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  1. I think most of us can tell if the dog is a fake but perhaps because of the lack of certification the cruise line's hands may be tied and they have to accept all comers. That is the root of the issue
  2. I wouldn't exactly call it lowering your credit limit, it simply uses up part of your credit limit temporarily.
  3. and there is the problem especially for those of us who are anxious around animals. People who scam the system have likely not taken appropriate training to handle a dog in such a confined, limited environment and have no clue how that dog will react. . At a recent trade show a large "service dog" almost attacked a vendor for no cause - it simply wasn't trained for the crowded environment. If people like me were assured of a standard level of training we would not complain. I get a table for 2 to avoid a variety of social interactions.
  4. I keep my credit limits low and my cruises long. Knowing this I have a separate "clean" card for the cruise line to put the hold on then use another card for expenditures off ship
  5. I do think Canada already has a system in place.
  6. I don't want to eat with animals. I have been to cafes that have animals but usually they are confined to outside dining and I can avoid contact. There has got to be some kind of certification, it just has to happen. I understand those that have a true need. Psychological needs? Well some of us are made extremely anxious around animals, should not our psychological needs be a concern also.
  7. If you don't buy a restricted fare you can always change your package/deal up to final payment. That is what I do. I traded in the Explore 4 for another package they offered briefly this past summer. (I don't drink so the trade in was a bonus for me). Since my cruise is still not to final payment date I could trade again but I think I have gotten the best deal for me now - it did take 2 room changes and 2 trade ins. My agent and I consider this a sport.
  8. Sorry, I had the wrong thing stuck on my finger https://www.carnivalcorp.com/shareholder-information/shareholder-benefit
  9. We had this in an inside cabin so they must be in all. I blocked the motion detectors with the trash pail. I don’t like night lights (reason for the inside cabin). Hubby uses a flashlight
  10. My sister at that time was one of their top selling private agencies and I have a lot of sisters. Needless to say we are all avid and experienced travelers. My sister is no longer promoting Oceania in her agency. We were on the Riviera. We found the staff grumpy and uncaring, the service abrupt and unpleasant, the shore excursions marginal. The shore excursions were such a poor selection we did not even use up our free allotment choosing to pay for independent excursions or free ranging. The ship was clean😉.
  11. I sailed the Koningsdam in 2019 and was quite pleased except the ship was far too large for my tastes. As to the Volendam it is just finishing drydock this month and hopefully will be in good condition for my 2020 sailing (fingers crossed).
  12. I agree with the OP’s assessment of the physical condition of the ship, it should be retired. As far as the service and food I disagree but we all have different expectations. The sailing turned me off enough not to sail with HaL in 2018 but after being on a Oceania instead I happily returned to HAL for my 2019 sailing and am looking forward to my first sailing on the Volendam in 2020
  13. I think for mid-size ships HAL is a value. Once above 1500 passengers and for run of the mill Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises maybe not. I sailed Oceania and I paid far more than I would have on HAL and I and none of my 22 member, well traveled party were impressed. PS. I think HAL’s cyber Monday sales are true deals, at least they have been the past few years.
  14. Thank you. As I recall that was what I was told years ago and never gave it another thought until I read your post. Before Princess went to the giant ships we were big fans and having lived on the coast in my youth I had sailed quite a few Carnival ships too
  15. They still only list phones CCL Shareholder Benefit
  16. There may be some ports where you may need assistance, just let them know. Most of the towns you will be visiting are fairly easy to get around by chair. Bring a poncho! I heard about this last week. If you are traveling to and from Seattle luggage direct is free and having traveled with my mother in a chair I know the hassle we have with getting our luggage assembled Port of Seattle luggage
  17. So does that mean I get all of my days with Carnival and Princess credited to HAL or is it just a courtesy for automatic entry into the program? I know I could call again but you seem knowledgeable, perhaps more so than whatever agent I would get on the phone
  18. I was never given credit for other CCL trips and I asked. Can you give me more information? I have sailed Carnival and Princess numerous times.
  19. The Alaska itineraries have been heavily discounted this past year so I would wait unless you want a specific cabin or one of the special itineraries PS of course you can take advantage of any sales after deposit and before final payment. That is what I do often. Also the cyber Monday sales after Thanksgiving are pretty awesome
  20. As others said use the OBC for gratuities. I have taken my mother a number of times on various vacations. Cruises are great because you can both do different shore excursions. Alaskan cruises are usually in port most every day, all day so you both will be occupied. I never run out of things to talk about, you might be surprised the things your mom discloses. You will have a great time.
  21. Yes, she is out of line and a little neurotic. If she ever happens upon this forum my advise is “let it go”. as a former road warrior I don’t want to count the number of times I left important items including luggage. My accountant told me I couldn’t write off all of those chic Walmart outfits either 😉
  22. I am not surprised. Both times I constructively complained to HAL they responded graciously with conciliatory compensation. As much as I enjoyed the VOV and hope to go again they do need to improve that journey being sure the ship and staff is in top shape for this signature voyage
  23. keep checking this thread. I know HAL has been updating many cabins to glass shower only as they are dry-docked
  24. It has been a few years since I sailed on the Zaandam and was a few doors down from you. It was a combo in 2016
  25. The door swing was sufficient and did not touch the bed. It was enough that my husband could open the door and hold it open for me to enter (I always carry too much junk to open a door😀). We like far rear cabins just because noise and traffic are not issues so we noted no noise issues
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