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  1. aww well, it's like herding cats.. on a serious note. That wake view pool looks inviting
  2. aw shoot there's a survaillence camera, no laundry room board meetings 😁
  3. what ever it is, I don't think it's large enough for my cohiba
  4. Last year jo and I woke to an alarming shrill coming from outside our cabin. I donned my robe and slowly opened the door. There stood a uniformed officer and a passenger. Apparently someone had vandalized her her thoughtful door decor and made off with the some of the delectable decorations. She was adamant that a search be implemented at once. "you don't understand, that pineapple has been with us for over twenty cruises" . I laughed, she glared at me. I quietly retreated back into my cabin. Some of the decorations are amusing. I'm thinking they don't make their way back into the suit case when the passengers disembark. Leaving addition labor/time/trash for the room attendants to grapple with.
  5. 🀨 last sentence reminds me of my first marriage.
  6. Ken, ya rare bird, welcome back. I enjoyed your thread
  7. ya, cause I'm totally confused and now I need a drink 🍸
  8. being that you were in a suite, and it was complimentary, I can see this happening. I dare ya to do it again and return to the same venue another night to see what happens πŸ˜„
  9. I'm of the frame of mind in recalling last cruise in December that a 18% was included in the cost of specialty dining venues.
  10. Cruise Lines Comparison: How much does a waiter earn? Nov 29, 2023 Embarking on a career as a waiter on a cruise ship is not just about providing excellent service; it's a journey into a world of international experiences, growth opportunities, and daily challenges. While the role itself is captivating, little is known about the various aspects, including conditions, opportunities, and most importantly earnings. Factors Influencing Cruise Ship Waiter Salaries The compensation for cruise ship waiters is a multifaceted aspect, however, the significant element is the cruise company, as base pay is often supplemented by the opportunity to earn a percentage of tips collected while serving passengers. In the dynamic cruise environment, waiters enjoy more than just a base salary. However, some cruise lines offer guaranteed salaries and don’t allow tips from guests. Variations Across Cruise Companies The figures provided by the popular website SHIPLIFE, which tracks the salaries of all the major cruise lines, shed light on the variations in waiter salaries across different companies. It is important to note that the figures represent the base salary and do not account for potential tips, gratuities, or commissions. For a comprehensive understanding, potential cruise ship waiters are advised to carefully review the details of each contract. Comparison of the waiter salaries by cruise lines: Norwegian Cruise Line: Offers a competitive salary of $2200 USD for waiters, placing it among the top earners in the industry. Fred Olsen: Provides a comparatively lower base salary of $900 USD for waiters. Holland America: Aligns with Norwegian Cruise Line, offering a competitive salary of $2200 USD for waiters. Virgin Voyages: Takes the lead with the highest salary of $3225 USD, making it an attractive option for prospective cruise ship waiters. P&O Australia: Presents a moderate base salary of $1400 USD for waiters. Azamara: Offers a respectable base salary of $2400 USD, placing it in the upper tier among cruise companies. Regent Seven Seas: Provides a competitive base salary of $2500 USD for waiters. Costa Crociere: Offers a lower base salary of $760 USD for waiters. Royal Caribbean: Presents a mid-range base salary of $1780 USD for waiters. Oceania Cruises: Offers one of the higher salaries at $2900 USD, making it an appealing choice for waiters seeking top compensation. Seabourn: Provides a competitive base salary of $2700 USD for waiters. Silversea: Offers a solid base salary of $2500 USD for waiters. TUI Cruises: Presents a moderate base salary of $1700 USD for waiters. Princess Cruises: Offers a competitive base salary of $2000 USD for waiters. MSC Cruises: Presents a moderate base salary of $1700 USD for waiters. Disney Cruise Line: Provides a base salary of $1540 USD for waiters. Celestyal Cruises: Offers a lower base salary of $1300 USD for waiters. Crystal Cruises: Presents one of the higher salaries at $2900 USD, aligning with Oceania Cruises
  11. America's capitalists at work. If you have spread it around .
  12. I'll start off by stating, When it comes to suites, starting with S category. I lobbied princess corp. in their questionnaire forms and beyond, for more amenities, better menu offerings, secluded areas, private dinning area ... after years of keepin' on keepin' on, plans for a new class of ship were announced. I am ecstatic to see the sphere class and all it has to offer, including a passenger tier class approach. I'm not the only one who had some disparaging comments on lack of commodities while cruising top dollar. My wife and I know there are other lines that offer what we and other individuals desire, and we felt princess was lacking in this particular area. Princess/ccl corp. isn't any different when it comes to wanting our dollars to survive. I will gladly separate from ours, if princess can raise the bar for people like my wife and I, and future passengers who don't mind paying extra, if the extra is worth paying for.
  13. we often brought a couple of bottles (one each) on board the majestic, from various ports with out any problems. Winery tours with numerous bottles, lended themselves to being pulled aside and questioned but; no wine was confiscated, not even tagged.
  14. I like the idea ... this will be the best thread ever ..πŸ‘
  15. please lets not do this on this thread
  16. we learned long ago, fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us. Since then we have committed to "inaugural" cruises. unless it's free πŸ˜„
  17. maybe that is their goal .....
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