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  1. We are doing Spencer's Land & Sea Tour on 2/28/24 - scheduled 8 am to 7pm. I was worried about not getting to the tour in time, but was told they watch schedules of ships so would not be a problem.
  2. Loved our June 5 nighter from Miami so much that we booked another for 1/24/24 - Southern Caribbean. However, the price increases have discouraged us from booking another VV in the near future.
  3. Did so, but was confusing. In the meantime, I found out from my TA that the info on their site was old. No vax card needed for St. Lucia.
  4. I've tried to find this out, but not clear. If coming in on a cruise ship do we need to bring our vax cards with us when disembarking? There is also mention of an immigration form. Not sure about that either.
  5. Could be wrong, but read somewhere that it is simple...Can go to Sailor Services to split.
  6. Hope you got your dining booked. Tx for this list. I read somewhere that you can book dining directly with VV if you cannot do in app or ask your TA if you have one.
  7. On our June cruise Scarlet Night was changed to the Red Room since there was lightning in the area. Very disappointed and tired..So we skipped it.... Hoping to do the Scarlet Night pool party on our February cruise from San Juan.
  8. I just checked and since my cruise is the 24th I cannot see this until the 45 day mark.
  9. I've been looking around trying to get some idea of very approximate dates/times/shows, etc. for upcoming cruises from San Juan starting 1/13/24. Nothing available yet. I checked aws URL and nothing there yet either. Didn't see anything for first few SJ cruise departures either. I know things change last minute, but since the San Juan departures will be new, it would be nice to have some idea of what will be happening so we can plan our excursions.
  10. One person in our group is interested in bidding on the suite upgrade. I've read that some of the locations are bad for some suites. Anything else she needs to be aware of if she decides to do this? Would Rockstar agent be able to get reservations for just her cabin or for the 3 cabins in her group?
  11. I've not heard of being able to move loot from one cabin to another or swapping charges among cabins. My suggestion on excursions would be to go to the big red desk after boarding and let them handle the whole group. THat way, you can be sure enough spots are available, etc. before you get into the booking details and let them handle taking it out of the loot. Sounds like a plan... However, I hope we don't miss out on excursions since we will be booking other activities as soon as we board. Is the Big Red Desk right by boarding area?
  12. If one person books for a group on the app onboard for events that require payment thru loot, I seem to remember that the charges would need to be divided at Sailor Services so that one person isn't using their loot for the group. Is that correct? Easy to do? Is it true that some events, i.e., Duel Reality only permits one person to book for people in his cabin? (not for the whole group)
  13. I read this, but didn't think it was the case: although restaurant bookings open very early, Virgin often will not list the entertainment times until 1-2 weeks before you sail. And they all have to be booked while on board. I thought one couldn't see any of the entertainment times until the same day as restaurant bookings open. Which is correct?
  14. I felt the same way about the food on the grill except for the short ribs. Thinking I'll order off the menu next cruise. I'm going with friends and would like them to experience the Gunbae game and atmosphere.
  15. On trips with many ports & excursions are times for bingo, loteria and other usual daytime activities changed? I'm looking forward to our S. Caribbean cruise, but thinking we will probably miss quite a few onboard activities.
  16. On our last VV cruise we did Gunbae and from what I remember we all ate the same food which was cooked in front of us. Perhaps the waiter suggested we all get the same thing and we agreed without ordering off a menu? I didn't care for most of this food we had and see things that look good on the menu online. If I order from menu will my order arrive at the same time as the grilled items for others?
  17. I know the restaurant booking availability date is 45 days before one's trip. (I usually book around midnight the night before) However, I see that the Event Listing Opens date is the same. I remember that this list is only for viewing, but I couldn't book events until onboard. Does the Event Listing information appear the night before the 45th day also? It would be nice to be able to view these before making restaurant reservations although I now these will change a bit.
  18. So uninstall on desktop and reinstall it with same email and password? So weird. Tx
  19. Interesting....Wonder how this will be handled. I can't imagine everyone being booked for dinner after 8:30. Pls advise if you find anything out about this. Tx
  20. My password works fine on app...Saved it in two different files. When I try to use it to see my VV account on my desktop, it tells me password and user ID aren't correct. It seems that this has happened a few times in the past. Does anyone else have this problem?
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