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  1. Not on Bliss and the Laser Tag is wasted space.
  2. Good review. Sounds like a fun trip. Taking my son for graduation over the 4th of July
  3. Can't wait for my adventure this summer
  4. How about if NCL books you on two different airlines? One there and one back?
  5. Go to 🙂 book and search NCL groups. Lots sell there, Especially CAS pages
  6. I have seen the audience win the progressive amount which was greater then $400 since it was on a Mega ship. Also it is better to be contestant picked 2nd as based on what was won in game 1 they roll funds into game 2 prize pool. I have seen the highest amount over $2,000 as $500 is the base version but it increases one a certain number of cards are purchased.
  7. There is a whole thread on what did you bid etc here on NLC board
  8. Airlines vary depending on your home airport and where you are flying to. You will be charged for bags. (I dont think they use SWA) They told us the flights about 150 days out but will confirm 60 days out. Actually two different airlines. Seats will depend on availability.
  9. Usually she is on the Casino Bar after midnight. Bring lots of singles
  10. If you hold the door close button, the doors will shut before someone else has a chance to jump on when it stops at the next floor
  11. They continue to tweak the list of what is under $15. They really have over complicated something that should be simple.
  12. Yumm Tacos are great in Costa Maya. You should go see the ruins with Native tours.
  13. This isnt true. Capacity is based on lifeboat stations. That is why some rooms will be empty if lots of rooms have 3 or 4 guests in a section.
  14. I did the Getaway last year same itinerary. Only bad part was getting off ship at ports because 4000 people out one door. Funny enough I am doing the Breakaway this year for 4th of July. It was a fun cruise.
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