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  1. I have lived in Japan for nearly 30 years. Every year I fly out and in about a dozen times. And every time I have carried some sort of prescription drugs out of and into Japan. Not once has anyone mentioned anything about it to me. Not in Japanese; not in English. It just is not an issue. Currently the Japanese Government is very worried about people smuggling gold into Japan. Leave your gold bars at home, and you won't have any problems.
  2. BruceMuzz

    Yokohama Pier

    Osanbashi Terminal is closest to Nihon-Odori station on the Minato-Mirai Line. Yamashita Pier is closest to the next and final stop on the same line; Motomachi-Chukagai. This is also the stop for Yokohama's Chinatown. Motomachi-Chukagai station to the Yamashita Pier is just a bit further than walking from Nihon-Odori Station to Osanbashi Terminal. There are always taxis available.
  3. BruceMuzz

    Yokohama Pier

    Yamashita Pier in Yokohama is more touristic than industrial. Hundreds of people are walking on it every day. You will not have any problems.
  4. The USPH Service claims jurisdiction over any cruise ship that: 1. Calls at a US port - ever. 2. Has any sister ships that call at a US port - ever. 3. Carries American passengers anywhere in the world. 4. Sells cruises in the USA. You are correct. It doesn't make any sense. But that is the way they operate. USPH Inspectors only visit and inspect ships in US Waters - and in shipyards and dry docks in Europe and Asia where the ships are being built or renovated. The USPH goal is cleanliness, and good health of all passengers onboard cruise ships. That is a very honorable goal. But the methods they use to enforce their sometimes over-the-top regulations are a bit draconian. If you need more information, you can Google USPH VSP (Vessel Sanitation Program) Manual 2018
  5. Indonesia is a Muslim country that is not entirely excited about alcohol consumption. Even though Bali is primarily Hindu, they are still part of a Muslim country. Federal regulations in Indonesia require duty and taxes on alcohol that total somewhere between 100% and 200% - depending on the type and the origin.
  6. BruceMuzz

    Yokohama Pier

    You should be aware that Japan Immigration Officials typically hold face to face immigration procedures for disembarking passengers onboard the ship. It doesn't matter where the ship docks. You will be going through immigration in the show lounge.
  7. A Suite on the RMS Titanic was around 300 square feet in size. Not so different from a Suite on an upscale cruise today. No Aircon, no WIFI, no television, no telephone. When the Titanic was built in 1912, the average American earned US$300 per year. A Suite on the Titanic - for the 3 day Atlantic crossing - was just under US$4,000 per person. Dinner for Suite Passengers was not included in the fare. Nightly dinners in the First Class Restaurant - better known as "The Ritz Restaurant" - averaged US$100 per person.
  8. Any Pacific coastal cruises sell out quickly - because very few are offered. If they sell out so quickly, why don't cruise lines offer more? Easy answer. They are not very profitable. The goofy tree-hugger environmental laws on the West Coast require us to use very expensive fuel. Seas and weather on the West Coast are not very friendly most of the time. West Coast cruisers spend less money onboard than almost any other itineraries. West Coast port charges are higher than just about any other itineraries. Offering more ships on the West coast would drive down fares and wipe out any chance of profitability.
  9. Your ship will not use a birth, but it will use a berth. No matter where you go along the Hiroshima waterfront, you will be able to see the only cruise ship in the port. That will be your ship. If you need to communicate that to a Japanese person, the Japanese words for cruise ship are クルーズ船, pronounced kuruzu sen. If you need to communicate the words to a Japanese person, you should print this: 私はクルーズ船に行きたい watashi wa kuruzu sen ni ikitai I want to go to the cruise ship
  10. I believe that the tour is essentially being conducted by a Japanese person. Somebody else here will tell you that the tour will be walking on the left side of the sidewalk, Japanese style. You can continue getting confusing answers here from posters guessing the answer - or you could just contact the people selling the tours. They can give you the real answer.
  11. There are many cruise lines that still offer all those special touches that the cruise industry has always been famous for. You only need to pay for them. If you want to take a cheap cruise on a mass market Walmart-style cruise line, those touches will be missing. Those cruise lines have been forced to do that in order to give you the cheapest possible cruise and still make a profit. If you can afford to take a cruise on an upscale ship, you will not be missing anything.
  12. You have obviously realized by this point that the cruise line you are sailing on carries a large number of people raised by wolves, who are not very clean nor polite. There are hundreds of ships and dozens of cruise lines that carry people who behave better than the ones you are encountering. You could continue to suffer with these people on your present cruise line, and complain over and over with no improvement. Or you could choose a better cruise line, avoid these issues, and have a happier life. Of course, some people really enjoy complaining. If you, by chance, are one of those - don't change anything.
  13. You are planning to carry wine from Canada onto a foreign flag ship (not American). American Customs officials have no jurisdiction over it. When the ship enters US waters, the wine is still on a foreign flag ship - technically it is not in the USA. The only time US Customs would possibly get involved would be if you tried to take the wine ashore in a US Port.
  14. These hoops and extra money you are paying are a direct reaction and result to the even greater amount of hoops and money required by the US Government for Chinese citizens who want to visit the USA. It is called "reciprocity". You can thank your own government for this nonsense.
  15. If you Google it, you will receive this information: Hiroshima Port Ujina Passenger Terminal Directions Save 3.814 Google reviews Ferry service in Hiroshima, Japan Address: Japan, 〒734-0011 Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima, Minami Ward, Ujinakaigan, 1 Chome−13−26 広島港宇品旅客ターミナルビル That information is correct. Hiroshima has just one cruise ship terminal. The piers used are located along a one kilometer stretch of the waterfront. There is very rarely more than one cruise ship in port, so it is very easy to find your ship.
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