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  1. They are open and the whole Majahual strip has a real happy hour vibe . Certainly ask before you book . They are very good at getting back and answering questions .
  2. We have enjoyed the company of the overwhelming majority of the people we've met on all our cruises . We have however noticed differences . For the cruise date we are looking at , a balcony cabin starts at $1888 on Fascination with $50 OBC . The same TA is offering a Summit balcony starting at $2558 with $375 OBC and their drink package included . We are not big drinkers but that is a better deal for us plus we are on a Celebrity ship. Having said this, I know either cruise would be great !
  3. Perhaps this costly experiment failed because this market didn't understand that free at sea isn't . More seriously it must have been a colossal failure as expectations were very high especially for the gambling profits . To spend tens of millions to retrofit an essentially new ship is an embarrassing and costly error . Wonder if heads rolled .
  4. We loved our Celebrity Summit cruise out of San Juan when Carnival;s Valor was stationed there . Prices were low especially for the Valor . We are looking at another San Juan cruise . It's going to be work , unlikely to succeed, convincing my DW to take an OV instead of a balcony . And yes Christy, OV's are much cheaper. When I fail to persuade her, it will probably be a balcony on the Summit again . I like Carnival but for a similar price , it's always going to be Celerity . Better ship and much better fellow passengers .
  5. Love love the large " quotation marks before and after FREE PERKS ! 😁 We got a perfect mid-ship balcony cabin with cabin decks above and below us for our sail-away . Yep . Really ? I thought you still had the option to upgrade as long as the new cabin is more by any amount .
  6. What has been gained ? Perhaps another thread should be started . Greatly reduced smoking on board tops my gained list . My lost list is longer though . 🤩
  7. I haven't seen anyone mention the drastic cuts to cruise director's entertainment staff listed . Celebrity cut half of these positions in one shot 5 or so years ago . On our first X cruise the nightly pillow chocolates were flavored . I remember dark, mocha , blackberry and milk chocolate as some of the flavors . All delicious !
  8. Is it possible that you don't book waaaaay ahead . I'm assuming the vast majority of cancelled for charters cruises are done over a year ahead .
  9. We have taken two HAL cruises, booking both direct . We got a very favorable CDN rate the first time and got a great suite upgrade offer the second . I understand some swear by the OBC they get from TA's but we were very happy booking direct .
  10. We usually fly airports which have a duty free past security . Perhaps a call or Google to your airport would help . You don't have to place it in your carry on .
  11. Another alternative is buying wine after you pass security at your departure airport . It will of course be carry on luggage . That what we just did .Selection was of course limited . BTW , never worry about asking a question that has already been asked on CC . If this was followed and only original comments were posted , there would only be a handful of new entries on CC each day . 😁
  12. Have to agree with the others that with the schedules of 11 people to consider , it won't work to take the wait and see approach . Having said that , for multiple reasons balcony cabins for Alaskan cruises carry a huge premium over OV and insides . Frankly 11 people in 3 cabins is very tight . I would certainly investigate the pricing on one or two extra inside cabins . These can usually be booked directly across the hall from balcony or OV's . It may seem nuts but 3 balcony cabins will most likely be more money then 5 lesser cabins .
  13. Did I ask ? Maybe we need to create a list of the secret items they keep hidden away so that they are not actually consumed . Is a secret code or password required for this small dish ?
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