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  1. Not sure why Uber/Lyft is a problem if you have a smartphone... Port Everglades Free Wi-Fi in all cruise terminals.
  2. Not sure where the 2 hour thing comes from...the official MP website has all the rules right here...4 hours on site is the current rule. https://www.machupicchu.gob.pe/inicio?request_locale=ES . You may need to use the Chrome browser as it will translate the site into English automatically. Also, in my experience the 'police state' comment is mysterious and unfounded.
  3. So sad...things must be different in the UK. In the US, use of a credit card includes serious protection from fraudulent use if the card is stolen or a merchant reneges on a purchase or a product is defective and the store refuses to make you whole. Paying cash makes a lot of the above difficult or impossible to accomplish. I would never send cash to my TA to pay for a cruise. While he is an honest man, the postal system may not have the same ethics. And, your bookings include some level of travel insurance, ours do not, so we have to buy insurance....some credit cards include such insurance as part of their product offering.
  4. The answers above are great but, sadly, I must add that sitings, in our 17 continuous years of Caribbean trips indicate fewer and fewer critters are around to watch. In fact, it has been several years since we have seen anything to comment on. We just returned from 10 days in the eastern Caribbean...we managed to see a few flying fish, but nothing else. Even the flying fish were scarce from what we saw in the early 2000's. Please report back...I would dearly love to be wrong on this.
  5. We enjoyed http://www.barrachina.com/ . Birthplace of the Pina Colada.
  6. Take notice of the time of year. If you book with HAL for a sailing in November or early December your airfare will be quite different than a booking after the December holidays. After the Holidays is summer vacation for schools in SA, so families are more likely to book travel. As stated...supply and demand.
  7. I am not an O cruiser but I can comment from experience on a visit to MP. Each visitor can stay on the ruins for up to 4 hours. Believe me, tramping around at 8900 ft above sea level will make most glad to leave well before the 4 hours are up. Staying with your guide is required, for the first two hours of your visit. Our guide bailed at the 2 hour mark...she was not being paid for more than that. After those first two hours you are free to wander on your own. Stay on the trails...security people will remind you if you stray. The site is a plethora of photo opps. There is a place at the exit where they will stamp your passport with a MP logo. It's a great place to visit. I have been twice and we plan to go again...and expand our trip into more Peruvian sites.
  8. Non-ship providers are better than cruise ship providers. They have a lot more at stake than those who contract with the ship. Ship providers are a lot more casual about getting you back on time (tho they do not ignore it) because they are 'protected' from the wrath of passengers by the fact the ship will wait for them. Having said that, it is not unknown for a ship to sail without waiting....especially if the next leg of the trip is a long distance requiring high speed and special timing. It's up to the captain, who carefully calls the head office for permission. Happily for the OP....Roatan does not fall within this description.
  9. Unless you are related to Office staff, or are Office staff, or are a travel agent using travel agent rates or (possibly) are using casino rates you cannot access a "reduced rate" for your cruise. Regardless of any special rate offered by Carnival or a Travel Agent (exceptions noted above) you will be purchasing an advertised "retail" rate for your cruise.
  10. A letter from the captain, waiting in our cabin when we embarked on Jan 6 clearly stated that it was a problem with a diesel (not generator) that interfered with the port schedule. It further informed us that the stop at Princess Cays was canceled and everyone would receive a $75. credit for the cancelation. Princess considered the cancelation a maintenance related issue rather than a weather issue.
  11. Propulsion motors require 1000's of kilowatts of power to run at a given speed. If a generator is not functioning, the other generators must make up the difference. If there are two propulsion generators, driven by diesel engines and one engine is offline for any reason, the other generator must run at top speed at maximum output to reach the required speed. It is often true, as it is in the case of the Crown, that one engine/generator set cannot fully compensate for the lack of power (kilowatts) required to attain full cruising speed. Both generators are required to do so. The generator in question is not/was not damaged. The diesel engine that drives the generator had an unspecified event and is not working. These diesels, for perspective, are roughly the size of a railroad boxcar. We disembarked the Crown this morning. The ship ran very well for our 10 day cruise...it did not run at a speed that allowed port times as originallly advertised. We observed no more than 18 knots at any time during the voyage. Princess is giving everyone onboard a FCC amounting to 35% of their base cruise fare paid against a current or future booking made no later than 1/31/2021.
  12. There is more than one. The one at PE is bookparkngo.com
  13. Princess only legal obligation is to return passengers and the ship to Ft Lauderdale. Any credit is a goodwill gesture. The Crown is currently making 18 knots in heavy seas. Wind gusting to 50 knots (cat 8 gale). Seas about 14 feet, rolling and pitching are making ship activities hazardous to impossible.
  14. What affinity group could cobble together 3000 people (for a charter) to pony up the cash to sail from LA to Shanghai? None come to mind. Repositioning cruises rarely fill the ship. Watch for price reductions.
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