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  1. Dave Look forward to seeing you and hope we have a great cruise. will stay in touch! But, at the moment, we are concentrating on packing for our San Diego - Miami cruise on March 14th. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ sheila
  2. Our cruise in November is scheduled to book excursions on March 18th. It’s a transatlantic cruise with the usual ports. We can’t get the PDF. It’s not listed yet. We cant figure out why? sheila
  3. You betcha Bob! Can’t wait to meet you in a couple of weeks! Elbow bumps! sheila
  4. Hey Jackie I really do not understand what your question is. Is there a problem? If so, please email me. hugs sheila
  5. Agree with everyone above. Explorer has been our favorite ship since we sailed its inaugural crossing in 2016. Looking forward to sailing Splendor in about 2 weeks. I recognize the issues the writer described, however, it is all so minor that I respectfully suggest they cruise on another cruise line. And, Please don’t try Splendor as it’s the same as Explorer. sheila PS I agree about the internet. It must be improved. But, it won’t stop me.
  6. Again, unless Elaina specifically explains what she would add or change, the conversation is done. So many of us, who cruise at least 2-3 times each year on 10-20 day cruises, look forward to our dining venues. It’s almost as important as anything else on a Regent cruise. Especially on Explorer and now Splendor. I see everyone else agrees. sheila
  7. Rich and Ginny thanks for sharing your wonderful crossing with us. Safe travels. Hope to sail with you again! sheila
  8. Rich cant wait to see Jorge in Chartreuse again. Say hello from the lady with the red scooter. Thanks. sheila
  9. Surprising! We were on Explorer in December and the cheese cart was there and used. sheila
  10. Due to my emphysema, my doctors have advised me not to kiss or hug or shake hands. Everyone who knows me is used to my β€œelbow bump.” Those who first meet me are a little taken aback. But, after a while, they become used to it. I wear a mask onboard an airplane. Cruising is a bit difficult, but I chance it because I love it so much. I think that cruising with 500-700 people is a lot safer than 3000-5000.. We are so looking forward to sailing on Splendor March 14th. Sheila and Herb
  11. We booked the Marriott in Copenhagen on points. We are elite members so we were entitled to lounge privileges, including breakfast. Three nights. Took a taxi to the port. The hotel was filled with Regent passengers. No problems. sheila
  12. Ah, we are on both cruises, TA’s, just before you. As we disembark, you embark. Will wave to you! sheila
  13. We are booked on Splendor 2/15/2021. Caribbean. Are you on this one? sheila PS we are also one one 1/2022.
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