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  1. I have seen them as well as weight limits - now that has to be a touchy moment. HAL knows your age and may not allow you to book. Have you looked at independent tours
  2. Of course, that is my point. You don't like the way I tip then you don't have to cruise in the same cabin. That is life, we all vote with our wallet, at least in a free society.
  3. It is no more bribery to tip a crew member at the beginning in anticipation of service than it is to pay HAL for a premium suite in anticipation of service. I just like going direct to the source rather than through HAL. Big suites are not my thing but excellent service is. Many are congratulated on this very board for paying HAL extra for that suite (usually with upgrade offers). You know the saying about different drummers, right?
  4. Replying regarding port fees - I have always been compensated for port fees on HAL but was dismayed that Oceania did not. It still bothers me
  5. I have been there with HAL. They do have shortcomings. Even though we did a short cruise (12 days) on one of HAL's newer ships last spring I prefer not to use HAL when there is a lot of competition for the given market. I only use HAL for those specialized itineraries they do so well. If I were doing a short west coast, Alaska, Caribbean or Med cruise I would shop around. There are plenty of options with newer ships and similar costs.
  6. There is a lot of good information here but as Nang said use the schedule on the Holland America Website.
  7. I would wait to just prior to embarkation. Internet packages are always changing with technology. I have seen price drops announced in the early part of the year. Then I would only buy it ahead of time if it is cheaper than onboard, that has been the case recently.
  8. Yep, I am pretty sure we get better service where we choose to tip well. We have had other cruisers comment too. I also cruise with my mother and sister and there is a definite difference when John is not there with his generous tips. I am not saying that the service is lacking
  9. We are tippers. We have been criticized for paying extra for better service, I say that is my business. On my longer cruises I tip my wait staff, my stewards and others who have given us special service on their day off. Depending on the service provided I give anywhere from $5 to $20 on their day off. John also tips at end of cruise to selected personnel. We also give our steward a first day tip with our list of needs - nothing other passengers wouldn’t also be asking but we like to indicate we are willing to pay for extra. Yes, we likely get a notch more attention but so do people who pay HAL for a Neptune suite.
  10. I have had to call when I had a land portion departing from a third city. Can you book one portion from one cruise and book the other portion from the second cruise?
  11. Use Luggage Direct to send your luggage to the airport then use the taxi/water taxi to see the sights or other activity. Luggage Direct
  12. As an online seller I can tell you the culture of reviews is changing. It was very popular since the inception of the internet to leave reviews. Whole websites, like this one, were built on the back of reviews and file sharing. Now review fatigue is prevalent and those leaving reviews tend to be more and more those who have complaints. Nothing wrong with that - complaints should be aired. I expect you will see more and more reviews from the very sad and the very glad with just star ratings from those in the middle.
  13. I think you misinterpreted what I said. I consider Europe the exception when I do buy private tours as they are reliable and cheaper. I do not use private tours in areas where break downs are common such as places with very bad roads and little good infrastructure
  14. I was going to add Europe as the exception. In many areas I continue to use HAL because the locals tend to have a propensity to break down The lines have gotten smarter about shore excursions and try to compete.
  15. Many of the Cruise line’s Alaskan excursions are competitively priced so you may want to do some comparison shopping .
  16. My past spring cruise and my upcoming cruise had very similar packages. Why HAL finds the need to charge for internet is beyond me. 10 years ago perhaps it made sense but I see no reason now. I hope this new package does not increase Flight Ease fares
  17. It doesn’t hurt to ask but if you are months out from your cruise you may have a chance at a better fare with different perks. That is what I did and am very happy with my new set of perks. Like the op a beverage card has no value to me. The tab for all beverages on my last 12 day cruise was less than $100
  18. Those compressed mattresses are so compact you might be able to carry one along with you 😁
  19. The OBC is worth it for us as in many years it doubles the dividend yield. As Kazu said it is tax free too! I don’t think a 100 shares of any stock is going for disrupt anyone’s investment plan.
  20. @DaveOKC I am going to have to get John to do a bit more gambling 😉
  21. My brother had his room flood on an Oceania cruise. Unfortunately for him the ship was full to capacity and there was no compensation except a t-shirt. HAL 1, Oceania 0
  22. We enjoy the leisurely pace of the MDR at breakfast. We usually sit with other "strangers" and enjoy the conversation BUT only on sea days or late arrival days. You got to have time to do breakfast right to truly enjoy the MDR breakfast. I agree it does close early, something I have experienced on other lines. It usually doesn't affect me unless I am traveling with my mother.
  23. Recently they have been offering a discounted package prior to embarkation. Daily is only bought on the ship look at the old threads since people post the picture of the packages offered onboard
  24. Nice slacks, collared shirt - minimum for dining room. My husband likes to wear a suit but the Caribbean is a bit more casual so he wears khakis and a sports coat, no tie.
  25. I would think if HAL would see a prevalence of people in one locale removing the tip they should change their pricing formula for those locations. As a business person that is what I would do. HSC has always been part of the crew's pay package, for good or for bad, that is what it is.
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