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  1. They didn’t dumb it down, it’s just not there. There are no speciality restaurants, just restaurants. If you want to wear flip flops and shorts with a tshirt to a steak dinner at the Wake or atuxedo to the Korean BBQ nobody is going to bat an eye. I think that’s the best part, you dress where you want to be and then nobody can judge anyone for it.
  2. If I’m remembering the Miami terminal correctly, I’d bet that you have to stay on that side of the glass because of immigration. Kind of like an international flight, you have to be diverted through a passport check instead of just being dumped in the terminal like a domestic flight.
  3. Probably the time zone of the closest stop. I read elsewhere that internet in and around India was non existent so keep that in mind for your scheduling.
  4. If you’re sailing Resilient, that ship has Another Rose instead of Ship Show. It’s excellent, far better than Ship Show but has an up charge.
  5. This exactly, the black of traditional nautical uniforms makes it difficult to know who is who. We ate lunch beside the captain at the Galley once and really only noticed because my wife was close enough to see “Captain” in tiny print below his name on the name tag. Otherwise same polo and gray pants as almost everyone else onboard.
  6. They do hold back some inventory but I don’t think it’s a lot. Estimates vary quite a bit. Connect to WiFi as soon as you get on board and start booking in the app or go directly to Razzle Dazzle on deck 5 for in person assistance.
  7. Since we live in Orlando and one of us has always worked for Disney we have sailed Disney extensively (on employee rates). We always said the only thing better than a Disney cruise would be one without kids and lo and behold, Virgin Voyages came along. We’ve done a few out of Miami plus a back to back out of Barcelona and an Athens sailing. It’s astonishing how quiet the cabins are compared to a Disney cruise. The lack of high pressure sales is also huge for us. There are some up charge things but no one seems to care if you purchase or not.
  8. It’s believed that mega are VIP1, regular rockstar are VIP2, and influencers/485c are VIP3
  9. I’ve had to call to get a copy after sailing as we were never emailed one (this was very early on). Also, for next time, you can view the full receipt and screen shot any purchase in the app while you’re still onboard.
  10. You definitely cannot split an individual bar tab or sailor loot.
  11. You cannot split the bar tabs or loot. If you have multiple you can move them around between people. For instance, if you have a bar tab and loot you could give the bar tab to your friend and keep the loot for yourself. Or if you have 2 bar tabs, same idea.
  12. The loyalty world outside of cruising is shifting to dollars spent, if Virgin continues trying to disrupt the industry it wouldn’t surprise me to see an annual earning period where your status is based on the amount of money you spend and having to requalify year after year. Seems harsh but logically makes the most sense.
  13. 485c members get access to Richard’s so that’s already a benefit of the top “tier” if they keep that in the new program
  14. In Europe the casino would accept Euros at the cage, I would hope they’d do the same in Australia
  15. In your case you’d be better off to match now for your upcoming sailing. The current program is temporary, supposedly a permanent replacement coming “next year”. Curious how you’re first sailing on Brilliant went considering she’s still in the shipyard? 😂
  16. If you book for all, everything comes from your account. I don’t have any experiencing moving charges to other people so can’t speak to that. We’ve never run into a restriction booking anything for a group, but you do have to link your reservations before you’re able to do so.
  17. Shore things should be at least 4 months out in our experience although they do seem to adjust tours all the time. Dining is a fixed 60 and 45 days for Rockstars and the commoners.
  18. That’s an awful experience. When we’ve dined there the server always provided dipping sauces to each couple or individual person, same with all of the side items. They then used the cooking tongs to dish out the grilled food. I would have said something if they were making unknown people share, gross!
  19. To have your bed switched to a couch (or back) just press the button on the tablet and housekeeping will come move it for you. There’s also a video with instructions if you want to try it yourself.
  20. I miss the pork pasta dish from old Razzle. The old bay wings appetizer and the “secret” burger are both great on the new menu. We tried the seafood boil as well and it was amazing but not sure I’d pay for it again (I think it was a $60 up charge?)
  21. I read elsewhere that Scarlet is going to Cozumel instead of Key West. Personally I would much prefer Key West but we also just like to be on a ship regardless of where it’s going so I imagine it will depend on your preferences.
  22. Regarding the luggage tags, you leave the ones on that you get when first boarding the ship for the whole voyage. No need to go to sailor services and pick up tags unless you take off the initial set.
  23. Yep, definitely this. My work VPN has not worked on the ships but the one I use out of my own house works fine (great for watching US shows when on a ship in Europe)
  24. I sure hope those that booked the “45 day” voyage got the same room for all 3 legs. That would be a shock to move every two weeks!
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