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  1. Thanks . We did enjoy or time there but prices are high in Norway . Our last visit we paid $100 for a seafood lunch .
  2. Yes they are on Photobucket and no I don't have a Cloud based storage .
  3. The E mail from Photobucket **## Please do not write below this line ##** Photobucket Team (Photobucket Support) May 21, 2020, 9:19:46 AM MDT Hello, Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, your images are temporarily unavailable as we are currently experiencing issues with our data center. Rest assured your images are safe. Our team is working hard to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Best, Photobucket Team@Photobucket Support Have a question about something else? Our help site is packed with articles to get the help you need quickly. Click this link to access our help site - http://support.photobucket.com/home.
  4. Thank Mic . We hope that you and Rosie are well .
  5. After the funicular we made our way toward the Fish Market The market was under the red tent to the right It was early for lunch so we split a large Cinnamon roll here
  6. A map of Bergen Closeups of The Zuiderdam and the Nieuw Statendam A Norwegian tour group shot A goat shed They all had an electronic collar The next funicular and the line for the ride down The ride down
  7. This was also our second visit and we booked another in August which has been cancelled .
  8. I think that I can work around Photobucket so this is a test . If there's something we like better than a sail out it's a sail in Past the Bridge We weren't alone . It's HAL's newest and largest ship The Nieuw Statendam We had bought our tickets for the funicular online and were on the first tram up . Bergen from the top with The Zuiderdam on the right
  9. Photobucket has some issues which prevents us from uploading currently .
  10. The Dinner menu is on TV We had the Gala Dinner delivered to the Cabin Escargot The Tenderloin was tender Duck breast
  11. A unique table between the upper and lower dining rooms
  12. After our Regal cruise was finished we boarded a Norwegian cruise in Copenhagen on the HAL Zuiderdam .
  13. A ship walk early in the morning Forward Aft Aft elevator area
  14. First breakfast at sea at the Pinnacle Grill Show plates for Rudi's
  15. The Neptune Lounge There was always something good to eat under the big top . We usually had a fruit cup to start the day and when we later found out that they had a Cappuccino and Latte machine , that also became part of the routine .
  16. With the 25% first night discount we booked the Pinnacle Grill for dinner Crab cakes Lobster Bisque Clothes line Candied Bacon We had some King Crab legs on the Zaandam that were not very good in South America but these were very good Nice finish Key Lime Pie
  17. The view from the balcony After the lifeboat drill . HAL does some things the old fashioned way like assembly at the stations . A bottle for the sail away
  18. We were in a Neptune Suite so we had a short line in Copenhagen We were in a aft cabin corner with a fully covered balcony . Unlike the split bedroom and sitting area we had a single large room . And can we say that we really liked this balcony . Pat likes the coffee maker and I liked the water jets in the tub for some sore muscles climbing in Norway This video was the same room on a cruise to the ABC Islands just before Christmas .
  19. You're welcome . We must say that it was a nice place to be leaving from on a cruise . So different from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami .
  20. That's for sure . The Wikipedia article says that it has 4000 pipes !
  21. This year our last stops were at The Copenhagen Cathedral known for it's statutes of Jesus and the Apostles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_Our_Lady,_Copenhagen Paul replaced Judas And The Church of our Savior https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_Our_Saviour,_Copenhagen It was another great tour but time to get to the ship
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