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  1. Kevnick0814, thanks for sharing your review. Glad you enjoyed your cruise
  2. I will google both ladies to find out About their careers
  3. On my Feb Medallion net cruise I streamed Netflix, Apple Music, and my church live streaming service back home in Ohio. I was in Mexico at the time of the service. No buffering at all. It was awesome
  4. Thank you to everyone who's posted pics on this thread. It is fun seeing the Sky Princess and all the nice features.
  5. stellers36; yes I have been on these boards for years; however, I just started sailing with Princess in 2017; prior to that have sailed with NCL, and have most of my cruises with Royal Caribbean.
  6. I have no status so I will most likely buy prior to boarding.
  7. Thanks for sharing your live review of the new Sky Princess
  8. Waterbug123, thanks for the tips on touring and the food tours. I will check out the website for food tour. My wife would like to do Little Italy. cheers
  9. I think some of you may be confused or mixed up with internet and intranet. Internet is paid medallion net or ships wifi. Intranet is the local ship only free wifi for ocean medallion use. You do not have to buy the internet package to use the ocean medallion intranet; which is for chatting, along with ocean now and the other apps.
  10. HughMann; thanks for sharing these pics. It helps me with my planning; I am sure others who have booked this cabin will be thrilled to have this info. Enjoy
  11. If you post those pics on Princess Facebook page it will get a lot of attention.
  12. wow, I think someone left it in the oven too long. Try again tomorrow and hopefully it will be perfect. Nice pics of the Sanctuary.
  13. You are not missing anything. Two people can't be logged in at same time; if you have bought only one internet package. One logs out and the other logs in.
  14. Just show up at the port around 10 am. They normally start letting people on around 11am. I was on the ship around 11:30 in Feb. My suggested boarding time was 1:30pm
  15. wow that is awesome. I know there is a usb port on each bedlamp. Any other outlets near the bed?
  16. HughMann; thanks for posting this. I have this suite reserved for my cruise next year; if you find time to post more pics here; that would be nice. Have a wonderful cruise
  17. steelers36; the price I mentioned is pre-cruise pricing that is listed in my cruise personalizer. I don't believe I am a platnium member; have only sailed with princess twice
  18. How does this pricing look for Sky Princess. My booking says 50% off precruise pricing. Single device would be $59.99 for a seven night cruise. 4 device is $14.99 per day; which comes out to $104.93; which I believe is cheaper than getting my wife and I each our own plan. What do you think? ps. both plans offer unlimited
  19. Safe travels home. Thanks for sharing your live report. It gave us all so much info about the new ship
  20. if your passport won't stay open just put in in a book for a day and let it straighten out; then you can scan it
  21. When you have the app open you should see a icon for travel documents. When you open it you can then scan your passport in using your camera on your phone
  22. skynight; I think you are correct; there was not much business in either place; so maybe on our cruise they alternated the nights they were open
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