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  1. Also I have been told some of the special fares are guaranteed only and you aren’t allowed to select
  2. The HAL website can be difficult. What I do is download the deck plan pdf and preselect 5-10 cabins. I then use the option to enter a cabin number and proceed down my list until I find one.
  3. I think that is legally acceptable. They are in essence putting you on notice that you are on your own! The cruise line is not responsible for our health. The current system puts you off the ship ASAP even stopping the boat and turning around to get to the closest port to debark a sick passenger. The new normal is that some ports won't take the sick so they are covering their bases.
  4. The airlines are under orders to get the money back to the consumers. Only guessing here, Delta had been paid and once Delta returned the money it was issued
  5. Ok, that makes so much more sense.
  6. In your first post you said the flight was cancelled. Do you mean the cruise was cancelled but not the flight? Anyway the money was still returned by the airline via Flight Ease
  7. The airlines are under very specific orders from the federal government to issue refunds, the cruise lines are not. Remember the airlines are getting billions from the federal government, the cruise lines are not
  8. The hurdle will be getting a doctor to sign off for you. Prior letters may have been easy to get but I think there will be few physicians wanting to sign off in these times. All of the physicians in my life, professional, friends, neighbors are far more concerned about this virus than I am but I am not a fool😁 - I take their advice
  9. In this case, IMHO, there may be a lawsuit. I would at least contact the cruise line, with an attorney or not, and seek some kind of compensation
  10. I agree, it would get the cruise lines up and running again. Of course the cruise lines could re-flag. Norwegian has the American Pride which is flagged in the US and can sail without the foreign port of call
  11. I am not 70 but in my 60s. I went for my physical yesterday and I am a very fit person. I asked my doctor and his view was until this coronavirus is a thing of the past - most definitely not! He was rather emphatic and he is not subject to bouts of hyperbole.
  12. You seem knowledgeable, which cruise and when?
  13. Were they on a cruise ship that was quarantined or delayed? What are their damages?
  14. They now have those divided trash cans so we are careful to separate our paper from other waste. I agree with others there are far fewer leaflets. And much of the info is available digitally but if you go through the threads you will find many who don’t like the lack of printed newspapers and books.
  15. Having to, by economic necessity, to ride inner city mass transit is not really a valid comparison to discretionary travel on a luxury bus.
  16. Bus versus cruise. I can get off of a bus and my last bus tour I did just that. I got tired of it and went independent, I just told the driver/host, next town let me off. And I did.
  17. Sounds like there was a communication breakdown concerning you FCC. Is this a FCC that you have from a cancelled cruise or an onboard FCC. If it was from canceled perhaps it is not recorded yet. You may have to call HAL yourself. Yes the shareholder benefit is cruise by cruise. Hopefully they will be maintaining the shareholder benefit.
  18. I would take a short flight without a vaccine. My main concern is not becoming ill, that could be considered predictable. My main concern is not being allowed to come home or being aboard a floating plague ship. Now I was called out long ago for calling the Princess ship a plague ship but that is how nations are treating the ships regardless of our sensibilities. Prior to this I was always willing to disbark a cruise gone bad and get myself home but that is not an option in the current environment.
  19. @MikeD4134 I think the point is the unknowns and the inability to plan
  20. Since that cruise will be cancelled anyway why don’t you call HAL back and just get a full refund.
  21. Even before this I wanted a day between for cleaning. Maybe that is something I should have been adding to my reviews all these years. I have always spent a least an hour cleaning my cabin when I first arrive just to make sure it is sanitary.
  22. I think it is out of our hands. When the ports open to recreational travelers I will consider booking a cruise. I am hoping for mid 2021 and only if there is a vaccine.
  23. This has been my concern with making future travel plans. It is impossible now to simply take a road trip and visit a state park or national landmark. I talked to my TA this weekend (my sister). I have avoided telling her I am cancelling my fall cruise as not wanting to add insult to injury but she actually suggested I do and she is an adventurous traveler. My cruise was to Brazil and I have read less than glowing reports of Brazil's handling of the crisis. I also thought an Alaska cruise or a Canadian road trip might be possible but that is not looking promising either.
  24. I think river cruising will add market share. At least you can get off of the vessel if you are river cruising and from the traveller's point of view that is important. No one wants to emulate Homer (now that I think of it a few of you might😁). To my knowledge it has always been countries that require proof of vaccination and I am sure Covid will be added to the list.
  25. I am starting to think 1500 is too many.
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