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  1. They own these depreciated assets, they have obligations to pay for ships being built.
  2. I was hoping this would remain a sterile comprehensive list but I guess that was too much to ask. A clearly titled thread such as this one is much easier to find than the HAL website or what others have deemed the original thread.
  3. I appreciate that you started this thread. I hope we can keep it up to date.
  4. Here is the Have it all sale https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/deals/have-it-all-sale/cruise-deals.html?destcode=multi_HAVE20_1&csvfilename=multi_HAVE20_1&ICID=HECIA052720979
  5. Thanks for taking these questions! I have Chase credit card travel insurance, my cruise line also offers a 30 day prior cancel for any reason . When reviewing a supplement to this insurance for a very long cruise what should I look for. (My airfare is fully cancellable with SWA).
  6. Sure, but that is what is being discussed. The are interviews available on the web with RCCL and other cruise lines saying the first cruises out will not be a capacity. Carnival came out this week and said 60% in the Caribbean this season
  7. I got mine booked. Fully refundable. And southwest doesn’t fool around with refunds. I received a refund a few weeks back within 2 hours!
  8. I think they are going to be cruising at less than 100% capacity until there is resolution. Some cruise lines are suggesting 50% capacity
  9. HAL has Now extended the book with confidence guarantee to cover the duration of this particular cruise so the decision can be postponed. I made my fully cancellable airline reservations today even though I think this is not going to happen.
  10. Sure. I read the article with the CCL CEO’s take on social distancing. It seems the most affected venues would be indoor entertainment and buffets. My suggestion is to have assigned times for peak buffet periods much like the dining room. The entertainment has become more digital anyway so I don’t think I would be missing much. The theaters could go to a reservation system and perhaps you would not be able to get a reservation every night but for me, personally, that is not a big deal. I cruise to get from port to port in comfort. I don’t really cruise for the onboard experience. If the ship is clean, maintained, the food is fresh and tasty I am just fine. I am a natural social distancer so not a biggie for me.
  11. It has increased in popularity. Do a cruise critic search using Reykjavik as a port. Most other lines have a one go two week round trip transit. What VOV does is the US to Europe and does it well. Long voyages do require a bit of “down time”. Some relish that down time. I never lay on a beach but I can spend days on the promenade watching icebergs
  12. Hi Friends, I recall receiving an email from HAL that said if you paid so much in advance before May 31 they would give an additional OBC. That email is lost. Could someone forward that email to me or provide a link on the HAL website. Thank you. Mary dallashome at gmail
  13. I like long cruises, Southwest Airlines and the freedom to overpack. (I pack very light for other types of travel). I think I will be changing to lighter packing. The Cruise Maven recently speculated that cruisers will have to do their own luggage handling for at least the near future https://cruisemaven.com/what-the-future-of-cruising-could-look-like/
  14. I plan on booking at the end of the summer, hoping for more visibility on the future of cruising. My next ship is a small ship with less than 250 people, North American ports where I can possibly get off the ship and drive home
  15. @JeffElizabeth I spend most of my cruise critic time on this board and I have never once seen someone express concern about a cruise ship sinking or express irrational fear of disease.
  16. I think the majority of posters I have read have said their main concern is being stranded at sea and being denied entry to a significant number of ports from the itinerary. That is not fear, that is making rational decisions based on the latest data
  17. Reality check - information I received from an industry insider: Royal Caribbean, alone, has over 1.5 MILLION passengers to refund. 1.5 Million. CCL Corporation has many, many more. bottlenecks are also caused by the the cancellations needing to be adjusted for the normal percentage to being 100%. Bottlenecks are also being met at the credit card companies because of the mass of refunds being issued not only by cruise lines buts all travel companies such as airlines and hotels.
  18. I was talking to my sister last night. She owns a very productive travel agency, very successful company. Her conclusion - for at least the next 5 years travel will be for the wealthy.
  19. I agree up to a point. Cruises are the only non-independent travel many people book. We love the convenience of transport, that is not matched by any other mode. Other group travel is stationary or regimented, cruising gets you there and sets you free. We and others likeminded folks will likely leave any kind of organized travel.
  20. Regardless of spin, that they came forward with such a direct statement is not good news but a necessary step. I think it is fair warning to the public, if they are paying attention. If you were thinking about giving any cruise line any money right now this should be a wake up call.
  21. I do not like non-refundable deposits either. As a 25+ year business traveller I would have lost a lot of money taking those early payment options. There is always another day and another deal
  22. Because of high tides and remote locations there will always be tender ports. The amount of people on tenders may be reduced
  23. We are booked on that same cruise. Mine was booked with FCD which is refundable up to the final payment date so I am in no hurry either way. This is what I am telling my husband. If you cancel now you likely can easily rebook the cruise later in the year should some miracle happen. I don't think there are crowds clamoring to get onboard.
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