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  1. I'm coming from a place of experience, in speaking to the fact that I/we have actually done this with the advice from fellow passengers. Most recently a couple we traveled with from Enfield England. And if you or others spend enough time on this site you will read that this is offered as advice and practiced. Advice about feelings (sense) is far removed from actual experience. If you were incensed from the post ignore it and take advice from those you deem worthy.
  2. with a brief conversation you can get an idea of what the staff member is interested in. Since they are very busy and usually don't get a chance to go ashore while in port. The information gathered can be used to purchase a physical gift to show your appreciation. Perhaps a nice bottle of wine, candy or a tee shirt .... He/she will be pleasantly surprised and grateful.
  3. I'm so sorry I forgot πŸ™. wouldn't be a good fit for you guys. May be Harbour front seafood at the other end.
  4. 🀣 good thing. I could see the looks on the faces of the security team as your parcel passed through a scanner. 😲 " crickey ! this top ender is in need of some serious therapy.
  5. πŸ€” remind me never to ask you what time it is.
  6. I have taken mine aboard, numerous occasions.
  7. On the wonderful Majestic, I enjoyed my cohiba and Remy Martin deck seventeen aft, under the stars and warm breeze πŸ™‚
  8. I used her as a write in on the primary ballot
  9. I'm certain you will have a great time and I'm optimistic the visit to the signature sun deck will be well worth it.
  10. 🀨 WHO PUTS KETSUP ON A HOT DOG ! .... Rant over .... gooOOOO JAYS!
  11. πŸ€” okay, I'm starting to think about rescinding my offer.
  12. not being onboard that's a question (and a good one) that I have no answer to. I have a feeling we shall know soon enough.
  13. in order to gain entrance to the signature lounge you will need a medallion/card coded to unlock the door. If you and I were onboard at the same time, I would gladly give you a tour.
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