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  1. Is that why they keep winning so many awards?
  2. They may consider this sailing to be "at capacity" and not offer it for sale anymore, but it's definitely sailing as planned.
  3. Let's face it. If they had done well in Australia, they would find a way to go back, but now in San Juan they can sell cabins for $3K instead of $600. They can't give the product away anymore.
  4. They accidentally sent out email claiming this voyage was affected by the changes, but have since sent out a correction. We are sailing as planned!
  5. We'd never sail Princess again after sailing with Virgin. They even offered us special fares for this summer/fall,14 days for $50 per cabin, and we still didn't consider them. Virgin is vastly superior to Princess in so many ways. It will be hard to find a cruise line exactly like Virgin, as there are kids on most other lines. It all depends on what's important to you. Food, service, amenities, itineraries, entertainment, etc.
  6. No, you watch a video on your cabin TV and then report to your muster station for a 2-3 minute demonstration on how to put on your life jacket.
  7. Some sort of perks like the extra bar tab yes, but not necessarily DBE.
  8. It's all going to depend on things like the department they're in, seniority, and if they're ending they're contract at disembarkation.
  9. I don't believe DBE was ever meant to be a permanent offering for Sea Blazers or Sea Rovers. There was always an expiration date. Sure it's been extended a few times, but it's always been there.
  10. It's worth the effort. It's the first show produced at sea that is now touring on land! https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2024/02/13/virgin-voyages-show-sea-to-land/72522950007/
  11. The artist usually gives the winners two times to choose from. However on our Transtlantic for whatever reason, we all painted our horses at the same time. I can't remember if we had a choice, of if everyone just ended up choosing the same time. Either way, it's a fun time to meet new people and share some bubbles and laughs. These are our seahorses from the two times we participated. Bubbles (left) and Mrs.Ed (right) Neither won their race. We suspected that Bubbles was drugged prior to the event, but the ship's doctor refused to investigate. 🤣
  12. Everything is higher this year. You can't book at last year's price. We sailed in October of 2022, and the price is $800 higher for the same sailing this October.
  13. On the last Transatlantic, the range was $250 - $400
  14. You attend the seahorse auction,which will be the first date, Only 6 seahorses are auctioned off.
  15. That's why I mentioned the Brilliant being the only ship that can get through the canal.
  16. Here's the LA port schedule for Spring 2025. Scarlet Lady is listed, but Brilliant is the only ship in the fleet that can make it through the Panama Canal. https://youtu.be/SF9feVMvQgk?si=Bu6TLscNsS1ESJ0G
  17. We take the Brightline train. First Class includes a ride within 5 miles of the station, and the port is less than 3 miles away.
  18. Don't sweat the app or your docs issue. It's probably in the process of being updated for the sailing.
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