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  1. A useful warning though it’s an issue not unique to Explora
  2. No and I did not see many people wearing lanyards any time onboard. I’m sure guest services would put a punch in it if you are a lanyard user. Personally because I’m tagged up all the time I’m the office I love to be lanyard free on holiday.
  3. but has potential tax implications to import in many countries which is why they don’t focus on gold items onboard
  4. They don’t sell gold as such onboard- I’d say that’s too risky. Branded products are safer for resale
  5. Yes. We use them at home now they’re great
  6. We did but that might not be standard in all rooms- when are you sailing
  7. I agree however some nationalities will still tip even where they’re included. I’ve just returned from Japan where I observed very crass and clumsy efforts by some people who wanted to tip in a culture where tipping is in some situations offensive. I also Cruise on a line where tips are included and despite that you see people with $1 bills to attract attention and greater favour in bars and service situations. I think the included tips approach only really works if it is also a requirement for all additional tips to be pooled. That is the approach in many hotels here - my son worked for several years in management in a well known high end hotel and it was actually a disciplinary offence not to pool tips. It made the staff very happy although they got very frustrated particularly with Americans who kept demanding to know if they got the tip direct and trying to encourage ways to circumvent what were the Employers rules that all the staff liked
  8. You get a keycard holder. Our bag was different the first cruise but open topped the second
  9. $350 in theory technically zero if it was non refundable OBC you would lose and have nothing else you can see to spend it on. Not a bad idea using the OBC you have left after you’ve had all the other things you do want on something tangible. I know someone who used up OBC buying a watch they didn’t need. Kept it boxed and with the tags on and sold it on marketplace when they got home. Actually for non US guests that’s a good price for most Prada glasses. Even though the land discoveries are expensive using obc on them we see them as reducing costs as we do not have transportation and admission costs ashore.
  10. You also need to watch the room they offer you via the upgrade will accommodate three. I’m not sure if all verandas do. I’d stay with the gty as they will certainly give you a three room
  11. No comment about that. It was more higher level themes than specifics with the occasional detail added in. They are certainly looking at the program but no more specifics
  12. We were told the current boosters (which we had last Autumn) took 4-6 weeks to take full effect. We were concerned on our November cruise as a result Hope you are not getting too bored and are feeling better soon
  13. They said they were going to email the recording out but that has not come yet. Will try and post the link (or I am sure others will if they have it sooner). I am not sure as it was done as a Private Gotomeeting link when you joined the call that its readily available on line elsewhere
  14. I sensed but might be wrong that “soft launches” are a thing of the past and communication from Loyalty is going to be more structured and regular. Another thing mentioned was a focus on the offerings for solo travelers- this part of the call was handed over to the Director of Marketing who highlighted he is a solo travels on Azamara as such so has a very close eye on what can and could be done. The CEO highlighted her Mum travels as a solo so she too recognises what matters to solos
  15. You can book but until the next software upgrade you have to phone in to use OBC the CEO confirmed yesterday. Call wait times now average only a minute which is very fair b
  16. Yes and it was delightfully jargon free
  17. A few take aways * Azamazing evenings off ship are to be continued and be a focus * Next website upgrade due this summer will allow you to search for available inventory and use obc for excursions without calling in * Taking on feedback about quality and decline in food and have already reversed some decisions although did not say what but seem to be around suppliers * picked up on feedback that the wine quality has decreased and has started a review of the included wines * reading between the lines the rate of occupancy has to increase before they can make the business case for new ships - the previous refurbishment has cost $85m * shower curtains immediately being replaced with new bamboo fabric curtains which I think are suppose not not to stick * as we already knew you can now combine your loyalty nights with any benefit on offer at the time of booking * hinted that free Internet might come for at least some levels of Loyalty CEO gave clear hint she’s one to listen. Her words are I’m humble, hungry and listening. They were very honest that things went horribly wrong with the IT migration and the guest experience suffered. Call wait times are now down to 1 minute. Some exciting new itineraries coming including r/t Mauritius
  18. Sorry to hear of your quarantine. Did you test yourself or did the ship test you? From timing possibly picked up en route maybe first class wasn’t the way to go! Do you get any pro rated future voucher as other lines do? And is your wife free to move around the ship or is she also restricted. Hope the weather is good and you can enjoy your balcony
  19. Good tonics used to carry a premium price and had unreliable supply chains. That is no longer the case and other cruise lines that are direct competitors can carry decent tonic so why can Azamara not. I suggest again something I have said before - if it is a general cost issue, hold back the better tonic (Fever Tree, Fentemans, London Pride or whatever) and only serve it with the premium gins on the ultimate package. That would be a very fair compromise. Ironically I go on land holidays to Lanzarote. Its a great island but not always known for the quality of its bars where cheap is king. Recently a bar has opened that is mobbed. It focusses on gin and tonic and has a separate tonic menu and pairing recommendations. Not that I am suggesting Azamara goes to that level of tonic offerings but if I can be done for 6 euros for a double measure and premium tonic on a Spanish island, it should be possible to do something better for the premium gins on Azamara. Its not fair on the Tanquerey, Aviation and Hendricks and even sadder now they are stocking a fabulous Islay gin The Botanist🙂
  20. Very few cruise lines let you board before 1130. Better to take a very leisurely breakfast in your hotel and enjoy round there before moving to the port. Im sure they’d bring coffee to a lounge if you call from a house phone.
  21. Explora Journeys do not make that as easy as other lines like Azamara as the survey is structured differently and it’s not publicised how to give feedback during the cruise
  22. For individuals no but if it’s refundable OBC you can withdraw it as cash and distribute that or the fairer way to reward all is have it transferred to the Crew Welfare fund which pays for crew social events and excursions
  23. Great informative post @Sidney68 Looking forward to more! Enjoy
  24. Some good ideas from @Melissaghoti and @Grandma Cruising I would also add if you’ve odd amounts left you can buy Elemis products from the spa to take home. Rather than lose the money I treat myself to “nicer” shower gel and conditioner to enjoy as a treat back home
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