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  1. Sounds like you need to call NCL direct as your TA has bad information. You might even call Casinos at Sea if you have gambled before on NCL or a Caesars rewards member you may qualify for additional discounts
  2. CN LIte are like gold. Very rare. I have submitted a request to NCL that they be sold on all ships not just Sun & Sky. Other ships do short sailings every so often to fill in a 10 or 11 day sailing or before/after a re position sailing
  3. It was working in August all week and was wonderful
  4. Either keep your group small or pre-arrange 2 or 3 drinks to choose at each bar. You show up with 25 people and by the time #25 gets his/her drink the first 10 will be ready for the next stop
  5. Im doing the NCL Joy in June for my 1st Alaska cruise
  6. Alaska sounds so incredible and different than other cruises
  7. Yeah hoping to get it for Alaska. Flying from ATL to SEA is very expensive and the NCL deal was great
  8. I called today and got all mine, I am about 100 days out. Needed to call because we are 5 in two cabins
  9. Do you think free/discount flights will be coming back in Jan promos?
  10. Once you hit 60 days and with the new Jan promos getting rid of the higher prices that went in place pre black friday you will see drop in Haven prices
  11. Saw it on the Breakaway over Thanksgiving. Was a good show , entertaining lyrics, good interaction by cast given it is brand new
  12. Manhattan room requires slacks except first and last day. They will send you away.
  13. How many players were there? Was it 10 per table? How were the dealers?
  14. Always talk to the pit to ask how they are rating you. Be curious and they will interact with you more and pay closer attention and help your ratings
  15. So it lasts 18 months, but you have to email or call to tell them what ship you are sailing on, usually about 30-60 days out. Every 18 months a new credit app has to be completed
  16. Thanks for posting. Never looked these up before
  17. Great review....I can imagine the Tender in Cozumel was bad. I was on the Breakaway Thanksgiving week and saw the Escape tender that week as well and wondered why it drew the short stick of all the ships in Cozumel. It was there before us but looked painful as the huge tenders were packed with cruisers. I can only imagine getting back must have been just as bad late in the day.
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