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  1. I think you will find there was a lot more than 4 US guests onboard - indeed I know several more who were on the Tokyo-Singapore trip I think you refer to. I actually think the number is 178 US guests onboard making them the biggest group There were 645 guests onboard (a figure I was also aware of when disembarking) Add up all the figures in that breakdown it only comes to 471 - the US figure is obviously a misprint - OK one that should not happen So maybe given that Canadians and US guests tend to "share" crossword genres its as well you did not find an outlet to make your point in relation to this cruise 🙂
  2. Matters like that can be highlighted whilst onboard - you would have had the QR code for comments or could have made them on a form at Guest Relations You can also highlight it on your post cruise feedback comments However, need to recognise the focus of the daily crossword isn't going to be high on their attention list As regards your points, the new Director of Loyalty is very responsive - her email address is on the webinar link posted above
  3. Better to feed something as specific as crossword construct back direct rather than here. I do agree some elements do need more of an international balance and I see the setting up of a UK call centre as a good move in helping that
  4. Indeed. I am sure the travel community will really welcome this move which is the right step to take.
  5. For anyone wanting something easy to do in Greenock instead of (or before or after travelling further afield there is a fascinating new museum as part of the new cruise terminal https://www.wyllieum.com/ I hope to visit there soon as my grandfather bought two sketches from George Wyllie which my family sold when the house was broken up. We were amazed at the interest at the auction in them and they sold for much more than expected. Maybe they are in that museum!
  6. Ok sorry fat fingers. Hopefully @Ayden knew what I meant
  7. The CEO recognised this expiry issue in her webinar. If you lost nights and it was due to the lack of communication I’d suggest you contact the Loyalty team - the new director is Erin ODonnell. Her email was included in the webinar email (erin.odonnell@azamara.com) and the message in the webinar was very much please tell us your issues and concerns
  8. The recent posts highlight why some cruise lines have installed machines with auto dispense soap and sealed soap trays. I hope @catspaw1 enjoys their cruise, respects the laundry room rules and uses their packaged soap for in room handwashing only
  9. And tax is payable when disembarking I read - the ship reports the sales to the authorities so buyer beware etc
  10. It is indeed plus of course your happy holiday mindset. Enjoy! 😊
  11. Sailboat rules are different to ocean liners. Please just accept the rules when using the washing machines whose discharges are handled differently to your room sink I was advised when asking about this before. Ours is not to query the rules it’s to comply, the master makes them as guided by the full time highly qualified Environment Officer. We are all but gifted amateurs!
  12. Not snide comments just asking you to follow the cruise lines very reasonable rules which are made for environmental reasons. Failing to comply on grey water discharges can lead to significant fines and being banned from cruising in some areas.
  13. You (or your agent) should get an alert when documents are available through manage my booking. Recently I didn’t have any option to upload photos they did them on the tablets whilst boarding- all very quick and for the vain ones she even asked if they liked the photo or should she redo it before saving it to your cruise file!
  14. That’s a fair point. However I know from communication with the Head of Land Discoveries that is a software issue the correction of which was already being scheduled for a software update. Whether it’s in the Summer 2024 update I do not know but as you will be able pay for excursions without calling in following that update it may well be. We should really carryover these discussions to the thread about the CEO webinar. 😃
  15. Equalising cancellation and repricing terms and conditions globally should be on the CEOs to do list in due course. It causes so much confusion agents make mistakes (imagine all the training and call scripts she could shred in one fell swoop)
  16. Leith is the port for Edinburgh. @fruitmachine has given you good information. Even if you were coming in from Amsterdam the agents would board and clear everyone on day 1 that’s what they did for us last year
  17. Our last two cruises(February and April) it was quicker with the online form done and printing off the boarding pass with barcode but the people beside us hadn’t. I guess their check in took about three minutes longer nothing more In February we had an allocated boarding time on our pass which we followed but no one checked our time and everyone was progressing to check in when they arrived. In April we did not even have a time.
  18. Not correct. Quest 18 Feb Yes Journey 3 April had both guest and crew karaoke. Both were very enjoyable talented events
  19. They usually do have one. However to be sure speak to the cruise director- they’ll be at the door at the theatre - to check when
  20. What is your port before Edinburgh?
  21. Thank you! I too am neither an agent nor an influencer. I pay full whack for all my cruises. Maybe I’m a simpleton but I often wonder if people were blind tasting would their opinions of wines change? As a Scot I can argue about Whisky from a position of knowledge. In our view the included whisky is very acceptable and a cut above what many cruise lines offer as included. There’s a lot of misplaced “snobbery” about whisky and wines. Whisky is hugely affected by clever marketing in North America and not necessarily quality. We have more cruises booked on Explora because the food and service ticks our boxes, the rooms are great (like most Europeans the idea of two bathroom sinks never crossed our minds) They do need to sort the entertainment out, relying on two average singers is not the way to go and they need to define the “cruise director” role. They’ve gone from a “me me look at me” to the “Invisible One”. When they hit the middle ground and change the program and performers that will be great. We are all different and there should be a cruise line for everyone but I wonder if some expectations here can only be delivered on a private yacht with the guest completely controlling the inventory but ignoring the price point 😃😃
  22. The water bottles are really good quality so no need to bring your own. Your suite host will sort you out a socket key card no problem. I think Tim’s host didn’t realise the issue but with Tim being in quarantine they might not have been spending as long in the room as usual.
  23. You are correct our “host” on Explora noticed the Tesco card and replaced it with a blank
  24. Any card can activate the lights. We use our Tesco Clubcard in hotel rooms and on Explora. Have done since these safety saver devices started to be used. I can understand why they want you in the room when charging items. Two lines specifically ask you to be present if charging phones tablets or computers for good safety reasons. I believe on one room staff are instructed to unplug anything you’re charging when not in the room.
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