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  1. We have SOR and wonder what time we could enter the terminal in San Juan. Not sailing til 2/24 so hoping the kinks described in one of the posts above are worked out. Tx
  2. I have an android, I looked this up online, but couldn't find out how to use "as is" Can you give me a bit more info. Tx
  3. Leaving from San Juan Upon entering terminal...Put airplane mode and bluetooth on? Then try to sign onto ship's wifi to book things? Should we be able to book shows, etc., in terminal (Splash of Romance) or wait til we are actually onboard?
  4. I know the Wake has 2 different size platters of fresh seafood for an extra charge from loot. Can some of these items be switched out? Any other restaurants do this? Seafood good?
  5. For shore things with a group you may be better off all going in person when you get onboard and have the crew do it so they can charge individual accounts. Sailor services can move charges (but not loot) but you all need to be present at the same time to approve the account moves. Wow lots to understand...So if one person books an event on the app onboard, i.e., loteria for 8 people at embarkation, she would get charged for all eight...There is no way to move the charges to each cabin's loot?
  6. I think some things have changed so I want to be sure I understand. At this time if we booked an excursion on our credit card through the app before embarkation and want to cancel it, would the monies we paid get credited to loot? On another note, our plan upon embarkation: 1 couple makes show and event reservations for all 2nd couple makes excursion bookings for all Also have 3rd cabin Since the cabin booking the above will get charged from their loot accounts, does everyone need to go to Sailor Services to move the charges to each cabin's loot or can one person do this for all? I think it would be too complicated for us to just break this up fairly amongst ourselves. I managed to get dinner reservations for all of us the night before the 45 day mark, but it wasn't easy. Thanks for your patience with me!
  7. Wondering if we can get on debarkation on our Southern Caribbean cruises also. Guess time will tell. Tomorrow is the first cruise out of PR from what I understand.
  8. Any tips on buying a chair holder for it that is good quality but not horribly expensive?
  9. Are beach towels available in cabin, when debarking ship, on deck? (VL)
  10. What are your favorites? Recommendations for something you can request at most bars? I seem to remember having a problem getting light beer on my last trip.
  11. I went there, but couldn't locate. All I see are the videos. Can you give us the link or direct us to find profile? Tx
  12. Making list of things that I'd like to do onboard. Not sure of which ones need to be booked onboard. Do I have this correctly? BOOK ONBOARD: Miss Behave, Duel Reality, Loteria, Paint & Sip, Shot for Shot, Mix It Up..Same as Mixology? Bingo? NO NEED TO BOOK: Untitled Dance Party Thing, Around the World in 80 days with Diva, Coffee game in Roundabout (forgot name of it) Anything you suggest other than above?
  13. Take this with a grain of salt, but I seem to remember reading that he was sick last week. Not positive though. We also are sailing from SJ soon and would be very disappointed to learn he is not the diva.
  14. I was thinking of purchasing a hammock on our next cruise with our extra loot, but didn't want to carry it home. I wrote Yellow Leaf and saw their wide selection of hammocks. Asked them which was closest to the VV hammock. Their response: These hammocks are made specially for VV. Have to follow special regulations to meet maritime law and are made to fit the cabins on board. The yarn that is used is fireproof, so it is not something we carry as part of our standard line. I am so sorry about that! Has anyone purchased a hammock from Yellow Leaf? If so, what type and are you happy with it? Thanks!
  15. Really upsetting reading about the spa problems. Same with recent restaurant reviews, etc. I cruised in June and was so happy w/things that I enticed 4 more people to go on the 2/24 cruise from San Juan. Hope things are okay for us.
  16. Have a great cruise. Looking forward to your comments/review.
  17. Is there a list we can look at for other standard house spirits?
  18. I was surprised to read in a VV forum that events appeared on the app on 1/4/24 for the cruise leaving 1/7/24. I thought they didn't appear until embarkation day. Hoping VV will do this with all upcoming cruises. Would be nice for tentative planning.
  19. What excursion did you find? I am cruising 2/24 and some of the excursion details were sketchy.
  20. Also interested. Thanks Walter! Did you find any shopping there? Wondering if it's worth the trouble of getting Euros.
  21. Best place to exchange USD for Euros?
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