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  1. We were recently on the Legend in Mexico and Costa Rica and had a number of wet landings with the Zodiacs. They had no ore than 10 passengers on any trip, but they have 4 Zodiacs that were running all of the time. It really didn't take long to make the trip.
  2. Mine has been working fine
  3. Make friends with the Reservation staff onboard...... ask to to let you know if a reservation opens up. It has always worked for us.
  4. We did it on the Imagination in 2018- it was fun. Great galley tour- lots of appetizers. The wine selection was decent, and the food was well prepared and plated very nicely. I do have our menu somewhere, if I can find it I will post it. Tim
  5. You can do whatever you want.... I like to sit in the Veranda with a drink and wave goodbye to those leaving 🙂
  6. I have worn my dark blue Sketchers on my last three Windstar Cruises. Not a word has ever been said about them.
  7. For my upcoming cruise, I called Windstar 5 times every time there was a new deal and I received every one. Never an issue.
  8. We got an upgrade yesterday for our cruise in October to a Balcony Suite on the Legend! Thanks Windstar!
  9. I have gotten WiFi on board the Wind Surf in the past with okay results- what is everyone's experience with the WiFi on the Star Legend? I called Windstar and they said it was only good for email. Thanks
  10. If you want swimming, then you can jump off the back of the boat at the water sports platform. They have lots of 'pool' toys for you to enjoy.
  11. I am 99 days from sailing and they just gave me $500 OBC, and a $225 certificate for future cruise good for two years. And I didn't lose the free gratuities that I received on another price adjustment. Well done WS.
  12. We love this ship and the entire crew. Can't wait for until the next time we sail on her!
  13. We always try to be the last people on board... it's a little contest we have, always ask how many people are left. The later you can stay in some of these little ports, the more you witness what life is really like there without the crowds.
  14. We have ordered room service and then brought it up to a deck where no one is with a bottle of wine and enjoyed a nice quiet romantic dinner alone.
  15. My quote from above was from a Windstar sales person, not a travel agent.
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