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  1. Whatever. It might. It was established in 1920 and there will be a relief package in Congress. I think it is a worthy consideration at least as a temporary measure. The Wright amendment was lifted and it was based on the same protectionism type policies. I don’t know if this crisis is disappearing anytime soon and may be here for a year or two if history teaches us anything. If Canada doesn’t want Cruise ships then the US should welcome them
  2. My summer vacation was cancelled and now we are looking for something else. We are waiting to see what Canada decides to do.
  3. I am hoping the Jones Act is revoked as part of the travel industry relief package. I will write my congressman
  4. I think the principle that you travel at your own risk should always be the norm and apply to everyone no matter their thinking, their race, their age. People expect way too much. They do restrict pregnant women though so I guess there is precedence. but my husband is not stupid he just has strong preferences. We always consider this issue. Our next cruise is to the Amazon. The last time we encountered an issue we hired a water taxi which was really the only way to return to civilization- we were on the primitive, upper Amazon. This time I told him if we get stuck we will get to Manaus and fly
  5. Why would you call someone stupid? Why? We all make our own decisions and some of us can afford to live with our decisions and never expect anyone else to pay for our decisions. I am not stupid, I pay my way and I never ask anyone else to, never. Never have, never will. I am a grown up.
  6. I didn't ask you to offer me insurance. I get insurance just fine from reputable sources and from my own resources. I am happy to pay my way in life.
  7. Air travel is modern, there are always traditional methods of travel. What is wrong with staying put until you are feeling better and travel capable? What if a passenger suffers a condition that they are not capable of flying? It really isn’t dangerous or irresponsible not to fly anymore than people who participate in adventure travel. If you are in the middle of the wilderness and have issues you better have a plan and that doesn’t include air travel. The cruise line is not going to escort anyone home. They are going to evacuate you and that is where their responsibility ends.
  8. All of those people can expect anything they want and perhaps the cruise lines could do a better job of managing expectations but I have never known any cruise line that has trouble saying “NO”. If the cruise line doesn’t make it their concern then we don’t need to make it our concern. these various discussions are dangerously close to discrimination and bigotry.
  9. I want to mention that Friday I was able to rebook my Fort Lauderdale backup hotel room for November for a full 35% off what I had booked it when I first signed up for the cruise. I was also able to get a very decent deal on my hotel for a November trade show. I also scored a 1/2 price airfare to visit family this summer. All deals were fully refundable. I am predicting some good prices on hotels and flights during the next two weeks so keep checking
  10. Why? The cruise lines are pretty clear that they are a hotel and transportation service. Perhaps cruisers have been expecting too much.
  11. I totally agree. The sense of entitlement is not age based nor is it based on other personal conditions (fear/dislike of flying)
  12. @wander that is what I said, succeed or fail. It is no one's business. I could tell you a lot of people's conditions that I may not think should travel but it is not my business, they are adults, they get to live their lives and if someone wants to worry over them that is that person's issue not the travelers'.
  13. I don't do travel unless I can afford, from my own wallet or that of my insurance's wallet, to cover the disasters. I always assume that travel is "every person for themselves" not meaning that in an uncivilized way but ultimately it is up to me to take care of me. As I said in the original thread my plan would be to find a nice airbnb (which are probably plentiful) and stay put until I could arrange travel that made sense which might include telling the hubby that he is getting on that jet. I would not take some of the circuitous routes devised in that thread - that would potentially be heaping insult on injury. My parents were obsessed with travel and when my dad had to be helicoptered out of a remote cabin in Montana after suffering a stroke. We asked him if he thought he was finished traveling - no, he was not. He paid the bill and said he would appease us by only traveling with a group to remote areas. He was on notice that it was his choice and that we were not at his beck and call and actually that was never something he expected. Because people are elderly does not mean they can't make decisions. They get to choose and they get to fail or succeed.
  14. Some people cruise because they refuse to fly, I am married to one. I met a person a few years ago who took Amtrak to Boston for the VOV then walked next door and took the ship from Boston through the Panama Canal back to home in California. He was very proud that he had seen the world never setting foot on a jet.
  15. If it were me one option i would consider is Airbnb and hunker down until the worst blows over.
  16. Slightly off-topic but I never buy insurance from the issuing carrier. I want a third party in my court. I use my chase credit cards and sure it is not cancel for any reason but it handles the rest. We have two cards should the cost be above $10k
  17. I imagine there will be a lot of deferred maintenance and perhaps some minor upgrades ahead of schedule. These ships will be pristine after this for those lucky people who are on the first cruise.
  18. The Wright amendment was a federal law prohibiting flights from Dallas to go directly anywhere except in Texas and adjoining states. It was aimed at Southwest by American. It took years but finally By popular demand and a friendlier Congress it was overturned. The cruise lines and or Alaska should now go to Congress and have the Jones rule overturned. They are all special interest protectionism.
  19. Sometimes you need to be a little patient. Wait until next week and once the cruise lines has time to digest this major change and notify their staff the answer may be different.
  20. Since my European holiday was cancelled (sis is a healthcare professional and has been told to make no travel plans) John and I were discussing driving out east or west to hop on a north bound cruise. Hoping for August or if they suspend Jones then Alaska is back in play. I bet Alaska goes to congress to have it lifted or if not the state the cruise lines will. In Dallas we had a similar situation with the Wright amendment. Southwest asked congress to change it for certain flights then a few years later it was abolished - a happy day for Dallas residents.
  21. My experience was I did get double credits on a free upgrade. That was a few years ago and it may have been my sister's wrangling that secured the upgrade. (she owns the agency)
  22. Don’t use that agency. The fee is their compensation for work done and work has been done.
  23. Dr Fauci did say in his interview that the reason he warned against cruises was because of the strong possibility of being quarantined and being restrained in an environment conducive to the spread of virus. Separately he mentioned age and underlying conditions as a reason to forego crowded conditions including air travel.
  24. @Caesar you have wandered into the wrong thread. Try your room call
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