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  1. It is not only the bean counters. The culture just wants to go round and round to the same locations. It is the modern time share
  2. More about more debt restructuring https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-corporation-plc-announces-pricing-775-million-and-eu425
  3. I mentioned to John just this morning we are going to have to find a new way to travel. He doesn’t like long haul flying but he may have to fly now. No big ships for us and the quickies escape is not “travel” IMHO. I travel to explore, I can relax at home.
  4. The State Fair of Texas, too. No cruises, no corny dogs, geez.
  5. Yikes. I guess the good old days are almost gone. Good bye to a fairly priced mid-size ship cruise with outstanding itineraries.
  6. In the US if a person does not have insurance, any person without insurance, receives free treatment. Hospitals are given financial incentives to treat Covid patients. Yes, during the polio epidemic polio vaccines were not only free they were administered at schools, churches and other places in the neighborhood and did not require a doctor's appointment. As I mentioned earlier Johnson and Johnson has said they will give, totally free, 1 Billion vaccines whether it is their vaccine or someone else's. I am sure there are other companies who have made pledges just that I am a shareholder of J&J and follow their news. That level of donation for a multi-national corporation will not be a severe economic loss. It will be tax deductible and they make billions and billions annually.
  7. Johnson and Johnson said long ago they would distribute 1 billion vaccines free of charge, 100% free. If you recall the polio vaccine was free.
  8. And there were many who rebelled against imposed social distancing restrictions. They were just as smart, clever and vile as the current group.
  9. And research is being done to determine if one corona virus antibodies can assist the immune system with the COVID-19 virus. This virus didn’t spring fully formed, it has a lineage.
  10. If I may point out we never developed a vaccine nor cure or treatment for the 1918 virus. What happened to it is anyone's guess. This virus may follow a similar path. It is something I always keep in the back of my mind so that my hope is not solely based on what scientists can or cannot do
  11. If you want to hear a serious discussion of this topic, where we are, where we are going I suggest listening to a reliable expert like Dr. Osterholm. Not only is he well-credentialed he is regularly interviewed by all sides of the media and other scientist. Here is a link to his research team and their public discussions https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/covid-19/podcasts-webinars
  12. @Tudy I agree. I think an effective treatment regimen is not only more likely but more desirable and predictable.
  13. I volunteered with NIH. Hey, I am happy to test my immune system. In the course of my business I have had some pretty nasty bugs over the years that I effectively fought off. Yes, I like cruising but what I like more is leading a full life in the company of my fellow humans. Sitting at home fearful of what is next is not a life worth living
  14. That makes sense as by then the new CDC orders will be published. The old CDC directives expire on the 24th.
  15. Answered my own question. Here is the registration page Registration for the Covid Summit
  16. Thanks for the heads up. I will try to attend. If anyone sees a link to a sign up please let us know.
  17. There has been a lot of research done on dynamic pricing and it is not clear how much is actually targeted at the individual level or is simply a reaction to website activity levels. I fall in the camp of it is not targeted to the individual as why would a business risk irritating a good customer. The activity/traffic level argument makes more sense since it is an attempt to target the supply/demand criteria.
  18. If you think the dynamic pricing is targeting you then you need to hide more than your browser, use incognito or private browser windows. That will block or even reroute your IP address
  19. I have taken two over 30 day cruises with HAL and have never concerned myself or even noticed there was an “in crowd”. I guess my social radar is on ignore. 😊
  20. I was remarking on the OP’s predicament. I assume with COVID there may be automatic triggers once occupancy reaches a level. I have never known HAL to fidget with prices on the weekend
  21. Thanks for the update. I understand that the CDC current guidelines expire July 24 however the EU has issued guidelines
  22. Was this a cruise for the near future, in the next 6-9 months. If it went up on a weekend night I would think that is more about limiting passengers in the current COVID environment. Price increases have been discussed as the preferred method once the cruise approaches optimal capacity.
  23. Cliques, really? I truly am in a different world. 🤷‍♀️
  24. The smaller ship potentially can charge a higher fare. Also the clientele tends to not need the modern amusement park amenities. I read an interview with a CEO of one of the lines where his remarks were to the efficiency issues. I wish I could find the article it was an eye opener. Basically it discussed the huge leaps in fuel efficiency in the past decade. It also discussed new fuel sources used by very recent ships. If I find the article I will be sure to post.
  25. Their worst attribute is their fuel efficiency. They simply cost too much to operate. I love the small ships but I think CCL in better times should consider ordering some new energy-efficient smaller ships.
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