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  1. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/10/15/cruise-lines-met-with-pence-but-they-could-be-looking-to-biden-for-guidance
  2. You can choose, computers are programed to apply it automatically as a default
  3. Are you referring to free casino Cruises Yes
  4. Source? NCL has told me on the phone it is a go
  5. Anyone else excited about this cruise. Awesome itinerary.
  6. Only downside is potentially not getting the same waitstaff
  7. this could be a good sign
  8. Sounds like moving to FL might save you money
  9. Looks like some big announcement today. Hope its good
  10. But things are looking more positive. CDC news should come anytime now
  11. Could be an announcement from CDC after the meeting Thursday
  12. My November cruise is still there
  13. This may change in the new environment
  14. Best thing to do with your OBC is put the whole $600 on black in roulette in the casino. Lose and you are out nothing. Win and you drink Dom Perignon all cruise
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