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  1. Made my reservations last night but wondering how to change on the App for a different time
  2. I'm definitely an overplanner so hard for me to relax with all the changes! Thanks for all your help everyone!
  3. My app shows my cabinmate all checked inw me but I couldn't download the app on his phone...is there an easy way to do this
  4. Tomorrow is the day I'm supposed to book our dining reso's. I looked at app today and it says "Restaurant listing opens April 25. Also said Event listing opens April 25. Does that mean that we can see the events scheduled for our ship, but not book til onboard? I made a list of events on the sparks URL yesterday for our cruise...https://spark-aws.virginvoyages.com/api/v1/ext/ddp/5a3193a0af8e4c3fb714386b/2023-06-09?fbclid=IwAR14W1kwxdsk9e4u1MfPZR21a3sQrzmW7rCLl6kg31v-Yr4sg422csSQEsM#events. Wondering if the List of Events that I'll see tomorrow will vary from that...... (I know events probably will change often before our 6/9 cruise, but thought I'd have some sort of idea if I checked the spark URL.
  5. I was surprised to read that the Festival Shows must now be booked onboard rather than just walking up. Some of my shows overlap with some of the Festival Shows so I guess I'll have to pass on the Festival Shows. I'd feel guilty booking regular shows and Festival Shows that overlap. Would you miss any of the regular shows in order to attend the Festival Shows?
  6. My husband loves, loves, loves spicy food. Can we request extra spicy in Gunbae and Extra Virgin?
  7. Do you need to book Apertivo at Extra Virgin bar? If so when you book your restaurants or onboard? Tx
  8. I just read something about being able to eat at bars in many restaurants...Are these usually crowded around dinner time?
  9. If we see different charges for same routine drinks, i.e., vodka and tonic, gin mojito, can we call or write sailor services through table to correct or must we go to their desk?
  10. Found notes in my files just saying, "friendship bracelets" and "We be Fancy"? Are these available now on SL trips? Thanks to all of you who help me so much.
  11. Want to possibly add additional bar tab for our cruise. Do the prices vary for well drinks provided one sticks with the same brands? We drink mostly vodka (Stoli, Titos) and gin (Tangueray) Are these considered well or premium? If premium, what are the well brands? Also, are there the same inexpensive chardonnays and cabernets that we can get at most bars & restaurants? We aren't wine people, but do enjoy a simple glass of wine here and there. Do we see the charges when we purchase at bar (I take it no receipt) OR just check the tablet/TV from our cabin? I seem to remember reading that people had problems with prices charged for drinks and had to clear up w/Sailor Services.
  12. Does one have any leeway on getting into restaurants around their reservation time? (Before assigned time and afterward) I know you're not supposed to leave Duel Reality if you're on Deck 6, but is it okay to leave the other shows if you need to make dinner time? Can one walk in and out of the Festival shows which do not have to be booked? Trying to get things together before booking my restaurants.
  13. Just read that there is an Apertivo Hour at Extra Virgin bar. 5 or 5:30...I take it that this is not counted in the number of your restaurant choices during cruise? Sounds great. Has anyone done this?
  14. Construction at the Port of Miami has been a nightmare for months. It took almost 2 hours to get from the entrance to the VV drop off in January. It should take less than 5 mins Still a problem?
  15. I know things change, but want to book my restaurants soon. Made a table up with things I want to do and sometimes dinner times and show times are close. May have to rearrange things. How much time before and after our dinner reservations is permitted? Same things with shows, bingo, etc. Tx for all your help. You are amazing!
  16. I've been looking at the VV SL schedule (I know it is subject to change) for my cruise, but don't see anything about Around the World with the Diva and the Unitled Dance Party. Does anyone know about these? Charge? Must book ahead of time?
  17. I'd like to post an event in my FB group. Want to be sure I have correct info. Tx
  18. I read about the tequila, etc for Loteria Gigante. What are the prizes? Or is this an event more for fun? Deciding on doing that and/or Diva bingo.
  19. Really happy to read this...I was going to bite the bullet at Test Kitchen for the ambiance only with my foodie husband.
  20. If we manage to stay awake for the late night activities, since we're early birds we'll still be up early. I think relaxing during the day will be mandatory for us. Planning on heading out to large pool area in the Puerto Plata port and returning to ship to relax on balcony and nap. Same thing in Bimini.
  21. Getting my notes organized for our upcoming cruise...Searched and couldn't find if we could eat at a different restaurant each night on a 5 night cruise. Tx for all your help
  22. Is there a link to Menus A & B?
  23. My understanding is that we can no longer drop our bags off, check in before noon, and then walk on ship at our assigned time. Is that correct? Also wondering if we should just wait for shuttle or grab an Uber back to arrive at the ship before our assigned time.
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