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  1. FCD has OBC connected to it. If that's what you have you should be able to use the OBC to book a shore excursion. FCC is for the cruise fare. No OBC is connected to it. Need to know what you have. Call your TA.
  2. This may be of some help... https://elliott.org/airline-problems/coronavirus-airline-canceled-flight-refund-guide/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+elliottorg+(Elliott)
  3. This is true, but according to the HAL contract there will be no 'class action' going on. All claims are by individual. Proving negligence may be a heavy lift for an individual and his attorney(s). Still, the sharks are in the water...circling.
  4. The $200 was actually a Future Cruise Deposit, which can only be purchased onboard. It was $100 for you, and $100 for your wife. An FCD transfers from a booking back to your Mariner account and then on to your next booking. It allows you to make a booking with what amounts to a $100. deposit. And it comes with an automatic OBC that is based on length of sailing and type of cabin.
  5. The reasoning I heard was that Martinique is a Department of France, considered part of French Republic. Indeed, it is considered a local phone call to make a call to France. A passport is required to enter France....and so a passport is required to enter Martinique.
  6. Martinique yes Antigua no Resumption of cruise ship visits may or may not change this landscape.
  7. I will add the the FDC that you buy while onboard during a cruise will be returned to your CC if you do not use it within 2 years. (Requests to add 2 years to unused FCD's have been honored if the FDC is still active) An FCC is a cruise credit that has a drop dead expiration date. You cannot buy it onboard or any other way. There is no returning of an FCC. If you don't use it within the specified time, you lose it (poof).
  8. Have you ever had or used an FCD with HAL or Princess? If not, this is an unfair and wildly inaccurate assessment. (Note that an FCD is radically different from an FCC)
  9. There is no law or regulation that prevents you or anyone with the $$ from operating a cruise line from San Diego to Alaska to Seattle, no foreign stops, at all. The fact that no one does tells a huge story about the viability of modifying the PVSA.
  10. More success.... IMO, it would have more likelihood of success if everyone who wanted to change things (I don't) would work on the CBP. Why? Their regulations designate the 'distant' foreign ports that satisfy the PVSA. If they were to modify their regulations such that Vancouver, Victoria, or wherever were designated as 'distant' foreign ports, much of this discussion would be moot and sailings discussed here would satisfy the PVSA with no changes.
  11. The Shareholder Benefit is offered to passengers who are sailing on one form or another of a 'retail rate'. Interline rates are not 'retail rates'. Also, interline rates are not available on all sailings. This means that having 100 shares of CCL will enable you to have the 'Benefit' when you decide to pay the going rate on a sailing that you cannot pass up even though it has no interline availability.
  12. Doesn't happen, at least on sailings from US ports. All of the ID stuff takes place at the time of booking, not the time of sailing. Additionally, a person with a passport like you describe may have a legitimate residence in the US. Maybe he/she is employed in the US with a proper visa and decides to take a cruise while living here. It happens. Obviously they will use their passport, pay the rate charged by a US travel agent or cruise line and have a great time. This is not uncommon. Dual citizenship is not an issue. All that is necessary is a valid passport issued by the country of citizenship.
  13. Nice post, thanks!....when the Crystal ship did the first Northwest Passage voyage (Anchorage to Boston, I think) a couple of years ago I was curious about the 'distant' port that would satisfy the PVSA. Turns out it was in Greenland, tho I cannot remember the actual name of the port.
  14. You may want to review the schedules for Cunard.
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