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  1. Could be, I might have misread. It is my first time with a drink package, not being much of a drinker
  2. I understand what the PVSA is, it can be repealed. It is a protectionist piece of legislation. I hope this helps
  3. I think the PVSA was not in response to cruise lines as it was enacted in 1886. Laws can indeed change and protectionist laws should always be up for review, IMHO
  4. I am nervous about not being in town the day of departure. Wouldn't you know with sufficient time to make alternative plans? What time is your departure?
  5. HAL and Oceania still has some happy hour special which was good enough for us. They also have evening appetizers and wine with a goodly glass of wine for $5. I haven't sailed Princess since 2017 so not up to date
  6. Ditto on all of your points made. Check your drink package. I was reviewing HAL's included package and it does not cover the dining room. Of course you can always carry your drink from the bar. Most of the drink packages also include the specialty coffees, soda pop and few other items which may impact your decision, but again not mine. On a 28 day cruise you may have a lot of sea days and T-mobile is not good at sea so it comes down to how much you need to be in contact. You can also look on Princess to review the costs of the wine packages for dinner. The last 28 day cruis
  7. It all depends on whether they are planning to halt the cruise if covid is present or simply disembark that ill person. Currently they are turning around and making everyone go home. That is what I don't want to participate in. If instead they simply evacuate that person and continue on then I don't care, I will have my vaccine and the others can make their own decisions. But it is likely out of the cruise lines' hands. This decision will be made by countries.
  8. It is likely random. It will be very different when we emerge so a business needs to monitor trends to plan appropriately. I got one about a month ago concerning my attitudes toward future travel, it must be the same survey perhaps refined a bit now.
  9. I think enlisting the support of your local and state politicos would be impactful. The states and locals are the ones who can show they have been harmed.
  10. Besides overcrowding there may simply be a generational shift. From the mid-80s many cities made a decision to go whole heartedly into the tourism at the expense of investment in other parts of their economies. My own hometown, New Orleans, did this. Tourism doesn’t require a formal education and the supporting institutions which foster that education. It creates lots of low wage jobs. It does present low barrier opportunities for entrepreneurs. Maybe this generation is ready to reinvent their community. but as @Sir PMPpointed out ships have gotten huge. I think that is tr
  11. That is exactly right. It is a risk/reward decision determined by your liquidity.
  12. They are actively selling them. I suspect if they do sail there will be restrictions and limited capacity. Like you I am signed up for one also. My work schedule and family obligations limit me to that time period. If I don’t sail in June it will be 2022 for me bottom line it will depend on the efficiency of the vaccine distribution
  13. Canada thinks they are going to have an exceedingly slow roll out of vaccines, I think they are going to be pleasantly surprised at the progress. I think February 15 is the day to watch, a solid 6 weeks after Christmas with any resulting upswing in cases and a month into vaccinating the first class of the general public. It appears the roll out is moving along very well.
  14. HAL needs money says the headline. Me too, I need money. I am confident that some of the cruise industry will rebound, I think the subsidiaries of the Carnival Corp will rebound, reinvented and likely much leaner with higher fares but they will rebound. There are many smaller lines which will not be here a year from today.
  15. Yes I got this but originally they were requiring a response from passengers by December 20th. Make sure they extended your decision date. I opted out because there was a complete lack of information
  16. I was wandering around the web the other day and came across a lot of reviews of the package. Most reviews indicated it wasn't worth it however with Covid and likely closures it might be worth considering. I am scheduled for a Denali tour next year and look forward to hearing the responses.
  17. Another great update. I am watching CVS and Walgreens, the two pharmacies in my area who will administer vaccine. CVS has published an extensive update on their vaccine page. Scroll past all of the graphics then there is a very readable article detailing all you want to know. There will be online sign ups CVS Covid Vaccine Page Walgreens also has updated their home page Walgreens
  18. Thanks for the daily. Just love today's line up and obviously everyone loves maple syrup - me too! I was wondering about the boozy beer but once @summer slope posted the recipe and photo this moderate drinker is all in! Dessert and a buzz, now that is something to cruise for. We finally got below the freezing mark last night so I guess winter is finally here. This southern gal, formerly of south Louisiana, loves winter, not Ontario winter 😁, but a nice crisp day. About the sis' cancer, some of the tests are in, she is in stage 1 or 2 of a cancer that is not super aggres
  19. The same one. She has been working with covid patients in New Orleans since last February when Mardi Gras tourists brought covid to the city. She was sent an alert by her hospital, who knows she has cancer, to get her vaccine during her first shift it was available. Her hospital is not requiring the vaccine - yet.
  20. She rang me while I was on my morning walk and I will need to call her about that. I was curious also. Being a nurse I know she is in a database but I will find out and update later
  21. I was on that cruise. They expect you to make a decision by the 20th so I would be checking to see if that date has moved up also.
  22. Update from the front line - sis got her vaccine last night while on her shift. She said it was as painless as a flu vaccine. They immediately scheduled her for her second. Her information was already in the system as a hospital nurse
  23. The medical professionals in my life, particularly those on ground zero at the hospitals disagree about recurring infection. They "think" it is likely late developing symptoms those patients are experiencing. Pfizer, Moderna and the others do have an ongoing vaccine longevity study currently. About the mutations the general public has a weird notion of mutations. Lets take apples and oranges which mutate like every other organic form. Apples don't become oranges and oranges don't become apples. Organic forms are always a spectrum and always transforming. Static is not the na
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