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  1. Maybe they light it ? Wow ! In tattooing they would call this a full sleeve .
  2. Since this is NCL , maybe this is part of a new revenue stream program ? Upcoming there will be a new announcement offering a very limited opportunity where you will have the great privilege of enrolling in their Enhanced Door Upgrade Program . For a non-nominal fee you will be able to display your decorative sensibilities . Prices will be based on size and tackiness . !!!!!!!! I always call my butler too. He never answers because sadly he doesn't exist . !!!!!!!!
  3. Very interesting thread . And it does remind me of the tiresome chair hog discussions . In the above situation , maybe the restaurant is at fault . I know no waiter wants to endanger their tip by pushing people out but in this restaurant , and with chair hogs and at the International Cafe , perhaps some effort by staff could be made to move the lingerers . I don't agree but love this line by Floater Boat , "This thread reeks of entitlement, disguised at etiquitte"
  4. Well I finally went ahead and bought CCL stock . So far up almost a buck . Drinks for everyone ! 😄 We are booked on a 11 day Sapphire cruise from Singapore . What are the differences between a 11 day MDR menu and the 7 day ? Any specific info on this port or this ship ? thanks
  5. I'm confused . There are 2 Sabatini's menus up on the Princess specialty restaurant site . https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/specialty-restaurants/ The first one listed, previously posted here says $25 PP .Cover charge of $25/person includes one selection The second one has a $29 price . https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/Onboard_Experience/Sabatinis-Menu-Sample.pdf BUON APPETITO Cover charge $29 per person. Why are there 2 Sabatini menus with 2 prices ? Edited to say I found the reason . Princess has 2 versions depending on which ship you are on . A bit silly that the prices and menus are different but there ya go . Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria†† Caribbean, Coral, Grand, Golden, Regal, Sky, Star Princess Specialty Sea Days 7:30am–10:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. Port Days 7:30am–9:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. N/A 5:30pm–10:00pm Opening times subject to change dependent upon itinerary. $25 per person (adults & children over 12 years of age) $12.50 per person (children 3–12 years old) No charge (children 0–2 years old) Sabatini’s†† Crown, Diamond, Island, Pacific, Royal, Sapphire Princess Specialty Sea Days 7:30am to 10:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. Port Days 7:30am to 9:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. N/A 5:30pm–10:00pm Opening times subject to change dependent upon itinerary. $29 per person (adults & children over 12 years of age) $14.50 per person (children 3–12 years old) No charge (children 0–2 years old)
  6. If you are offered a guarantee/sailaway , then they are promising you a cabin in a specific category .
  7. We were very happy that Princess Cay was our first stop on the Regal . Escaping Canadian winter and enjoying a nice beach day was just wonderful .
  8. I am one of those doubters .😁 Happy to hear they treated you properly and kudos on your fine attitude . Forgive my attitude as I continue to wonder what their compensation policy will be for those with upcoming affected cruises .
  9. Well that's shocking . They didn't change the prices ! 😲
  10. Any Pearl updates ? I haven't read anything new for 3 days .
  11. Wow ! Those would be quite the drinks !
  12. Your response was a bit snarky but the responses to your post were waaay over the top . Did you kick a puppy ? Yes it's cursed because if something bad happens , then the thing is cursed forever ! 🙄 You'll never get some people to believe that travel insurance isn't the best thing since sliced bread .Even if it's unneeded , redundant , expensive or it's small print doesn't cover the specific issue . It's existence is often used to blame the victim's of cruise line cancellations
  13. True but don't forget most cruisers are conservative and risk adverse . Plus many make pre and post cruise plans which may not be alterable. With suddenly no cruise as the filling in this sandwich , it makes last minute cancellation very hard to plan around .
  14. Well for NCL , this is fair compensation . I hope that the ship will be repaired in time for those with upcoming cruises on the Pearl and that Norwegian will do its best to keep them informed .
  15. What will it take to get you to do more then seriously consider it ? Make the gangplanks part of Vibe ? Truth is that RC seems to watch NCL to see how far they can push the envelope . If it flies , then they will introduce it on their ships .
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