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  1. DH and I had the same issues over the last several days. We tried Incognito window, used a password manager to enter our emails/passwords, cleared cache and history (just to be sure) tried using 3 different browsers, used 2 different computers, 2 different phones, 2 different tablets. We restarted everything and tried again. Website and app kept coming up with the incorrect email/password issue message and number of tries left. Today I called Captains Club and waited less than 2 minutes. Nice rep gave me a new password to enter on my computer and I then got a message to reset my password. I reset it to the same password I previously used. I logged out, then in using the new (old) password and it worked. Then we did the same for DH. I then tried opening the app and I was logged in. Go figure! X IT strikes again!!!!
  2. I'd suggest those commenting on this thread go back and re-read OP's original and follow up posts.
  3. I will say that Guest Services aboard seems to have been instructed NOT to allow guests who try to speak with the Hotel Director to do so. I requested to speak with the Hotel Director about an issue concerning disembarkation assistance for my DH when I was told no. It was something we had received on other X ships without issue. I did refuse firmly to accept the stone wall and requested to go up the chain and got nowhere. I did however continue to kindly insist. I was finally told that they would forward my very reasonable request and get back to me. Today we received a message that our request was approved and that the needed assistance would be provided.
  4. Currently on Silhouette deck 11. Our stateroom is impeccable and room steward best we've had on any of our numerous cruises. He noticed a slight sink drain before we did on our first day aboard and sent the plumber to fix it before we even mentioned it. They spent hours cleaning our balcony one day both high and low. No complaints. I'm so sorry OP had the experience they did and hope they had no more ill effects afterwards.
  5. The last time we sailed on Friday the 13th was in March of 2020. We all know what happened then! Hope you have better luck!
  6. Take a screenshot of the Thank you for viewing for when the points don't get awarded lol.
  7. Not in total but showing as poster above pictured. This happened last time.
  8. X was late crediting the previous PUP as well.
  9. Nope! Didn't work. Neither did an Incognito window. IT is off celebrating Pi day.
  10. Try going to the X website on your computer and log in. Go to Manage My Reservation, then Before you Sail. Go to the Documents and you should be able to print from there. Or just use your smartphone and the Xpress pass should appear there and skip the printing. Just for safety in case WIFI fails I'd take a screenshot of the Xpress pass for a just in case.
  11. Out of place, no. In the minority, yes. Do what you enjoy and don't worry about others. You'll probably not see these folks again post cruise. Have fun!
  12. I always take one...maybe it was me.😜
  13. Tried that multiple times. They're under more pressure from their employer than the promise of a tip would offset. It didn't work... so I no longer choose to use their service. To each their own.
  14. Not to me. Along with the inflated pricing comes a sales pitch that is annoying. I have tried telling the person performing the service that I prefer a quiet service (massage or facial), that I will not be buying any products and that if they want an additional gratuity to dispense with the sales pitch. Despite this, the sales pitch happens. They must be under quite a bit of pressure to sell. I prefer the services I can get at home. Half the price (or less), just as good or better and no sales pitch.
  15. I think it's Smart Casual and Evening Chic, but whatever the name you're right it's far from formal and now pretty much all the same.
  16. I disagree. I think X doesn't want people to use their traditional balconies as much as they do. They want them out of their cabins spending money on the ship!
  17. Our steward has never been able to swap it out. We always take it to our dining venue (MDR or Blu) and the sommelier always has been glad to swap it for us. We usually get Prosecco or a bottle of red. Cheers!
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