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  1. Nothing much has changed on the Event List for our 2/24 VL cruise. Still just showing the main nightly events, bingo and one exercise class. I want to coordinate planning a list to book the shows, etc. with our dinner times as best I can. Should I work with what is showing now or wait a few days longer to see if more things are added? I know the nightly events may change a bit, but are chances decent that they will remain on the days and times that are now showing on the VV app.
  2. Seriously, what did you do about that? Hope you're better by the time you read this. On another note...How was the snorkeling there? We had gone years ago and it was sensational right near the walk in area to the very left looking at beach. Did you have a place in the shade to put down your towel? I understand the chairs are not available to cruisers there.
  3. Any need for a light jacket onboard or in restaurants? (FL girl here - always chilly but really trying to cut back on stuff to bring)
  4. THANKS SO MUCH for posting these!
  5. If you drop luggage off earlier in the morning do you get checked in then or when you return (and enter airconditioned building? (Splash of Romance)?
  6. Did they have towels to take with you when exiting ship or did you bring them with you?
  7. I was very disappointed. Just expected more. I love Usher
  8. Missed these on our last VV cruise...Where did you get these? Only at certain times?
  9. Looks delicious...Is there a liqueur in it, i.e., Grand Marnier?
  10. When you came back did you need to check in at the terminal or wait on another line? We are SOR. What time did they start boarding? Loving your review
  11. Are you in one of the Priority Lounges? Terminal C or A?
  12. We have $600 bar tab and $1050 in loot which I thought was alot.
  13. What I thought was odd is that in June we were in a cabin on the 12th deck, A side, with the bed by the balcony. So I chose a cabin for February with the same number on the Z side and the bed is by the bathroom. Oh well, we'll make the best of it, but really prefer the bed by balcony arrangement since I like to lay in bed watching the ocean. I wish there was better seating than the one not so comfortable looking chair in the Seaview cabins.
  14. Love lobster, crab, clams and raw oysters. I see that the Seafood Tower at the Wake has some things I'd like, but some that definitely I definitely would not like. Do they switch out any if you ask? Any chance of getting hot mussels with hot marinara sauce or butter/garlic?
  15. We are staying in one in Ocean Park area. Hope it's ok.
  16. Is Paint N Sip the same as or different than Painting N Boozie Bevs
  17. Jumping onboard! We are traveling on the 2/24 cruise and hope to learn lots from your experiences. Happy cruising!
  18. Love all your posts...Following along...Have a wonderful trip!
  19. cantgetin....On my multiple cruises, spa bookings could be made immediately after boarding. Do they have a desk set up near the entrance of ship to book spa or do we need to go to the spa desk itself? Tx
  20. They now charge $100 per chair to rent and they are down at the end by the Beach Resort.
  21. We are doing the Jalousie Beach trip the week of 2/24. Although we had a sensational time a few years ago on Spencer's Land & Sea tour, we wanted to spend more time at Jalousie. Love to snorkel there. I'm wondering how not having any chairs there will work? One in our small group will need to get out of the sun for awhile.
  22. We did Spencers Land & Sea tour a few years ago - best tour ever. This time doing the Jalousie Beach speedboat tour. Can't wait for this one! Enjoy your cruise!
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