to sail all four of Brilliant's Mermaiden Voyages with some yet to be named extra surprises. NY, Miami, LA, and Seattle. No other details are available at this point.
  16. BRILLIANT LADY NEW YORK MERMAIDEN 5-NIGHTS SEPTEMBER 5-10, 2025 1 New York, New York 2 Sailing Day 3-4 Kings Wharf, Bermuda (overnight) 5 Sailing Day 6 New York, New York THE BIG APPLE TO BERMUDA 5-NIGHTS SEPTEMBER 10-15, 2025 1 New York, New York 2 Sailing Day 3-4 Kings Wharf, Bermuda (overnight) 5 Sailing Day 6 New York, New York NORTHEAST ATLANTIC ADVENTURE 8-NIGHTS SEPTEMBER 15-23, 2025 1 New York, New York 2 Sailing Day 3 Boston, Massachusetts 4 Eastport, Maine 5 Saint John, New Brunswick (Bay Of Fundy) (latenight) 6 Sailing Day 7 Halifax, Nova Scotia 8 Sailing Day 9 New York, New York NAUTICAL NORTHEAST: NYC TO QUEBEC 10-NIGHTS SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 3, 2025 1 New York, New York 2 Sailing Day 3 Boston, Massachusetts (late night) 4 Sailing Day 5 Eastport, Maine 6 Saint John, New Brunswick (Bay Of Fundy) 7 Sailing Day 8 Halifax, Nova Scotia 9-10 Sailing Day 11 Quebec City, Quebec CANADA, CAROLINA, & MIAMI 13-NIGHTS OCTOBER 3-16, 2025 1 Quebec City, Quebec 2-3 Sailing Day 4 Halifax, Nova Scotia (late night) 5 Sailing Day 6 Saint John, New Brunswick (Bay Of Fundy) 7 Eastport, Maine 8 Sailing Day 9 Boston, Massachusetts (late night) 10-11Sailing Day 12 Charleston, South Carolina (late night) 13 Sailing Day 14 Miami, Florida MIAMI TO LA VIA PANAMA CANAL 16-NIGHTS MARCH 21 - APRIL 6, 2026 1 Miami, Florida 2-3 Sailing Day 4 Cartagena, Colombia 5 Colon, Panama 6 Panama Canal (Cruising) 7 Sailing Day 8 Puntarenas, Costa Rica 9 Sailing Day 10 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala 11-13 Sailing Day 14 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 15-16 Sailing Day 17 Los Angeles, California BRILLIANT LADY LA MERMAIDEN 5-NIGHTS APRIL 7-12, 2026 1 Los Angeles, California 2 Sailing Day 3 Santa Barbara, California 4 San Diego,California 5 Ensenada, Mexico 6 Los Angeles, California HOLLYWOOD SUNSETS & MEXICAN HORIZONS 7-NIGHTS APRIL 26 - MAY 3, 2026 1 Los Angeles, California 2 Sailing Day 3 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 4 Mazatlan, Mexico 5 Puerto Vallarta, 6-7 Mexico Sailing Day 8 Los Angeles, California FROM CALI TO CANADA 8-NIGHTS MAY 3-11, 2026 1 Los Angeles, California 2 Catalina Island, California 3 Sailing Day 4 San Francisco, California (late night) 5 Sailing Day 6 Astoria, Oregon 7 Sailing Day 8 Victoria, British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia
  17. This is all we know at this point. Placeholders will put you in the front of the line for bookings. No dates or itineraries yet, other than they'll be sailing May-September 2026.
  18. Alaska was their #1 request, so due to the demand they will be selling placeholders, dubbed,"Alaska Fron(tier) of the Line Pass" $500 per sailor Sea Terrace or higher, $1K per Rockstar, or $2500 per Mega RS. They will go on sale "this Summer"
  19. 9/2025 New England and Canada Sailings out of New York Oct/2025 - March/2026 Caribbean March/2026 16 Day Panama Canal Miami to LA with stops in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico April-May/2026 Mexican Rviera May-Sept/2026 Seattle - Alaska
  20. When this Maryland native makes baked stuffed shrimp with lump crab meat for folks who have never experienced true Maryland seafood, they can't believe just how good it is. Glad you are enjoying everything!
  21. According to a thread on Reddit, "Port of San Pedro released their schedule for 2026 and Brilliant lady will be there form April 2026-October 2026"
  22. Ugh...I forgot. I'll be on the Valiant in a few weeks, can't wait to see the show for the 3rd time.
  23. I warned you! lol不 Glad you are enjoying the cruise. Wait until you see the Miss Behave Show. The set is nothing but cardboard, but it's the funniest thing I've seen in decades.
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