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  1. guess that will cut down on the soot complaints
  2. hey ! I saw ya, leading the group of friends walking up Duvall street wearing shorts and a blue polo 🤨
  3. they don't want our lard butts to get too comfortable. Lets see what the chairs look like in Signature dining.
  4. this place cracks me up 🤣, I walked in lookin' like Homer Simpson in a dough nut shop.
  5. 😆 On initial boarding's, I/we have brought a case of 750's, and have had luck with as many as six 750's (those of you from sun city center, that's 6 ) without confiscation or corkage. however; your experience may vary. 😄
  6. And a good time will be had
  7. #screwtop ... It looks like that design won't allow that, so; employ rule # 4.
  8. after viewing your portfolio, they would be greeted with open arms 😉
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