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  1. When I hear the ding dong before a message. I love that.
  2. OP maybe you could cruise out of Texas. I know my BIL and sister go boar hunting there. You could do a hunt and cruise type thing.
  3. I am getting there too. Unfortunately my FIL isn't and it will take us years (yes years) to clean up his mess. Good for you.
  4. This is what I do, I rarely buy things to bring home. When I get home everyone sends their pics to Shutterfly and I make a book. It is usually their Christmas present then. Mine sit in a basket in my Livingroom and it never fails that when we get together someone grabs a book and we all have a good laugh at what ever fun thing someone remembers. Or of course the beautiful scenery.
  5. I just tell my kids to get a giant dumpster and toss everything because we don't have anything worth anything. I did promise to have it all gone by then though. Try not to keep stuff. (but I do)
  6. An over the door shoe thing. I just don't take that much stuff. Not sure what I was thinking other then lots of people said they were handy.
  7. Maybe it has to do with where you live? I live in the mid west. I am female but I open doors for men and women if someone is coming close to me, although men usually grab the door and allow me to go first. Most people open them for me also. I have never heard of anyone berated for opening a door around here. As for table manners I guess unless your eating like a dang cave man and flinging food everywhere I don't care how you eat, or hold a knife, or butter your bread. I just hope you are enjoying yourself.
  8. How fun to get that in the mail. I like to order something for my cruise before hand, just something to get excited about but unfortunately I've been on 7 cruises and have ran out of things to get. I think my next trip I might be getting new plastic tag holders though.
  9. Not difficult at all. Just hang it from a magnet.
  10. I don't take much for extras. I did find out I like to take a foldable type hamper (before I tried it I thought it was the stupidest thing) Magnets - took them on the last cruise and low and behold they are pretty handy. I am taking a clock this time. Drives me nuts that I don't know what time it is when I wake up in the night. Oh and the retractable badge holders or a lanyard.
  11. Your very kind and you only live 3 hours from me! Enjoy cruising!
  12. Not flaming. I totally agree. If you want to cruise and can't pay for it then maybe start putting some away in savings and put off the cruise until you can.
  13. . I'm not sure if cruising is for you, I'm not saying that meanly. I have only been on 7 cruises but 3 of them have had itinerary changes, on 3 different lines. This is not just an NCL thing. No, NCL is not going to talk to you if you booked through a TA, that is my understanding anyway, I have never booked through a TA. If you can't accept the terms of the contract (that they can change the itinerary) you probably shouldn't book the cruise.
  14. I'm happy about it. I always buy some liquid soap at a store before we get on the ship. If we are by somewhere to get some that is. Now I won't have to do that.
  15. Doesn't have to be a rookie. My sister never knows what ship she is going on. Her TA books it and they go. I obviously got all the planning genes in the family
  16. I would say he has a good idea of what the crew likes since he is a former crew member and works with them all the time. And as I would guess you are not a crew member and as most people on here are not. We are all just guessing. That is why I put up what someone who has actually worked on a ship has said. Now, what you do with that info, I don't care. My message was to the OP.
  17. We were there I believe in 2018. They are small but we got an umbrella and 4 chairs and 2 floating things. The chairs in front of us were never full and the red thing in the pic at the water is where you went down into the water. There was a lifeguard but where they were setting you couldn't even see the water and he never looked as far as I seen. It was kind of rocky so I would bring water shoes. I think in the description it says you have a waiter but none came by the whole day we were there. I'm not sure I would do it again. But it was fun once anyway.
  18. Thank goodness I have them on the ship mate app bc I forget them all the time. And I've only been on 7
  19. LOL, well I didn't even catch it. I was just looking and thinking, I don't remember it looking like that. Drydock?
  20. Yes I was talking about the joke. Couldn't care less about the soda. But, you did brighten my day a bit.
  21. I really like NCL. We did not like Royal, neither did our kids. Well one out of five kids liked Royal.
  22. I read this on John's fb page. I can't believe the dramatics over pop. "The worst thing ever" "I'm switching cruise lines" After the last few months I've had I'm just glad I can still go on my cruise and don't give a darn what they are serving.
  23. Was thinking that too. Dang it takes me longer to get through the buffet and decide what to eat then his whole meal.
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