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  1. BTW, if you have a trusted agent you prefer they can match any offer out there if the want to. I have had that experience also
  2. I always transfer mine to my sister’s agencies and I always get upsell offers and occasionally have gotten upgrades
  3. Whatever is the best deal to you. The onboard deal is nice for the OBC and the fully refundable low deposit. I sometimes just buy the deposits to use later editing to say if the TA is responsive. If the cruise is more than 6 months away there may be some price drops or other packages offered. You can trade packages before final payment. Your TA will have to make the call for you if you use a TA
  4. Did you get the email. There is a direct link in the email. Unfortunately I have already deleted it or I would share
  5. It seems to my that I have hear the carpet in the elevator joke on every cruise I have been on. The rationale depends on the crowd
  6. Some of the cruise ships have water dispensers now, bring a water bottle. I don't remember which lines I saw those.
  7. What I do is on final payment day I call them and tell them I want to be included in any upsell offers. First and foremost I print out a copy of the current pricing of the different grades of cabin and go through the deck plans and figure out what I deem acceptable. Then I create a cheat sheet on how much I would pay per deck, per upgrade. When they call, which they always seem to do, I am ready immediately with an answer and if needed, a counter offer. The key is to be prepared because those upsells can move quickly.
  8. I have not experienced the lowered rate. I don't recall my spring cruise as it was only 12 days but I do remember in 2017 for my 42 day VOV that the hold was close to $5000, sort of freaked me out at first. Thank goodness it was on a little used credit card who I had warned of the impending hold.
  9. I prefer the comedians over much of the other entertainment. Everyone has their own boundaries, I guess. I have seen people walk out over what I consider mild commentary, but Hey! I can't stand Disney's messages so I am not in the norm. I am sure those entertainers are given "talking points" and I think the mild ageism humor is enjoyed by some as laughing at ourselves. PS - If you sit in the front row during a performance you should understand the rules.
  10. Two thoughts - HAL historically catered to an older clientele and older clientele generally have more free time and have more disposable income. The internet has made complaining easier. I am not complaining about the complainers😉, many of those valid complaints may have not been seen or heard when the process was more difficult
  11. It just came out of drydock this week. I haven’t heard about the changes yet. There is another thread where someone said they were boarding this week so maybe there will be pictures soon
  12. Judy, what she can do is register the little used card online for the room expenses and she can even leave that card at home once registered. At the end of the cruise they will allow her to transfer all or part of her expenses to a different card or even pay charges with cash. I carry another card for off-ship expenses, my husband carries a totally different card also. So in all 3 cards are involved - the one registered beforehand but left at home. One in my wallet and a different card in his wallet.
  13. That must be a recent change. The two over 25 days we took the hold was per day per person
  14. Here is the website https://www.maketraveleasier.com/holland
  15. I appreciate your sentiment and those are your choices. But they are choices and should not be hoisted on people who don't want to eat with animals. Animals are no cleaner than any human and bites from any animal can be a dangerous medical emergency. I think everyone in this thread understands the difference between a highly trained working animal and an untrained pet or worse wild animal.
  16. Your OBC will more than cover the White Pass Summit Excursion. You can see the prices on the Rail's page, the cruise lines don't usually add anything to the public price. I don't drink so take that with a grain of salt. If you have a decent cell data plan you will have internet in every port.
  17. The credit limit stays the same, that is established by the bank when you applied for the card. The available credit is impacted. To change a credit limit would require an action by the bank based on a degradation of your credit history or by a vast improvement in credit history or by approved request of the card holder. Just being a bit persnickety
  18. Never having stayed in a Neptune I would do it too. That seems affordable for the joy ride and the memories!
  19. From my Rotterdam mis-adventure my take away was when sailing older ships to be sure they had been dry docked within 18 months of sailing and 18 months is probably generous.
  20. That is always the problem with animals, durn, it is the problem with people too. Get them out of their normal environment - how will they react. Trained service dogs are trained for crowding and unpredictable circumstances.
  21. Cute. I was not the one who said anything about judging a dog by its cover.
  22. Too bad, it has the right intention but there really needs to be a testing, just like a driving test. At least if you want to take them into public buildings that don't necessarily allow pets.
  23. I don't want to be pedantic about this, I am not asking to make the call, I am simply asking to have some protections afforded to other passengers. Canada has managed to come up with a certification. I think the US could come up with one too.
  24. I think I know when a dog snarls and charges that they are fake. That has been my experience upon occasion, fortunately not in the confined spaces of a cruise ship. Even a small dog or cat can inflict a potentially serious wound
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