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  1. I didn't realize they were cold pressed...Aren't these included at certain hours for SOR? Tx again for all your help
  2. Are they still served at Gym & Tonic bar between 8 & 11 daily only? Could we fill up our own water bottle with these? Thinking they'd be good for mimosas.
  3. Getting closer to our cruise date of 2/24 from San Juan. In June I sat down on the couch before even entering the ship to make my reservations. This time we'll have a party of 6 people. One person wants to grab a drink before starting to book reso's. Best spot to do this? On another note...Is the spa open for booking immediately or later in the day? Can one person make reservation for thermal spa for all? We have SOR.
  4. They let SOR/DBE upstairs to check in at 1:45, and we were on the ship with drink in hand by 2pm. Woohoo! Spent the last bit of time enjoying drinks, food, and booking everything Where were you when you did your bookings? In Miami I plopped down before even entering the ship itself to make all our resos. Loving your review
  5. How often do the DJ's, Musicians & Festival Entertainers change?
  6. Wondering how different things would be if one took a back to back cruise. For example, would Saturday on first cruise be We Fancy and Heartbeat the next week?
  7. I've been checking the app for our upcoming SJ cruise and also looking at the various daily sheets from a similar 1/30 cruise. I understand that things change often, but I was surprised to see that many of the main shows on the 1/30 cruise were held on different days/times than the ones shown on our app. Thinking it would be easier for VV to keep the main shows on similar schedules for the same type cruises. Just curious as to why they would move them around.
  8. Does one need to book fitness classes at time of embarkation?
  9. Really looking forward to your review!
  10. How late can we use loot in the shops and casino...Tx so much for all your help
  11. I see that I can change a restaurant reservation that I previously made to a later time. However, when I try to do so the app says that I have to tell the people in my party of 6 to cancel their reso first. I made them for all originally. Is there a way I can do this for them?
  12. Since it is a wine pairing could you ask them to give you something else? I really prefer dry wines.
  13. What is the latest you can use your loot on the last night of cruise?
  14. Unfortunately I am not much on veggies either..I had fun the last time we went to TK and gave most if my dinner to hubby..then had pizza later...Did not do wine pairing last time but going to try it this trip
  15. My husband loved TK menu A in June. I'm the most picky eater ever and really only enjoyed the filet with the sauce scraped off. How did your husband handle switching items? Do you tell them when you first go in or before? What choices do you have?
  16. Game On - What is this? 80s VHS exercise Bungee Class
  17. Can you tell me what is on this? Tx
  18. I just read this and am wondering if this is new with VV or just a fluke with one ship that it happened on? The faster you and your cabin mates watch the video, the quicker the app unlocks your ability to book onboard events and remaining restaurant bookings. Do not hesitate to get this out of the way. You can even start watching the video as you get closer to the ship and connect to the ships’ wifi from the terminal. (SL cruise)
  19. You are a wealth of knowledge...Thanks! Since the excursion my family is interested in is a catamaran, I'm doubting that the vendor can get additional spots. Guess it may be best for them to book a non VV catamaran tour rather than hope one becomes available. I don't want to book that way because I want to use some of my loot and would be happy with another excursion or use for the loot.
  20. I know Rockstars have first crack at booking excursions. That being said mostly all our San Juan excursions are showing BOOKED on the app a month before our trip. If they show BOOKED now (in this case a catamaran trip) do additional spots open at embarkation?
  21. This is what I was looking for! Thanks. So we have 3 couples/cabins. Thinking we'd send one person from each cabin to excursion desk to hopefully book excursions we decided upon beforehand. (Heard if there is loot involved all parties need to be there.) Two people sitting together at ship entrance....One will book dinners based on excursions we were hoping to get (usually make our 5:45 dinner resos later), and the other booking preferred shows first talking between each other. Then hopefully we could go to Razzle Dazzle if dinner plans do not work out to help if needed. I'm sure we could get a reso somewhere or if need be, hit The Galley. Does that sound like a good plan? Since we will be in the Southern Caribbean and some of our party have not been there, excursions should be priority, then shows, then dinner.
  22. As we get closer to our February San Juan departure, my friends and I are nervous about not being able to book excursions upon embarkation since the ship is probably full. We have SOR. Not sure what to try to book first when we board. We did book one excursion that we definitely wanted on our credit cards, but really would like to be able to use the lots of loot we have for others. Based on this scenario should we try to book excursions on the app as soon as we board and then try to change our dinner times and book shows around the excursions? I seem to remember reading that someone went to two different places to book excursions and dinners when they boarded instead of using the app, but I'm not sure what that was and if perhaps waiting on lines to do this would affect our ability to book things quickly. Advice appreciated.
  23. We have SOR and wonder what time we could enter the terminal in San Juan. Not sailing til 2/24 so hoping the kinks described in one of the posts above are worked out. Tx
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