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  1. Marc I think the B2B cruises you are referring to are both Caribbean cruises and I think you are right, if the November 28th Cruise is canceled and the December 7th sails, you should be fine. I would ask the question of Regent. We canceled our November 28th Cruise because I thought it might be canceled and booked the December 14th cruise on Splendor. Who knows what will happen..... sheila
  2. Because whatever the protocols are....critical, simple or complicated.... if they are not followed exactly as written, the company will be out of business. I believe they can not afford to shut down again. It’s over for the industry. sheila
  3. I question your response. This is not about chair hogging, dress code, or any of the first world problems we might encounter on a Regent ship. Rules for this virus will be vital to be enforced. All protocols must be followed if Regent expects to survive this crisis. sheila
  4. Herb and I were just discussing several new covid cases in our Senior community. We are an older community so ages are up there. We know several of the folks recently infected. The people we know have all had very mild cases, no hospitalization required. Perhaps, here in Florida, the virus may have mutated, not causing the serious illness we saw just several months ago. Just guessing.... We have children and grandchildren who all understand our reasoning regarding cruising. We are in our eighties and have a limited time to enjoy living. We will sail again, whenever the CDC gives permission. Hope it’s sooner than later. And... hope Regent survives. 🙏🤞👍🚢🥂
  5. If cruising is shut down for another year, the whole cruise industry will collapse. It will be gone... Unfortunately, those of you who are waiting until a vaccine proves 100% safe, or until this virus is gone, or not wearing masks etc., you may never be able to cruise again. Even if there are other companies who will buy up some of the ships, who can tell what cruising might be like with a ghost fleet. Personally, I am rooting for a plan from the CDC that is workable, within the next three to six months. Not just for me but all folks who love cruising. sheila
  6. I hope you will be treated as well as we were on our first Regent cruise. If you are, then you will begin to understand us Regent “groupies” sheila
  7. Agree! And, No one has posted thus far... I want it now... Sheila
  8. I don’t quite understand your comment. Maybe you can understand mine...I want to sail again when it is safe... the sooner the better..... but not until it is safe. I ask the question of you and others... who wants it now?
  9. Just received an email from my TA... our next Regent cruise, scheduled for December has had its final payment postponed from August 16th to October 16th (60 days from sailing). How nice... I realize that it probably won’t sail, however I can now hold off on final payment. sheila
  10. I am still here and will stop writing when we can no longer cruise. sheila
  11. To everyone who wished us well during the hurricane.... it missed us. Bad winds But no destruction. Thank you for your good wishes. It worked. sheila
  12. So glad to hear from you. We hope you join us in a future cruise. Love to buy you a drink! sheila
  13. How true.... this is our biggest concern now. At our age, we have only limited time to enjoy our lives and cruising. Perhaps, some others cannot understand this because they are younger and healthier. We know the gloom and doom but refuse to allow that to alter our thinking process. Why not help support us instead of crashing our hopes with every post. sheila
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