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  1. Try this site. www.rates.ca You'll get quotes for numerous insurance companies AND you'll see which ones have Covid coverage.
  2. Is that the rapid PCR upon return or the other one that takes a couple of days to get the results?
  3. Can we get rid of PCR tests once the border opens to vaccinated travellers only.
  4. Did the Shoppers pharmacist give you a hard copy?
  5. This is a great site I recently came upon. You'll get multiple quotes from different companies and some include covid coverage and some do not. www.rates.ca
  6. Maybe HAL will use either the Volendam or Zaandam for these sailings. I'd like that.
  7. Very nice. Thanks for posting this.
  8. Check out this insurance site I just found: www.rates.ca
  9. Canadian multi-quote site for travel insurance. I happened to come across this site by accident. I'm glad I did. Note: Some companies will offer Covid insurance. https://rates.ca/insurance-quotes/travel
  10. AQ - I also watch Mighty Trains and have seen the Rocky M and Bergen and Flam. Before Covid hit I was going to fly to Oslo and take the train to Bergen followed by a cruise. Oh well.
  11. I always order flowers for my cabin on departure day. They are so fresh and the bouquets are just lovely. I hate to throw them out at the end of a cruise as they last so long.
  12. I can't wait to see this weeks show re: Nieuw Statendam, as I'm suppose to sail on her next August. I love this series. Alberta Quilter: How was your train trip?
  13. You should be able to get a rapid PCR test at Shoppers and have the results in about 20 minutes for $40. I'll also be flying to Rome next year for a cruise and someone on this forum mentioned that HAL would be providing the rapid PCR test prior to boarding.
  14. Not Tampa. And not the capital of Canada, Ottawa airport.
  15. I've also been looking at some of the sailings. Not cheap IMO. Think I'll wait until 2022.
  16. I saw the show. The AIDA NOVA is not a ship I'd go on. I hope the series will have a HAL ship.
  17. But will Johnson cover us if a land vacation?
  18. Delete: Zuiderdam 18-Nov-21 Add: Volendam - 5-Nov-22 - 14 days TA (Rome to Fort Lauderdale) Thanks
  19. I hope printed form will be accepted as I don't have a smart phone (I know.....). I have a flip phone that I use for emergencies only.
  20. This will by my scenario. I fly out Wednesday, arrive in Port City Thursday and board the ship Saturday. Even if I had the test on the day before flying out (I'd prefer two days before), I'd be outside the 3 day window. Am I suppose to find a place in a foreign country with a different language (Italy) to have the test done??????
  21. I did a TA from Barcelona to Tampa in either October of November. We had the calmest seas and temps were in the high seventies and low eighties. We lucked out but you never know. I'm doing another TA in November 2022. Love those seas days.
  22. I love Icelandair. However, I'm not fond of Keflavik airport. Ramps are wheeled up to the plane and I find it difficult to walk down the stairs with a purse and a carry on. Then you have to take a bus to the terminal. Once inside it can be an absolute zoo. Such a shame as the airport if actually lovely and has some good stores. I also don't like having to do the same departing (taking a bus to the plane and walking up the stairs). However, Icelandair has good business class (Saga) prices and the service and food are wonderful.
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