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  1. Check to see what kind of OBC you have... some kinds are refundable. For example if your TA gives you OBC it should be refundable. Spend only the nonrefundable credits and you will get the rest refunded. If some of the excursions you have booked are still available when you get on board you can cancel the prepaid ones and re-book them. Remove the prepaid gratuities and pay with OBC. I have gotten cash by using the slots in the casino.
  2. I have left a surprise of goodies for hotel maids when I was flying and had a few cans of soft drinks or snacks I did not want to take on the plane. We often do a goodie bag for stewards of "hot" chips or "hot" candies.
  3. My offer was loaded in the past two hours and I grabbed it for a cruise I have booked in September. Figures I had just ordered $600 in gift cards that I will have to book another cruise to use 😀
  4. I found where I got the clue that there might be a change... from press release, John Heald, on 11/13/2019 " Pepsi has also pledged to work with Carnival in our ongoing efforts to reduce single-use plastics on board as we move more beverage products to aluminum, glass and soda dispensers where space and access allows. " ... it is on the "FB" ... you can read it by googling "John Heald coke pepsi"
  5. I should have phrased that as COULD not may. Since Carnival is doing a big push to minimize waste, with the change to Pepsi it could be where they changed to fountain on their drinks. Just a thought on my part.
  6. Currently the bottomless bubbles is canned drinks. That may change with the chance to Pepsi products.
  7. No coffee " Enjoy ice-cold refreshments during meals, during shows, during, well... anytime you want with Bottomless Bubbles. This unlimited soda program lets you indulge in all-you-can-drink soda and juice for the full length of your cruise. Sweet! Bottomless Bubbles is available for purchase at the Lobby, Casino and Pool Bars. "
  8. Ahh... you have the power of the control of the booking 🙂 My hubby likes to keep updated on every step, so I can't sneak it past him.... so no front of the line, but we still will be on the ship. First time to Jamaica and Grand Cayman for us. This will be something like 11 trips to Cozumel.
  9. I am interested in getting FTTF but my hubby does not feel it is worth the cost.... so I will let him win on this one.
  10. 90 days. Today I was able to do online registration, get a 11:30 arrival time, and get a A01 boarding zone. ... so first group after the priority people!
  11. Longest has been 21 months, shortest has been 1 week.
  12. I have been on the Carnival Freedom to the Panama Canal. We went through the new locks. I would like to go back but through the old locks. Is there a way to determine from Carnival's website what locks a cruise ship will be using? I am now considering the Carnival Radiance (redone Victory) in 2021 or 2022 but not sure what locks it will be using.
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