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If you can get your mom to go then you can stop worrying. If not, you will make it. If she can't go, at least she can help you through airport security and wait with you at the gate until you board or maybe she would fly to mew york with you. That will make a huge difference. Ask any questions you want.
I donít think thatís allowed. I was able to go within my daughter through security until sh3 turned 18, I think, and it wasnít guaranteed.

OP, so sorry for your loss, Iím not a single parent but have 5 very close in age (teens now), and totally understand feeling outnumbered without my spouse (DH used to drop us off and pick us up at the airport, and park in long term parking, so I used to get them through security alone, and baggage claim alone). Itís doable, and actually a little comical.