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  1. Apologize if this has been answered elsewhere. We are booked on the Onward in aft cabin (Veranda Plus) 6093. It is right above the dining room. Do you think there will be a lot of noise from below? I assume that it will not be an issue at night after the dining room closes but maybe for breakfast? Some others also say that vibration is an issue.
  2. On #2, I believe you can book either 1 or 2 specialty (Manfredi's and at Chef's Table) in advance. Once you are on board you can make reservations at either or both of the restaurants as many times as you like. Once on board everyone is treated equally - no difference no matter what cabin you are in.
  3. It sounds just like our kind of thing!
  4. Thank you. This convinced me not to get a pass. Don’t need the frustration of chair hogs. Wish people would be more considerate but it’s out of my control.
  5. Anyone have an opinion about the spa on the Star or the Dawn? Is it worth the price?
  6. Thank you so much! We are very excited about our upcoming cruise. We decided to do it back to back since it’s so far away.
  7. What independent snorkeling excursions can you recommend?
  8. We are booked on one week of the 7d Dreams of Tahiti on the Wind Spirit Since it is so far to travel to French Polynesia from the US, we thought it might make more sense to add another week - back to back and make it a two week cruise. Please comment if you have done that. What did you do on disembarkation/embarkation day at the end of the first week in Papeete?
  9. Not directly on topic, but is there a way to know if a club balcony cabin has a shower or a bath tub? I am trying to stay away from a bath tub.
  10. I just checked with my cruise consultant and he added it to the booking.
  11. Did you have to pay in full first for the ability to buy Vibe passes to appear?
  12. I've read conflicting reports on Vibe. Some say it is only available on board. Some say you can buy it as soon as you pay in full? Does anyone know when you can pre-buy Vibe beach passes?
  13. @lisiamcDo you do a combination of picking up wines and the Ultimate Package?
  14. We always get Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation & Repatriation insurance. Pun intended it is cheap insurance!
  15. JM0115

    Atlas Bar.

    Thanks for the info!
  16. JM0115

    Atlas Bar.

    It seems unfortunate that there is no sunset bar. We are on the Quest in May and Onward next July.
  17. JM0115

    Atlas Bar.

    I am sure the answer can be found somewhere so forgive me please, but what area of the ship was removed to put in the Atlas Bar? Are there any other significant differences between the Onward and the other ships?
  18. If you book Veranda Plus, is the free Internet 130 minutes per guest or for the cabin? It looks like it is per guest but the parentheses mess me up.
  19. I agree. Also unfortunately guest service people are often not empowered nor have the authority to fix things - and not just on cruise ships - true for customer service in general.
  20. Wow, we have an aft cabin booked! I hope we don't have the vibrations they were talking about!
  21. Yes, Viking requires probably the most advanced payment of any cruise line. I would recommend Viking Air Plus since it will allow you more flexibility to choose your airline and flights. They will work with you. You can also arrive earlier or depart later for a deviation fee which I believe is still $100. All cabins are good. The differences between DV1, DV2, etc are location. But there are no bad cabins and I think that Viking has some of the nicest bathrooms in the industry!
  22. I am surprised. I think Air New Zealand Biz is one of the best!
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