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  1. For the Galley in general we walk all of the stations everytime now. Never know what you are going to find and now that they take walk up orders we will order direct at places there is no line and then go sit and order the rest from a server.
  2. All of that is available. Maybe not raisin bran specifically, but there is a selection of cereals.
  3. Its because that route sails too close to the coast of Australia. They do everything they can to keep the ships out of territorial waters so they can get every last dollar out of you, but things and certain itineraries can change those plans.
  4. Not sure if it is french, but there is a grab and go charcuturie available at the Dock and the Galley. Also one available via room service, but I think that one is the same as Extra Virgin.
  5. Anytime before you get off the ship and something is still open. We purchased bottomless mimosas at breakfast on debark morning to try and kill our bar tab. If you wanted shopping specifically I think they close around 11pm night before departure.
  6. We started our journey with Virgin this way, we are avid cruisers but swore to never do anything shorter than 7 days. Like many, we thought we would like it but weren't sure. We also only had the option of 4 or 5 nights back in 2021 so we broke our rule to test the waters. In our case we haven't looked back.
  7. It depends on when you board. The app does “lock up” when the safety drill starts around 4. If you get on late enough that the drill has started already you can’t do much but the safety video. We usually go straight to cabin and watch on the TV instead of futzing with the app.
  8. With you on the original Razzle dinner menu, truly a loss. I believe all sailings/all ships now have a nightly dinner special at the Galley. The burger place is also open for dinner now which is nice.
  9. For the casino, you can convert sailor loot to promotional chips. They can only be played and not cashed out. If you win, then the winnings are cash.
  10. If you hate kids there’s truly nothing like it so I’d say it’s worth at least one go. It only takes one poorly behaved child to ruin a moment or an entire voyage so having zero without it being a snooze fest like the other 18+ lines designed for really old people is something to behold. I think overall product is different enough that it’s not for everybody, so you may not be lifetime fans but for a short trip I think it’s worth a try. They have also toned down some of the risqué parts a little bit, but if you aren’t easily offended you’ll be fine. if you are easily offended, definitely do not go to Miss Behave!
  11. Rockstars can book dining at 60 days out.
  12. Extra Virgin has truffles and a pork dish for an up charge. Pink Agave also has an up charge seafood item with a fish fillet, lobster, and ceviche scallops.
  13. The person booking will be charged for all, you can go to Sailor Services in person to move the charges to other people's accounts. If they have loot it will apply.
  14. Link your reservations in advance (this can be done in the app or by calling) and then when you make a booking it will show an icon for all of the people linked. Select everyone and then it will show the open times for party that size. You’ll have a single booking for both cabins and it will show in the app for everyone.
  15. I’ve walked in on embarkation day, not sure if that’s luck and not typical. Very person dependent, I’d say 2 of my 3 haircut/shaves were excellent. The third one was an OK shave and awful haircut.
  16. We won once and they said "any drink" so the whole team got a glass of Moet, which for a team of 6 was essentially the whole bottle. Curious if they define that a little better now.
  17. Premium WiFi is $25/day now (on Resilient at least).
  18. Premium WiFi is $25/day now (on Resilient at least).
  19. We have DBE which comes with free premium and it always seemed to work fine. It’s slow for sure, but streaming was never a problem after initial buffering.
  20. You would definitely need to purchase the premium plan, no way basic would work. Always risky when dealing with satellites.
  21. Definitely show up when a restaurant first opens to get on the waitlist. In our experience the Wake and Extra Virgin are the hardest to get into so try different places. There is a dinner show that is free on Scarlet and Valiant. It’s a paid experience on Resilient, but worth every penny. The galley has dinner specials now that rotate so that can be a good option. The pizza place also has entree sized salads. There’s always Ship Eats as well, $7 for all you can eat or buy any charged item (even if it’s less than $7) to have that waived. Maybe you’d have luck asking sailor services to remove the charge if you had no luck getting into any of the restaurants?
  22. If you book in advance and cancel onboard it’s a credit towards a new booking for 24 hours and then it’s supposed to go back to your credit card. The fine print is a little confusing and we’ve never had to try it or find out so your mileage may vary. It’s a good call to split responsibilities upon boarding. Even if it’s just two of you in the same cabin. Even having someone just reviewing your agenda and confirming dining times is much faster than waiting for the app to tell you that you have a scheduling conflict. For shore things with a group you may be better off all going in person when you get onboard and have the crew do it so they can charge individual accounts. Sailor services can move charges (but not loot) but you all need to be present at the same time to approve the account moves.
  23. There used to be beach/pool towels in the room but doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. In Bimini they are at the pier and beach club, otherwise you need to get them from the Dock, pool deck, Athletic club, or if you’re lucky, Richard’s rooftop.
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