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  1. I remember our first time meeting him when he was on his first contract as an assistant waiter
  2. This cancellation was made several weeks ago. Are you not aware of the situation in the Middle East? No cruiseship is doing that route for obvious reasons
  3. uktog

    Onward Champagne

    Unless you pay corkage, the pool bar were following the correct procedures
  4. Recently on Journey most ports were 48 hours before but some were 72 hours
  5. Unfortunately it only takes the walk to Princes Street out. Due to congestion no drop offs are possible nearer I’m afraid.
  6. Give me a mosquito over a midge any day (and I’m Scottish)
  7. And if you want to pay for a transfer at point the Edinburgh teams run from the disembarking at Newhaven to the New Town and further on
  8. I think the onboard booking benefits should stay in full (discount and OBC) if a cruise is moved by the cruise line. It’s the very least that should be done to aid retention. I also think the guest should get to choose if they want their original other booking perks or the ones attacking to the new booking (but not both!)
  9. uktog

    Tote bags

    We have been given them on both Quest and Journey in the last six weeks - however we now pack a spare one just in case, it adds virtually no weight and having got caught out on Onward and it was a right pain we learned our lesson
  10. I can see that issue though other cruise lines seem to manage the issue no problem. I just get frustrated that its obviously possible for them to take 7.30 bookings - I know some regular guests get 7 or 7.30 all the time - but its not made generally available.
  11. Indeed that’s why I’d like Azamara to open up the schedule for these time slots officially- it would work for so many guests
  12. I’m now sailing on lines that have limited pre booking and on Azamara. The limited pre booking where the line allows one reservation only works fine as it allows me to be sure I have a reservation for a “special date” if one arises during the cruise. It’s stressful but manageable so long as you keep a track of cruise -60 days when all bookings open. On balance I like that approach. One line varies the number of bookings you can make and when you can access it depending on your room category. That does give issues and quite a bun fight the day bookings open for standard cabins not least because higher ups may have block booked as Phil describes. I don’t like that approach. The Azamara system works up to a point for me. I’ve never had an issue getting a reservation but I have had to be flexible with dates/times/venues. Given the new tarrif for specialities I think problems will be even less particularly taking account of how good Discoveries has been at least on two ships. What I do really think needs changing is the rigidity of the two sitting timings. I know people have correctly pointed out that they’ve managed to negotiate reservations at 7:15 or 7:30 but staff make it feel like such a big deal to do this. I think they should be changing to reflect what the other lines and indeed shoreside restaurants do in running a multiple sitting operation with reservations being available every 15 minutes across the opening times. If small shoreside galleys can do this to Michelin standard so can Azamara. I think the binary option of reservation windows is what adds to the tensions. And suite guests should be charged the penalty if they don’t cancel at least 24 hours ahead unless for extenuating circumstances. (A penalty is advertised but the managers are pressured to waive it). Some frequent suite dwellers seem to expect their precise table to be available every night regardless of whether they come or not. I know it really frustrates the restaurant managers but they can’t say a thing. It’s not fair on other guests.
  13. I wish we’d had the opportunity to buy that adventure- even if I was not allowed off. I see Greg Redfern is back for more star gazing and there are potentially big meteor showers to see next week - how wonderful
  14. Intercontinental Strings. Just back. Fabulous hotel wonderful views and right by Shinagawa station making getting around so easy including coming in and out to airports. As we’d luggage the hotel arranged us a beautiful car through Royal Limousines for hardly any more cost than an ordinary taxi.
  15. No you need to set up your sharing arrangements before booking eg at the single and solos event
  16. Deck 9 Windows Cafe Port side or on embarkation day there may also be a second booking station on the Pool Deck as well
  17. No there is a desk on the port side of Windows Cafe deck 9 which is staffed 10-1600 each day. In addition on embarkation day they are there from 12 and often also have a second booking station set up on the Pool Deck. You are far more likely to be successful with reservations if you visit yourself. On embarkation day you may not see your butler until late afternoon and a lot of guests will already have made direct bookings. Its an Urban myth that butlers have access to more slots than the reservation desks
  18. I think the onboard bidding was a temporary work around to continue to generate revenue on excess capacity whilst the pre boarding process was in abeyance due to the IT meltdown. It was a lot of work for guest relations during their busy early days of the cruise and didn’t give any recognition for loyalty which was always a stated focus of the upgrade process. It was much more a first come first served action once the ship was sure of its inventory (a slight (!) issue during the IT meltdown). Looks like they’ve now reverted to a version previously used with the significant added benefit of the guest having the final say on accepting the upgrade or not.
  19. Exactly my thoughts or alternatively canned marketing never mind the detail!
  20. Fantastic review - it was so hard to decide which excursions to do and I spent many hours agonising over it. I think your post demonstrates that whatever you do you are going to see things that are so different and which amaze and fascinate you. How I miss the orderliness of Japan now I am home - why dont people walk on one side of the pavement/sidewalk only - it makes so much sense and leads to so much less hassle!!!
  21. As the ship was almost full no upgrades were accepted (though offers were sought) on the 3/4 cruise. Wisely they kept back what wasn’t sold as “contingency” I suspect these days letters to bid are automatically issued - it gives Azamara useful data if nothing else.
  22. The other person who can help is the Cruise Director as its an "entertainment" issue
  23. They can easily turn it down/off if they want to.
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