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  1. I kept ogling at the site of it ... Finally I just bought it
  2. I like these style of lifts, it prevents kids from jamming up the stops and soooooo much faster
  3. that's what they were charging on the majestic last Nov. They had to cancel, I think I was the only who signed up.
  4. 🙂 bistro style dining, very euro swag.
  5. wonderful ... four stars on yelp *
  6. nice touch with the presentation of the fries.
  7. new security measures in place
  8. 🤷‍♂️ apparently we have some shy sailors
  9. are there floor sensor lights on the cabinets ?
  10. Either my butt will have to go down a size or I/we will have to go up a catagorey
  11. ya, that's a reason why there's travel insurance.
  12. well don't let screen shots and the weather get ya down. Wait for actual reports, coming soon to a thread near you.
  13. perhaps there will be extended service hours like, 0700-2100 hrs
  14. written like a man after my wife and I 😍, can't wait to cruise with ya two.
  15. 8. A Chatter of Chihuahuas Get a group of Chihuahuas in one room, and that chatter will have a whole lot to say.
  16. 👍 the train left the track before it left the station.
  17. very nice, I can see my wife coming down the stairs in a long black evening gown and all heads turn looking upward. I rise from my chair to greet her at the base of the stairs.
  18. wow! barrel chairs wrapped in woven Turkish sigma fabric in Mediterranean blue, and I'm not sure what to make of the dining room center piece.
  19. guess that will cut down on the soot complaints
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