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  1. Yes you are right. I was just referring to tourists less than 90 days.
  2. You do not need any visa if you are a US citizen anywhere in the EU.
  3. The invoice page 2 or 3 should list the itinerary with times and whether tendered or docked.
  4. no bird sounds?!? 😞
  5. If you have points you can use you may want to do that. Otherwise look at the prices online and compare and see what makes sense to you. I would definitely add Viking Air Plus so you can pick your flights - it is now $150 pp additional. Prices right now for this fall (I know you said 2025) are around $1000 RT for economy and $2500 for Premium Economy so it looks like a good deal in premium economy.
  6. Love the asparagus!
  7. If you stick yo one alliance, like Star Alliance (United, Lufthansa) you MAY be able to check the bags all the way through.
  8. I’d say 2-3 hrs. Especially if checking bags as you will have to retrieve them in Munich.
  9. It differs depending on airline but I think it is worth it if you can get the 2 seat side. To me that is the big advantage as you don't have a stranger sitting next to you. A lot of posters have said that they won't pay more than $50 per hr more than economy. This would be an additional $850 on a 17 hr flight.
  10. I purchase as far out as possible. Typically 330 to 355 days out depending on airline's policy.
  11. We are going to Japan on Eva and coming back on Singapore in the fall.
  12. You could also look at Singapore (NRT-LAX) and EVA Air (NRT-TPE-SFO).
  13. You are not supposed to drink half a bottle a day....or are you :)??? Ha ha
  14. Have never had a problem getting it but not at all bars.
  15. Seems like your TA could ask them the hypothetical easier than you could.
  16. Hope someone tells us their experience with this.
  17. I've considered this before. I do not know the answer but assume that they will not come after you for the remaining $150 but I assume you paid by credit card for the $50 in which case I guess they could charge the card but doubt they would do that. I guess you could ask them?
  18. I live in Colorado. My closest embassey/consulate is Chicago. We will definitely use a service.
  19. We are going to China on a cruise in October with Viking. They use GenVisa for their Visa services. I know they are very good but they are pricey. Anyone use a visa service company that they like and can recommend?
  20. I see the flights on United. Should not be an issue.
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