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  1. We missed the next Presidents cruise due to poor health of my father, but I saw them on a cruise afterwards and I almost, accidently tripped in the lounge with a full glass of red wine near them. But I was better than that.
  2. Yes, I would like to see them. Can you bring them on the Baltic cruise. it will be a great conversational piece.
  3. No, but my husband had a little on his pants. I was far away from the "incident".
  4. The ship is yours. Some of my favorites: We had starbucks delivered in the morning. We had Vintages appetizers one day with Cava We had Tiramisu martinis ( a bartender specialty drink) delivered by the pitcher for a get together to watch the dive show Our genie reserved seats on the Rising Tide bar one evening for the party. Front row seats for the Micheal Bolten show on the President's Cruise. The genies really try to make everything possible.
  5. Thank you! We are booked in May for Alaska. Hoping it goes. I am glad the ship is sailing and operational and hoping this will make a differenc3e if/when Canada and Us opens its borders to be able to sail. Any onboard rumors from the concierge?
  6. Was this recently? I have been trying the online form for May 31 and it is never available.
  7. Not Royal, parent compnay is Carnival but: Seabourn Announces Updated 7-Day Itineraries And Schedule Changes To 2021 Alaska And British Columbia Season | State | chinookobserver.com Specifically, "As a result of the deployment changes, Seabourn's revised 2021 Alaska and British Columbia season will begin on May 28, 2021, and therefore, the line has canceled two voyages: the Pacific Coastal sailing scheduled for May 15, 2021 and the Alaska voyage that was set to depart May 21, 2021."
  8. Star and suite class doesn’t come into play with Independence. If you get the 2 bedroom gs in deck 6 it actually has a hot tub. You still have breakfast in Chops, pool seating close to the bar and walk off with the concierge etc.
  9. No STAR Class perks, not even internet. The concierge will meet you at the terminal and walk you on the ship as well as at ports if it is crowded. You do get a bottle of wine and nice fruit plate.
  10. I will. I was planning on getting a vaccine regardless. By the time I qualify there will be a lot of data on its safety and effectiveness. On a side note, My dad passed away recently and when packing and selling his house I found my old vaccination book that had all of the documentation of what childhood illnesses I had and vaccinations. It turns out I never had the mumps or mumps vaccine as it was not developed in the 60/70's as part of the MMR. It is recommended for international travel, so I eventually will get one of those as well.
  11. I happened upon this article in which The NCL President is quoted. Since they are part of the healthy sail panel with Royal I thought it provided some interesting tidbits that haven't been said by the cruiselines. 1. Staff will be vaccinated 2. Early Alaska sailings questionable but then by Quarter 2 or 3. 3. March unlikely but possible 4. Europe opening in April/May Much more info than Richard Fain's videos of hope. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Norwegian-is-looking-into-the-legality-of-vaccination-requirement
  12. I never used the solo rate. What months are ineligible for the solo rates? Can you put that in the promo code part of the website?
  13. Yes I was. I bought the little fans affter I met you. Then on the Presidents Cruise they gave some out for gifts in the stateroom. Now I have a back up!
  14. Stay Optimistic! I am so hoping! It has to go down as one of the best booked ever deal plus the double points plus great business class airfare on points. win win win
  15. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates On the website as well
  16. I agree and am hoping that they will extend the l/s for the Alaska season. When the 2022 cruises were released it was reported that some people were able to lift and shift to 2022. Rc realized their coding error and it changed. Early bird certainly got the worm.
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