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  1. Do not overlook flights into and out of Melbourne, Florida (MLB). Still the add-on Disney feature of your trip may make this a problem.
  2. This is true, but it is only true if there is space available. If bad weather happens you will not be the only one trying to reschedule. And, from what I have seen, SWA is very popular with folks who want to get to Florida for a cruise. Alternately check the option of flying into PBI (West Palm Beach) and taking a taxi, uber or train to the port.
  3. I agree that there seems to be little to no rule regarding which location the ship will berth. But it is a fact that we (Royal Princess) used Red Hook in Nov. 18 for a port call at NYC. The cruise then went to Norfolk and ended in Port Everglades.
  4. We are on the Crown for the 2nd time in Janauary 2020. First time was a pleasant surprise as we too had read less-than-stellar comments by others. Our worst Princess experience was last year on the Royal...MDR food was so bad that we opted for the buffet for the last half of a 14 day itinerary. Also, serious lack of outdoor passenger space. If our only choice for the Caribbean had been the Royal...we would be staying home this year.
  5. Cannot say for sure...however, my wife and I did everything separately on separate iphones/apps...everything went seamlessly....and we are impatiently waiting for our medallions which Princess promised no later that Dec 23. Our cruise is in early January.
  6. If you really want the best price, wait until June or July when 'fill the ship' prices are published. Sadly this may mean higher airfare. Otherwise, late August into September is good. I prefer August as the days are still long. September can be iffy with weather and the daylight begins to shorten. We also prefer sailing out of Vancouver, one way, returning from Anchorage. And our cruise line of choice is Princess [tho not Royal Class ships] (HAL in 2nd place).
  7. January, July and October are the current plans. Is there any company offering a 12 month policy that writes them in New York? Thanks a lot!
  8. A snowbird friend will travel multiple times in the next year. She is 79. Carries a New York drivers license but spends many months in Florida. Multi-trip Geo Blue is available in Florida but not in New York. Can she use her Florida address to take advantage of Geo Blue? And, if not, are there annual providers that write affordable policies in New York state? Names? Thanks!
  9. Does the Renaissance not have their own shuttle? Unless it was private, I saw one there last year when I went to pickup a car at the Budget desk.
  10. If you are new to uber....load the app into your phone...adding CC payment information. When you need a ride, enter the destination address into the app and 'call for an uber'. At the airport, simply ask a security person or information desk attendant where uber picks up. If your trip begins at the airport, I suggest that you walk to the uber pickup area before you call for an uber. There will likely be ubers ready to pick you up at the pickup area.
  11. I rented a car at FLL one time...asking if I could return it to a site closer to PE. Answer: Yes you can. It will add $300. to your bill. (this was not on Alamo)
  12. ONT is not really in Los Angeles, but it is, I would estimate 45-60 minutes from Long Beach if traffic cooperates. The other airport that is very close to Long Beach is SNA. I would only consider an Uber/Lyft for the trip. If you have never used one, consider becoming familiar with it.
  13. Kids have been secondary guests, after their parents, for years....now this... Captain’s Circle Loyalty benefits now open to all ages We are pleased to announce that we extended our award-winning Captain’s Circle Loyalty program to guests of all ages – making Princess the first cruise line ever to provide youth passengers with Elite status complimentary Wi-Fi. This means that our youth passengers will now be able to build their loyalty level, have their appropriate loyalty level color reflected on their OceanMedallionTM and cruise card, receive complimentary Wi-Fi, priority embarkation, complimentary laundry and more.
  14. If you have a glitch in a foreign port who will be most likely to spend a lot of time trying to help you straighten it out? The cruise line? No how, no way. The out of town TA...again, pretty doubtful The hometown team? Seems most likely, esp if you go sit down and talk to them when you make your booking. Making a success when traveling internationally is not all about the lowest price. Lastly, remember, all TA's get the same price from the cruise line, so any discount you receive means that you are eating into their commission.
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