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  1. The Port of Miami is about 2 hours South and Port Canaveral about 2 hours North . Have the fires around you abated any ?
  2. Sounds great . Port Everglades is our home port about an hour away .
  3. We had the cab take us to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral at the top of the hill .
  4. A little off topic but did we tell you that we also booked the 5 day cruise after the Transpac ?
  5. We use to fly into Flint when going to Saginaw where my wife is from . Now we live in South Florida where we have dirt roads - until it rains . We have to carry our bottled water also and we don't even have pickleball courts ! 😎
  6. In hindsight that's what we would do . We were cutting it close getting back to the ship so Diane dropped her dad and us at the ship and we waited for her and explained to the crew that she would be there in 15 or 20 minutes time . We and they waited for her .
  7. We did a similar cruise on HAL last year but HAL only has 22 day cruises . Is it possible to go that long ? We did a photo review here if you're interested : If you are limited to 16 days we think that the Coral on January 3rd would be the best choice since you would see Glacier Alley in Chile in the morning and you can see penguins with their chicks in Punta Arenas or the Falkland Islands which is best . Book early in the Falkland Islands ASAP with Patrick Watts or Estancia since they sell out quick . The Coral and the HAL ship spend 4 days in the Antarctic waters but the Celebrity is only 2 days .
  8. We did consider a stay in Iceland and Greenland but all things considered we opted for the cruise that goes there and Norway as well .
  9. Our guide went home and we met our friends at the restaurant . The driver picked up a couple a couple of hours later after dinner when our friends called him for the return trip to the ship . Another nice place to go in the evening was the Faberge Museum when it wasn't crowded . Our menu was in English and Russian with photos . We only had a certain amount of time in SPB and wanted to enjoy some time away from the crowds . We we not permitted to meet our guide before 8:30 so it was about a 13 hour day - the same as our trip to Berlin .
  10. Well Hello . The drive is 2 hours each way . It was about a 1.6 Km walk to the gas station where we had rented the car and with a small line in front of us it took about an hour to rent the car . Maybe if you walk fast or take a Taxi to the rental area you may the first one in line . We too will be in Alesund on August on the HAL Zuiderdam .
  11. We had some noisy neighbors yesterday afternoon . And one not so noisy
  12. Yes there will be things to do on the ship . We wanted to enjoy the evening in SPB so we asked our guide and we just walked the streets and met some friends for dinner in a Georgian restaurant .
  13. I think that larger ships only have a year or 2 before they are banned from going to Greenland .
  14. We are booked on the Zuiderdam Viking Passage on August 19th and here's what it looks like We overnight in Reykjavik and cruise Prince Christian Sund on 29th .
  15. We also have a trip planned in August from Copenhagen to Boston . We have 6 new ports planned if we can make them all . Last year the same ship encountered a hurricane in September while doing a similar cruise
  16. I saw a shadow as this one swooped overhead and landed on a branch to spot some lunch .
  17. I didn't really check the photos while I was shooting . I'm also more use to using my DSLR for events like those but I will be using it for videos at an Al Stewart concert in a couple of weeks .
  18. A second show was Carnivale by Cirque Dreams where we shot some stills and video Some aerialists hanging by their feet and neck .
  19. The fail point was when the leaping began Double back flips with the second thru a ring higher than his head
  20. Think that the crowd knew that it was $2 Tuesday ? The camera worked fine with good light . Fried Cheddar Gyro sandwich After lunch came the entertainment .
  21. Same here . I'm keeping my Canons . We went to the Fair yesterday and the photos showed that the Mark VII couldn't keep up with the big boys .
  22. I also have used the same RX 100 lll for years but I like the reach on the model VII .
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