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  1. Good luck. If it was Miami or Los Angeles I could tell you how to do it. Dubai who knows?
  2. LOL, it's not like your life changes. A couple of drinks.
  3. Be careful and don't run with those scissors. It's funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious 😂
  4. Catsup is gross. Why ruin perfectly fine food with high fructose corn syrup sweetened tomato sauce. 🍅? The crew mockingly calls it American sauce. And don't even get me started with pineapple on pizza. Sorry for the rant but the Steelers got thumped today and I am not over it. LOL
  5. We are on Seascape right now. We are in Yacht Club. I have been down to the main buffet several times. It is huge and nicely appointed but I have never seen a buffet so crowded. Just waves of humanity. No where to sit. The rest of the ship is crowded but not to the extent that the buffet is. It is because there is no other place to eat. The main dining room is open for meals but the hours are limited. I doubt I will cruise MSC again if not in YC. Just too crowded.
  6. I don't think the excursion provider can hide behind the waiver if the captain left the prop running while people are in the water. That is gross negligence. If you were injured seek the advice of an attorney.
  7. This is too late for the OP but, we leave Seascape YC, Miami, Dec 2nd. Just received a text saying our boarding time is 3 pm.
  8. I have noticed how far down the food on Royal has gone just in the past 18 months. Which is why, even though we are Diamond Plus on Royal, our next cruise is on MSC. Royal has a lot of debt to service, since the pandemic shutdown and a lot of stockholders that expect dividends. That is why they are squeezing at both ends. Offer less and charge more. MSC is a privately (family) owned. So their financial situation is different. They do not answer to stockholders. MSC cruise line is part of MSC holdings, the largest shipping company in the world. The shipping business did not stop during the pandemic. They have much deeper pockets that the big three cruise lines. This is part of the reason why prices are lower on MSC. They are the fastest growing cruise line in the world.
  9. Thanks for posting. I often wondered what the menu is on Thanksgiving on an Italian ship. Looks to be quite traditional. I could go for some deviled eggs right now, lol.
  10. As you might suspect, I have a special relationship with my bath curtain.
  11. I am always skeptical when a review says "everything " was bad. With 53 cruises I know sometimes something is bad , but never everything. I have sailed 5 different lines and find them to all be similar. The differences come down to personal preference. There is a reason MSC is the fastest growing cruise line. I am about to take my second MSC cruise. Things I like about them: the ship was beautiful, especially nicer than Carnival. The food was really good. Not the same old same old of other lines. The international mix of passengers. The reasonable price. The itinerary, a little different. The crew was very friendly, always calling me by name. Finally, the PIZZA.
  12. They do a very nice job taking care of the little ones. They will notify you if there any problems.
  13. For pre-dinner: French martini w/ Chambord. For post-dinner classic: grasshopper. For poolside fun: Frozen mango daiquiri w/ Appleton float. For the ladies: lavender martini. For something refreshing: Aperol Spritz. For me: Pellegrino with ice and lime (no alcohol for me).
  14. God Bless all those pilots, air and sea, who risk their lives to help those in need.
  15. Ret MP. Thank for your service to our country. God bless.
  16. My 2 cents part 2: If price is a concern, have you considered a different cruise line? We are diamond plus on Royal. So we give up quite a few perks if we cruise another line. But after our last cruise we took a step back to assess the situation. We were not pleased with the menu changes and the dining room service and the once per day room attendant and the skyrocketing prices of specialty dining, etc. We decided to cancel our next rccl cruise. The wow factor just wasn't there anymore. After a bit of research we decided to book a cruise on MSC. The price was considerably less than rccl. We have cruised with them once before and enjoyed it very much. Most American cruisers are not familiar with their product or company. They are a privately owned company (so they don't answer to stock holders). They specialize in commercial shipping. They are one of the largest in the world with over 700 ships. Recently they have ventured into passenger cruising. They are the 4th largest cruise line and the fastest growing line in the world. They mainly focus on the European market. So you will find a more diverse mix of nationalities on board. It is Italian style cruising. The pizza is fantastic, lol. So if you are dissatisfied with the same old same old, consider a change of scenery. You might find that it is fun to "sleep around." Bon Voyage.
  17. The Rhapsody holds a special place in my heart as it was the first ship I ever took a seven day cruise on. Before that it was just weekenders. Besides the obvious differences between the ships the Rhapsody is more outwardly focused. Meaning that there is a lot of glass so you always have a view of the sea. The big ships have an inward focus. Meaning they are more centered on what is going on inside the ship. Not that this is bad, just different. I prefer the outward focus. The Rhapsody is more of a classic style cruise ship. The Harmony is more like a shopping mall or an amusement park. One additional plus is that on the Rhapsody nothing is a far walk due to its smaller size. Being 69yo, I like that. Whichever you choose I am sure you will have a great time. Being together as a family can't be beat.
  18. Stealing luggage is pretty low. Most people know to carry off their jewelry, electronics, cash and other valuables. So what can they get? Dirty clothes? Used luggage? Cheap souvenirs? Why would a port worker risk their job for such a low reward?
  19. Thanks a bunch. I appreciate it.
  20. As my fuzzy memory recalls, the gin is Bombay and Tanqueray. Vodka was Tito's. Not sure what whisky. Their well booze was pretty decent. Not Mr. Boston.
  21. Congratulations on your nuptials. A cruise is a great honeymoon. YC makes it all the more special.
  22. Unicorn, definitely a unicorn. Apparently he straightened out his life.
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